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Karl Marx's Gravestone 'Will Never Be the Same'

Cemetery trust says it was vandalized with hammer

(Newser) - Karl Marx's grave "will never be the same again" after a vandal went at it with a hammer, according to the charity that maintains the memorial in London. Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust says Marx's name was specifically targeted on the original 1883 marble plaque from his... More »

Pope Francis: Communists Hijacked Church's Ideas

And women are 'taken from a rib,' he jokes

(Newser) - Pope Francis has excommunicated the Mafia , will bankers be next? Asked by an interviewer about the criticisms of capitalism that have led some to suggest he has communist leanings, the pontiff said the church was helping the poor long before Marxist ideology existed, Reuters reports. "I can only say... More »

As Capitalism Crumbles, Chinese Embrace Mao, Marx

(Newser) - The woes of international capitalism are fueling renewed interest in the ur-texts of Chinese Communism, MSNBC reports. Sales of Karl Marx’s Das Kapital and Mao’s “little red book” are skyrocketing in China, where the publisher of Kapital has seen a fivefold increase in sales since late last... More »

China Prepares for Das Kapital: The Musical

Marx's treatise gets some much-needed singing and dancing

(Newser) - Karl Marx's Das Kapital offers hundreds of pages of dense German prose on class struggle and modes of production—so why not add some singing and dancing? That's the idea of several Chinese producers who are mounting a Das Kapital musical, which promises a live band and Vegas-style theatrics to... More »

The Best All-Time Beards

These guys have the most notable chin hairs in history

(Newser) - To celebrate the public premiere of Charles Darwin's beard (or at least hair from it his great, great grandson found in a small leather box) at the British Natural History Museum, the London Times lists the best all-time chin hairs:
  1. Karl Marx. The collapse of the Soviet Union may have
... More »

Crisis-Stricken Germans Turn to Marx

As the economy founders, sales of Das Kapital soar

(Newser) - The financial crisis has made interventionists out of the most laissez-faire politicians, but in Germany the affection for state control seems to have attained new heights. The Guardian reports that sales of the works of Karl Marx have skyrocketed, with purchases of Das Kapital reportedly up 300%. As Europe's largest... More »

Posh Related to Marx Comrade

Revolutionary who fled to England is Victoria Beckham's great-great-great-grandfather

(Newser) - Victoria Beckham’s girl-power roots go a lot further back than her Spice Girls days: The pop icon is the great-great-great-granddaughter of a 19th-century communist who worked with Karl Marx, Reuters reports. A German historian discovered the link between Posh and revolutionary Carl Heinrich Pfaender who was chummy with Marx... More »

Don't Rejoice Over Starbucks' Closing Doors

Anti-capitalist fools celebrate as 12,600 lose their jobs

(Newser) - Starbucks is closing 600 stores in the US and 61 in Australia, and anti-capitalists everywhere are thrilled. Never mind 12,600 losing their jobs: It’s “a small price to pay if it means being able to walk one’s labradoodle … without having to see or smell a... More »

Walter Mosley's Top Literary Picks

Devil in a Blue Dress author selects five most influential books

(Newser) - Walter Mosley has won accolades from readers and critics alike for his Easy Rawlins detective series, and the novelist has a philosophical side, too. Newsweek presents his list of important works that "most greatly impacted the intelligence, potential and humanity of the people of the world."
  1. The Theory
... More »

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