Clean Air Act

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Obama's 'War on Coal' Begins Today—and Faces Army of Lawyers

EPA chief pushed for 'airtight' Clean Power Plan

(Newser) - President Obama will officially unveil his plan to dramatically cut greenhouse-gas emissions later today—and there is an army of lawyers ready to pounce. The Clean Power plan imposes tough limits on power plant emissions and dozens of corporations are preparing to fight what they call a "war on... More »

SCOTUS Smacks Down Obama Emissions Plan

Says EPA jumped gun on regulations on mercury, other pollutants

(Newser) - In a 2014 ruling , an appeals court decided that the Environmental Protection Agency "properly [put] the horse before the cart" in coming up with mandates to limit power-plant emissions of mercury and other pollutants. The Supreme Court today overturned that ruling, blocking a key White House environmental initiative because... More »

Air-Conditioner Thief Gets Extra Time ... for Pollution

By releasing Freon, he violated Clean Air Act

(Newser) - When Martin Eldridge and his pals started stealing air-conditioning units around Columbus, Ohio, last year, it's a safe bet they didn't factor the Clean Air Act into their possible punishment. Big mistake: Because when Eldridge and company cut the tubing that connected the units to their buildings, they... More »

Barbara Boxer: Green Groups Should Sue Obama

California Democrat stands against ozone decision

(Newser) - Count Barbara Boxer among those steamed about President Obama’s decision to ditch the EPA’s proposal for stricter smog standards . The California senator talked to reporters yesterday, and while Politico notes that she was more measured than many environmentalists , she did call for a lawsuit against the president. “... More »

'Pull the Plug on Grandma'? That's GOP Policy

Republicans, not Obama, willing to let elderly die off: Weisberg

(Newser) - Chuck Grassley’s warning that Obamacare will “pull the plug on Grandma” has become a rallying cry for the GOP’s anti–health reform efforts. But looking at past policies, it’s the GOP that's out to get grandma, Jacob Weisberg writes in Newsweek. A wide range of Republican... More »

EPA Bucks Bush Policy, Lets Calif. Set Own CO2 Standard

(Newser) - The Environmental Protection Agency today granted California the right to set its own strict emissions standards, an about-face from Bush-era policies, Reuters reports. In a sly rebuke to the previous administration, the EPA said the move rested on a “traditional legal interpretation of the Clean Air Act.” California... More »

EPA Expected to Start Limiting CO2 Emissions

Agency will act on ignored Supreme Court ruling

(Newser) - The EPA is expected to soon start regulating emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases for the first time, reports the New York Times. The agency is under an order—ignored by the Bush administration—to decide whether CO2 is a pollutant that endangers the public. Obama administration officials... More »

Court Reinstates Bush Clean Air Rule

Federal judges reverse position on clean air rule, giving Obama time to replace it

(Newser) - A federal appeals court has decided that a flawed clean air law is better than no clean air law, the New York Times reports. Reversing an earlier judgment, the court ruled to temporarily reinstate the Clean Air Interstate Rule—which limits emissions from coal-fired power plants in 28 states—while... More »

EPA to Loosen Clean-Air Rules in National Parks

Bush moves to allow coal-fired plants nearer US land preserves

(Newser) - Polluting facilities like coal-fired power plants could soon be allowed to operate closer to national parks, according to documents obtained by the Washington Post. Rules being finalized by the EPA—against strong objections from several officials—will weaken Clean Air Act protections by averaging out emission counts over a year,... More »

Clean-Air Changes 'Imperil Parks'

Rules make allow power plants nearby

(Newser) - Clean air rules likely to be changed this summer are causing serious concerns about future pollution at some of America's most spectacular national parks, reports the Washington Post. The changes will pave the way for 28 new coal-fired power plants near ten parks, according to a report supported by some... More »

National Park, Meet Coal Smog

Over own experts' objections, EPA moves to allow power plants closer to rec areas

(Newser) - The Environmental Protection Agency is set to change its rules to allow the construction of coal power plants in previously off-limits areas near national parks, the Christian Science Monitor reports. A draft revision to the Clean Air Act would soften standards of pollution in “Class 1” areas (ie, national... More »

States Sue EPA for 'Foot Dragging' on Warming

Coalition aims to force agency to take action on global warming

(Newser) - States, cities and environmental groups have teamed up to take on the federal government over global warming, the New York Times reports. The 18-state coalition is aiming to force the EPA to take action in the wake of last year's Supreme Court ruling that the agency should limit vehicle emissions... More »

EPA Ignores Advisers on Pollution Cap

Sets higher limit than own experts' recommendations

(Newser) - Ignoring the recommendations of its own scientists, the Environmental Protection Agency yesterday reset standards for pollution-forming ozone from cars and factories at a level critics say may cost thousands of lives. The new cap is lower than the old level but still far above the limit urged by EPA experts,... More »

Clean Air Rules Squeezing Berry Farmers

Strawberry growers rip EPA pesticide limits as 'too much, too soon'

(Newser) - California strawberry farmers fear that EPA efforts to curb pesticide pollution could kill most of this year's crops, the AP reports. Ventura County growers, who produce 25% of the nation's berries, say the pesticides are needed to increase crop output. Requirements that fumigants be cut as much as half could... More »

Court Upbraids EPA for Mercury Cap-and-Trade

Greenies hail ruling, which will force agency to rewrite controls

(Newser) - A court ruled today that the Environmental Protection Agency violated the Clean Air Act by instituting a “cap-and-trade” program for the emission of mercury and other toxic chemicals. Reuters reports that the federal court's ruling means coal-fired plants will all have to invest in mercury-reduction equipment in order to... More »

Calif. Sues EPA Over Emissions

15 states join fight to limit greenhouse gases from cars and trucks

(Newser) - California, joined by 15 other states, filed suit today against the Environmental Protection Agency for rejecting its plan to limit greenhouse gases on cars, trucks, and SUVs. Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said the Bush administration is "ignoring the will of millions" by ruling that Congress' recent boost in fuel-efficiency standards... More »

California Sues EPA in Fight Over Emissions

Feds lag on allowing states to set tougher controls, Arnold says

(Newser) - California sued the Environmental Protection Agency today in an attempt to force the federal government to give states the authority to enforce their own controls on greenhouse-gas emissions. Fourteen other states filed with California in two separate lawsuits, the Los Angeles Times reports. "There's no legal basis for Washington... More »

Feds Pursue Fewer Polluters

EPA cuts down on criminal cases, says focus is on biggest offenders

(Newser) - The EPA has taken a decidedly less aggressive tack in criminal cases, the Washington Post reports, a trend advocates fear will embolden polluters. The number of prosecutions, new investigations, and total convictions have all dropped by more than a third. One ex-official, who resigned in protest, blamed the Bush administration,... More »

Auto-Emission Ruling Boosts States' Rights

Federal judge rules against carmakers on standards for greenhouse gases

(Newser) - Vermont can set its own greenhouse emissions standards to curb gases that contribute to global warming, a federal judge ruled yesterday in a decision that boosts states’ rights. Automakers sued the state after it adopted standards originally made law in California, saying the regulations were impractical and would upend the... More »

Law Firm's Green Record Gives Rudy Black Eye

Lobbyist for polluters boosts partner Giuliani

(Newser) - Rudy Giuliani's affiliation with a big-name Houston law firm has been key to his fund-raising success, especially in Texas, but may be dangerous politically, the Times reports. Bracewell & Giuliani, which the former New York mayor joined in 2005, is one of the most prominent lobbyists for the heavy-polluting oil,... More »

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