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China Recalls 170 Tons of Poison Milk Powder

Tainted products from last scandal likely repackaged

(Newser) - Chinese officials have recalled some 170 tons of milk powder tainted with deadly melamine in the latest evidence that products from the last industrial scandal were repackaged and placed back on the market. The milk has been found in Shanghai and throughout 6 provinces. Hundreds of thousands were sickened and...

China Launches Emergency Sweep for Poison Milk

Firms accused of recycling tainted milk powder from 2008

(Newser) - China has ordered an emergency sweep to seek out and destroy milk products tainted with melamine. Officials have ordered a full investigation of the latest milk scandal and promise offenders will be harshly punished, AP reports. Some companies are believed to have reused milk powder recalled after milk tainted with...

Tainted Chinese Milk Yanked From Shelves—Again

Company in last scandal linked to new contamination

(Newser) - In the latest consumer product scandal to hit China, authorities have ordered milk contaminated with toxic melamine yanked from market shelves. The recall occurs a year after hundreds of thousands of children were sickened by a similar contamination. Products in southern China from three companies were found to contain melamine....

China Kept Tainted Milk Scare Secret for Year

Public wasn't notified after melamine-laced products found

(Newser) - China took nearly a year to close down a Shanghai dairy after authorities found contaminated milk in the latest melamine scare, according to state media. An investigation was launched several months ago, but it was kept secret until last week after the Shanghai Panda dairy was shut down and three...

China Recalls Milk in New Poison Scare

Melamine contamination feared in 7 provinces

(Newser) - China is recalling milk in a new melamine scare a year after thousands of infants were sickened by the poison that contaminated milk and infant formula. The recall so far is limited to products from a single Shanghai dairy. But it involves milk distributed throughout seven provinces amid renewed concerns...

China Executes Two Over Tainted Milk

But popular villain Tian Wenhua gets off with life in prison

(Newser) - China put two people to death today for their role in the tainted milk scandal, but many Chinese feel betrayed that a third wasn’t executed. The executed men, dairy farmer Zhang Yujun and production base manager Geng Jinping, were relative unknowns. Popular rage has centered instead on Tian Wenhua,...

China's Grieving Families Stand Up to Government

Officials unusually tolerant of dissenting voices

(Newser) - A new political force appears to be emerging in China—grieving parents. The government, usually quick to crack down on dissent, is giving greater leeway to families hit by recent crises such as the tainted-milk scandal and the Sichuan earthquake, the Washington Post reports. Parents have banded together to demand...

China Health Ministry: Food Security 'Grim'

Regulatory system due for overhaul months after milk scandal

(Newser) - It’s been months since a tainted-milk scandal sickened 300,000 children, but “China’s food-security situation remains grim with high risks and contradictions,” the country’s health ministry said today. With an eye on improving the regulatory system that failed to contain the milk trouble, officials fast-tracked...

3 Sentenced to Death in China Milk Scandal

Chairwoman of tainted milk firm gets life

(Newser) - A Chinese court has sentenced three men to die for adulterating milk for profit and poisoning thousands, CNN reports. The former chairwoman of the milk company at the heart of the scandal that killed six infants and sickened 300,000 has been sentenced to life in prison. Other defendants, including...

Chinese Exec Pleads Guilty in Melamine Case

Sanlu leaders could face death penalty for tainted milk scandal

(Newser) - The former chair and general manager of China’s Sanlu group pleaded guilty to selling the tainted powdered milk that killed six children and caused a national food scare, the New York Times reports. Tian Wenhua said she knew that the firm’s milk contained dangerously high levels of the...

China Milk Scandal Trials Begin

Toxic formula left 6 babies dead, 300,000 others ill

(Newser) - Trials began today in China for six people accused of intentionally tainting and selling the milk powder that killed six babies and sickened 300,000, the Guardian reports. The men added the toxic chemical melamine to diluted milk to help it pass quality tests in one of China’s worst...

FDA Sets Safe Levels for Melamine in Baby Formula

Officials recently said they couldn't do so

(Newser) - Less than two months after federal food regulators said they couldn’t set a safety threshold for melamine in baby formula, they announced a standard that allows for higher levels than those found in US-made batches of the product. FDA officials yesterday set a threshold of one part per million...

Melamine Traces Found in US Infant Formula

Feds say there's no health risk to babies

(Newser) - Traces of the industrial chemical melamine have been detected in samples of top-selling US infant formula, but federal regulators insist the products are safe. A top official said the levels detected are so low that it would be a "dangerous overreaction" for parents to stop using formula. An outbreak...

US Blocks Chinese Milk Products

FDA demands independent tests before products can enter

(Newser) - All Chinese products containing milk will be blocked at the US border until tests prove they're free of a widely used toxic contaminant, Bloomberg reports. The FDA is demanding independent testing to prove such products are not tainted with melamine like those which sickened 50,000 children in China. The...

Doctors See Rise in Kids With Kidney Stones

Salty foods, lack of water, and obesity may be at fault

(Newser) - Once associated with middle age, kidney stones are growing more common among US children, the New York Times reports. A few decades ago, physicians would “see a kid with a stone once every few months,” says one doctor. “Now we see kids once a week or less....

Melamine Kills 1,500 Chinese Dogs

Fears sparked about widespread tainting

(Newser) - About 1,500 Chinese raccoon dogs, bred specially for their fur, have died after eating tainted food over the last two months, the AP reports, raising fears of rampant misuse of the chemical melamine. The discovery comes as melamine-tainted milk has sickened thousands of babies with kidney stones and been...

China Orders Total Milk Recall
 China Orders Total Milk Recall 

China Orders Total Milk Recall

All products over a month old pulled from shelves

(Newser) - In an effort to reassure its milk-drinking public, China has issued a complete recall on any milk, powdered or liquid, made more than a month ago, the BBC reports. The products will return to shelves only after passing a quality test and receiving an approval sticker, according to the state...

Six Busted in China Milk Scandal

Men nabbed in main dairy region

(Newser) - Six people have been arrested in connection with the tainted milk scandal in China, Reuters reports. The arrests were made in Hohhot, capital of China's main dairy producing region. Thousands of Chinese children have developed kidney problems from drinking milk formula contaminated by melamine. Four have died.

China Sees First Tainted-Milk Lawsuit

Courts have yet to accept case in melamine scandal

(Newser) - Parents of a sick 1-year-old filed the first lawsuit in China's melamine scandal today, reports the Wall Street Journal. The case, yet to be accepted by China's courts, seeks $21,900 from the makers of Sanlu milk powder for expenses related to the kidney stones they say their son developed...

Tainted Tea Pulled in Hong Kong

Latest product recalled for melamine traces

(Newser) - Lipton Milk Tea is the latest product to be recalled in the melamine scare that started with tainted infant formula in China. Unilever is recalling the tea brand from stores in Hong Kong and Macau after finding traces of the industrial chemical in it, CNN reports. Company officials described the...

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