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Father of One of America's Most Notorious Serial Killers Dies

Lionel Dahmer is dead at 87

(Newser) - The man who fathered Jeffrey Dahmer, whose crimes made his name practically synonymous with "serial killer," has died nearly three decades after his son was killed in prison, reports the Akron Beacon Journal . Lionel Dahmer was 87 and in hospice in Ohio. The elder Dahmer appeared blindsided when...

Dahmer Is 2nd-Biggest English-Language Hit in Netflix History

It's behind only 'Stranger Things 4'

(Newser) - Netflix's Jeffrey Dahmer series has been panned by critics —and by the relatives of victims, who say they weren't consulted or notified—but it has still been a huge hit for the streaming service. Deadline reports that Dahmer—Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is now the second...

Netflix Drops LGBTQ Tag From Dahmer Series

'This is not the representation we're looking for'

(Newser) - "This is not the representation we're looking for," one TikTok user said after Netflix applied its LGBTQ tag to the new series Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. Netflix has now pulled the tag after a backlash from users, who said that while the notorious serial killer was...

Family of Dahmer Victim Angry at Netflix Over Series

'They're just making money off of this tragedy'

(Newser) - Netflix says Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, a new crime drama series chronicling the life of the serial killer who killed 17 men and boys over 13 years, centers "around the underserved victims and their communities impacted by the systemic racism and institutional failures of the police." But...

RNC Guests Can Stay in Jeffrey Dahmer's Childhood Home

It's got a really good vibe, owner says

(Newser) - People visiting Ohio for what is shaping up to be a fiercely contested Republican National Convention can spend their nights relaxing at the home where one of America's most notorious serial killers committed his first murder. The owner of Jeffrey Dahmer's childhood home is offering to rent the...

For Sale: Jeffrey Dahmer's Childhood Home

PETA would like it to be a vegan restaurant

(Newser) - The house where serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer grew up and committed his first murder is for sale again in northern Ohio. Situated on a private wooded lot in a wealthy neighborhood near Akron, the three-bedroom home is priced at $295,000. The home was first listed two years ago before...

Ma Barker's Florida Hideout for Sale

Jeffrey Dahmer's Ohio home also on market

(Newser) - Two houses now on the market are getting attention thanks to previous occupants:
  • Ma Barker: The lakefront hideout in Ocklawaha, Florida, where the FBI gunned down her and a son in 1935 is up for sale for $1 million, reports Reuters . It's even got bullet holes—along with 11

Groupon Sees Backlash Over 'Dahmer Tour' Coupon

It yanks affiliation after Milwaukee residents complain

(Newser) - A gruesome Groupon has sparked an uproar in Milwaukee. The daily deal website offered a coupon for a tour of "the hunting grounds" of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer. The deal sold out, but a flurry of negative reaction caused Groupon to pull its affiliation with the company organizing the...

Don't Want Jury Duty? Here's What to Do...

Just know serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer!

(Newser) - For anyone not wanting to serve on a jury, it seems there's an easy way to avoid it: Know a serial killer. During the screening of potential jurors by a judge in Cleveland last week, John Backderf was asked if he had known anyone convicted of a crime. The unexpected...

Did Jeffrey Dahmer Murder Adam Walsh?
Did Jeffrey Dahmer Murder Adam Walsh?

Did Jeffrey Dahmer Murder Adam Walsh?

Evidence links serial killer, America's Most Wanted host's son

(Newser) - In 2008, police in Hollywood, Fla., announced they had confirmed the identity of the man who abducted and murdered Adam Walsh: Otis Toole, a longtime suspect in the 1981 crime who had died in 1996. But a Miami Herald investigation suggests a link between the disappearance of the 6-year-old—whose...

PETA Dubs Buffy Actress 'Jeffrey Dahmer'

Activists still up in arms over 2008 comment

(Newser) - PETA just can’t let some things go. Its latest bulletin compares Eliza Dushku to a serial killer for something she said in August, the New York Post reports. The former vampire slayer told Jimmy Kimmel that she has hunted, but at least she ate what she killed. Not good...

One Who Just Won't Love Huck
One Who
Just Won't
Love Huck

One Who Just Won't Love Huck

National media ignoring hokey hopeful's dirty past, says old nemesis

(Newser) - GOP longshot Mike Huckabee has a national rep for being funny and lovable, but one newspaper editor’s got a bone to pick. The Huckabee that governed Arkansas opposed the arts and evolution, pillaged government coffers, and destroyed all hard drives when he left office, writes Max Brantley in Salon....

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