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'Karen' Incident Turns Violent in Parking Garage

William 'Hank' Beasley is accused of blocking his neighbor from entering the building

(Newser) - San Francisco—again? Only days after a "Karen" incident shook the city, another one unfolded Tuesday night. Michael Barajas, a Mexican American, captured much of it on video when a car blocked him from entering his own building's parking garage, ABC 7 News reports. A white man identified... More »

They Had Every Right to Use the Gym. He Didn't Think So

White CEO in Minneapolis loses office lease after video shows him calling 911 on black entrepreneurs

(Newser) - One of the perks of using an office space via WeWork in Minneapolis' MoZaic East complex is that you get to take advantage of the site's amenities, including its gym. But, per the Hill , a group of black entrepreneurs who've owned a business in the building for a... More »

Black Driver in Vermont Has Disturbing Encounter

2 others motorists flag down driver with New York plates, tell him to leave state, say police

(Newser) - State police in Vermont say they're investigating a black driver's disturbing run-in with two other motorists that had "racial undertones," reports the Burlington Free Press . The man told police he was driving with his 11-year-old son near their home in Hartford when two vehicles approached and... More »

Theater's Offer After 'Humiliating' Incident: 20K Free Tix

The AMC in Metairie, La., also fired 3 employees

(Newser) - Up to 20,000 high schoolers in New Orleans will see the new film Harriet for free after an incident in which a group of women say they were racially profiled at a local theater. NOLA reports more than a dozen members of the 504 Queens, a nonprofit for African... More »

They Spent $1K While Shopping. Then Came the Security Guard

Cop Daryl Jones fired after targeting black shoppers in viral video

(Newser) - A white Indiana police officer has lost two jobs—one on the force and another as a store security guard—after he was seen targeting black shoppers in a viral video. Cousins Aaron Blackwell and Durell Cunningham were filming Nov. 12 as Nordstrom Rack security guard Daryl Jones, also a... More »

Black Patient Arrested on Walk With IV

Shaquille Dukes says he was target of racist cops

(Newser) - A hospital patient suffering from double pneumonia went for a walk with his boyfriend and brother before all three were arrested in what they argue was an incident of racial profiling. Shaquille Dukes, a 24-year-old black male, tells CNN he was wearing a hospital gown and hooked up to an... More »

After Singer's Claim, Sephora to Shut All Stores Wednesday

Chain will be holding 'inclusion workshops' for workers after SZA says she was racially profiled

(Newser) - If you're wondering this Wednesday why the doors of your local Sephora are shut, it may be partly tied back to a tweet from an R&B singer. At the end of April, SZA (real name Solana Rowe) was shopping at a Sephora in Calabasas, Calif., when she says... More »

7th Graders' Trip to Boston Museum Takes a Racist Turn

Boston's Museum of Fine Arts accused of racial profiling

(Newser) - The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston admits it has some work to do after a middle school teacher complained that her students—who she notes are "all black and brown"—were racially profiled and mistreated by other visitors. Marvelyne Lamy of Davis Leadership Academy in nearby Dorchester... More »

Deputy Detained 'Suspect' in Court. Except 'Suspect' Was a Lawyer

Attorney Rashad James now has his own attorney after 'lawyering while black' incident

(Newser) - Rashad James tells the Baltimore Sun that what happened to him March 6 in a Harford County, Md., courthouse was "surreal." But he has now gathered his wits and hired his own legal team, which is calling the incident an example of "lawyering while black." Per... More »

ACLU Asks Why Police Handcuffed Man Moving Into His New House

Veteran was stopped while carrying a large-screen TV

(Newser) - The Kansas ACLU wants to know why a black man was detained by police while he was moving into his new house late at night. Police stopped Karle Robinson, 61, as he was carrying a large-screen television into the house. He was handcuffed outside for 8 minutes last August, the... More »

'I Don't Have a Weapon!' Cops Confront Trash-Picker

Police pull a gun on a black man in Boulder

(Newser) - If critics are right, Colorado police may have pulled a gun on a man for cleaning while black. A video has emerged of police officers in Boulder, Colorado facing a black man last Friday in the yard of a house, USA Today reports. "You're on my property with... More »

Another White Woman Calls the Cops on a Black Man

Massachusetts woman takes exception to his humping dog

(Newser) - "Have you heard of BBQ Becky? Because this is the newest one." That's how a black man characterized a white woman in a Massachusetts dog park who asked him to leave and then called police because his dog repeatedly tried humping her dog, the New York Post... More »

Black Man to Hotel Guard: I'm a Guest. 'Not Anymore'

DoubleTree hotel calls the incident 'unfortunate'

(Newser) - Meet Jermaine Massey, who was apparently kicked out of a hotel for making a phone call. "Tonight I was racially profiled and discriminated against for taking a phone call in the lobby of my hotel," he writes on Instagram , per CNN . Massey, 34, has posted videos showing a... More »

Bank Is Sorry After Calling Cops on Black Customer

Paul McCowns was just trying to cash his paycheck in Ohio

(Newser) - An incident at a bank near Cleveland has spawned an unfortunate hashtag: #BankingWhileBlack, reports NBC News . When Paul McCowns, who is black, showed up at Huntington Bank in the Ohio suburb of Brooklyn to cash his first check from a new job, the tellers got suspicious. After they tried calling... More »

Black Man Arrested After Good Deed: I Was Profiled

'If I had blonde hair and blue eyes, this wouldn't be an issue'

(Newser) - A black man who helped a drunk neighbor get home safely says he was racially profiled by cops who thanked him with a host of criminal charges. Informed that emergency vehicles parked near his driveway on Nov. 17 had been sent to deal with the drunk man, Samir Ahmed of... More »

Woman in Golf Cart Calls Cops on Black Dad at Game

Gerald Jones says he was instructing his son

(Newser) - We've had "Cornerstone Caroline," "Pool Patrol Paula," and "BBQ Becky." Now: "Golfcart Gail." That's the nickname given by Ginger Williams to a woman she says was at her son's soccer game in Ponte Vedra, Fla., this weekend, harassing a... More »

'Apartment Patty' Fired After Blocking Black Man

D'Arreion Toles was trying to enter his apartment building

(Newser) - In the latest high-profile "living while black" incident, a white woman attempted to block a black man from entering his building in St. Louis, then called the police on him after he successfully made his way into his apartment. D’Arreion Toles recorded the Friday night encounter with Hilary... More »

Parents Speak Out After Cops Called on Black Babysitter

They say their kids were 'scared' by the experience

(Newser) - A white Atlanta couple whose children were out with their black babysitter when someone called police on the group says the kids were "scared" by the experience. "They said they were scared that they would say the wrong thing and cause him to get arrested," Dana Mango... More »

Woman Has Bizarre Reason for Calling Cops on Black Man

The Tennessee woman was fired from her job following the incident

(Newser) - A Tennessee woman has been fired from her job after reportedly calling the cops on a black man for wearing socks in a swimming pool on the 4th of July. Per CBS News , Erica Walker was working as a property manager with Trilogy Residential Management at a Memphis apartment complex... More »

Man Who Called Cops on Black Family at Pool Faces Blowback

Adam Bloom has been fired and also left his North Carolina homeowner's association

(Newser) - A North Carolina man who gained viral infamy after questioning a black family's right to be at a community pool has faced serious blowback. Per NBC News , Adam Bloom is the man seen in July 4 video outside the Winston-Salem pool where Jasmine Edwards says he singled her out,... More »

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