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John Gotti Jr. Sells Movie Rights to His Life

Stallone's interested in starring

(Newser) - Hollywood has produced no shortage of movies and TV shows about the mob, but this one's coming straight from the most high-profile source imaginable: John "Junior" Gotti has sold the rights to his life story. The 46-year-old son of the late, legendary Gambino crime family leader, "Dapper Don"...

'Teflon Gotti Jr.' Dodges 5th Trial

Feds drop racketeering case against Don Gotti's spawn

(Newser) - Federal prosecutors have given up on trying to make racketeering charges stick against John Gotti Jr. Gotti—chip off the old block and son of the late "Teflon Don" John Gotti Sr.—was tried four times on murder and racketeering charges, and all of them ended in hung...

Gotti Dodges Conviction for 4th Time

Mob racketeering charges don't stick to Teflon Don's son

(Newser) - Mob son John "Junior" Gotti has evaded conviction again, walking free yesterday after his fourth racketeering trial in five years ended in a fourth hung jury. Charges against Gotti, the son of the notorious Gambino crime family boss, included murder, kidnapping, robbery, extortion and drug dealing. "Why me?...

Victoria Gotti Spills Mob Secrets in Tell-All Book

Author describes ritual that 'made' Junior

(Newser) - Victoria Gotti insists she doesn’t condone crime. But in her new tell-all book, The Family of Mine, Mafia don John Gotti's daughter compares mobsters to Robin Hood and his merry men, claims they’re better than corrupt politicians, and says she sees no difference between paying into a protection...

Mob 'Acid' Hitman Gets Life Behind Bars

(Newser) - A mob hitman who used acid to melt his victims' bodies has been sentenced to life, reports the New York Daily News. Charles Carneglia smirked in a Brooklyn courtroom as he listened to statements from his four victims' relatives, including one who called him an "animal" with a "...

Snitch: Gotti Had Neighbor Dissolved in Acid

Gotti allegedly had neighbor killed as revenge for running over son

(Newser) - A mob informant says the body of John Gotti's neighbor was dissolved in a barrel of acid after he was shot on the crime kingpin's orders, the New York Daily News reports. John Favara disappeared after accidentally killing Gotti's 12-year-old son in a 1980 traffic accident. Police believe he was...

Feds Pinch Gotti Jr. in Murder Case

Fla. conspiracy rap ties son of mob boss to killings in '80s and '90s

(Newser) - John Gotti Jr. was arrested today on murder conspiracy charges related to three decades-old killings, the New York Daily News reports. A lawyer dismissed the indictment brought in Florida against the son of the late Mafia boss. "I tend to think they don't have a lot of faith in...

Mob Nearly Iced Rudy in '80s
Mob Nearly Iced Rudy in '80s

Mob Nearly Iced Rudy in '80s

The federal prosecutor narrowly avoided earning a Mafia hit in the 198s

(Newser) - Rudy Giuliani could’ve slept with the fishes but for a 3-2 vote among New York’s five Mafia bosses not to put a contract on the then-federal prosecutor in the mid-'80s. Among the two younger hotheads who wanted to whack the GOP's current presidential frontrunner was none other than...

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