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At 12:02am, Disney Made a World-Shaking Acquisition

Its $71B purchase of 21st Century Fox properties is complete

(Newser) - "Disney had been a mere behemoth," observes the New York Times . At 12:02am Wednesday, it became something greater, a Goliath among Davids. That's thanks to the closing of its $71.3 billion acquisition of 21st Century Fox properties, transforming Disney into an entertainment company of unprecedented... More »

This Woman Just Broke Through a Huge Barrier

Ava DuVernay is the first woman of color to direct a $100M live-action film

(Newser) - As Deadline reported earlier this week, Disney's A Wrinkle in Time, directed by Ava DuVernay, has a budget of more than $100 million. Why is that significant? Because, as the Women and Hollywood blog points out, that makes DuVernay the first woman of color to direct a live-action film... More »

Jon Stewart Has Been Helping Veterans on the Sly

'Daily Show' 5-week 'boot camp' has been training, placing vets in TV jobs

(Newser) - Jon Stewart's last day on The Daily Show will be Aug. 6 , but there may be a few employees sticking around that he's been hiring on the sly: military veterans. In a surprise revelation in the New York Times , Stewart cops to a stealth "boot camp" he'... More »

Is Hollywood to Blame for Newtown?

Many in the media say yes, but not all agree

(Newser) - Everyone's talking about the need for gun control and mental health treatment in the wake of the Newtown school shooting, and Peggy Noonan is on board with reform in both areas. But there's a third area she thinks sorely needs to be addressed: "our national culture ... of... More »

Amazon Now Streams Movies to iPads

Web giant's Instant Video Store debuts on Apple's tablet

(Newser) - Amazon is popping up on the iPad. The massive e-retailer launched an app for its Instant Video Store for Apple's tablet (but not iPhone—yet). The app can stream "Prime content," which is Amazon's version of Netflix Watch Instantly and is included in Amazon's overall... More »

To Beat Studio Rules, Netflix, Redbox Head to ... Walmart?

They buy discs at retail prices

(Newser) - Disney is squabbling with Netflix and Redbox over the DVD of sci-fi flick John Carter, and the feud reflects the intensifying battle for revenue between studios and rental companies, reports the Los Angeles Times . Disney recently cut off DVD sales to such rental providers until 28 days after discs go... More »

Google TV Spooks Hollywood

Entertainment execs fear Google plan could upend industry

(Newser) - Google wants to bring the Internet to your TV set, but many in Hollywood want Google to stay off their turf. Companies fear that the search king's Google TV project —which will allow users to search for and watch online videos via their TV sets—will encourage viewers to... More »

Dumbest TV Biz Mistakes

From election-night snafus to the WGA strike

(Newser) - It’s been an embarrassing decade for TV networks, as the Hollywood Reporter proves with its list of the aughties’ biggest industry mistakes:
  1. Hollywood writers’ strike: It was unnecessary and “mutually destructive”—and for viewers, “has there ever been a longer 14 weeks?”
  2. ABC’s rejection of
... More »

Hollywood Contracts Cover Entire Universe

Locking up intergalactic rights is 'standard' procedure

(Newser) - If someone on Mars wants to broadcast America’s Got Talent, they’ll have to go through NBC first. Contestants on the show sign away the rights to their performances “in all media, throughout the universe,” and similar intergalactic language peppers most entertainment industry contracts. “I think... More »

Beck Moves Obama From 'Hitler' to 'Mao'

Hollywood in cahoots with the prez to force us to volunteer

(Newser) - Apparently, Hollywood’s dumb-named “iParticipate” campaign is the worst thing since the Great Leap Forward. Sixty network shows will work volunteerism and community service into the plot this week, and in Glenn Beck’s mind, this, coupled with Obama's own push for volunteerism, is the stuff conspiracies are made... More »

Finke Has Hollywood Running Scared

(Newser) - Few people in Hollywood have ever seen the hermit-like Nikki Finke, but they fear her anyway, David Carr reports in the New York Times. Finke’s Deadline Hollywood Daily blog has become essential reading for tinseltown players, a source of scoops and gossip that afflict the powerful. "In a... More »

D'oh! Danger Looms Over Simpsons Licensing Deals

With millions at stake, execs try to revitalize interest in show

(Newser) - If Fox executives play their cards right, Bart Simpson may finally be able to tell Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny to eat his shorts. The team behind America’s favorite animated family is in a race to further capitalize on The Simpsons' international popularity through merchandising, USA Today reports. But... More »

In Push to Sell Ads, CBS Sells Itself in New Campaign

In anticipation of 'upfront week,' CBS reminds advertisers of its worth

(Newser) - As a run-up to television’s upfront week—in which broadcasters sell as much advertising as possible for the year—CBS is taking the offensive, launching a massive ad campaign selling CBS itself. The initiative is aimed at curbing the perception that broadcast is declining and cable is the future... More »

Recession a Long-Term Bummer for SoCal, Dude

(Newser) - The recession hit Southern California earlier and harder than almost any other part of the country—and it’s likely to linger a lot longer too, Steve Pearlstein writes in the Washington Post. The area played a “central role in the Bubble Economy,” and now, being the “... More »

Be Kind, Rewind, One Last Time

The era of VHS is officially over

(Newser) - Remember those black plastic bricks you used to pop into your entertainment system to watch movies? The nostalgic might want to snap a few digital photos, because tapes won't be with us for much longer now that the last VHS supplier has made his final shipment. The LA Times rewinds... More »

Kanye: I'm Better Than JT, on Par With Air Jordan

(Newser) - Kanye West has declared himself “the voice of this generation,” comparing himself to basketball’s biggest star and running down Justin Timberlake in the process, the AP reports. “When Justin went on vacation I made albums,” said the Grammy-winning rapper-producer. “It's one thing to say... More »

Hollywood Manager Brillstein Dead

Powerful producer represented Belushi, helped launch SNL

(Newser) - Legendary Hollywood manager and producer Bernie Brillstein died last night at age 77. In a career that spanned 5 decades, Brillstein guided the rise of stars including John Belushi, Dan Aykroyd, and Martin Short, the New York Times reports. He contributed to TV series like Saturday Night Live and The ... More »

Lopez Lands Extra Anchor Slot

Will be solo emcee of the entertainment show

(Newser) - Mario Lopez will become the solo anchor for Extra when the entertainment news show’s 15th season kicks off in September, Variety reports. The former weekend co-host, best known for his stints on Dancing With the Stars and the teen sitcom Saved By the Bell, replaces Dayna Devon and Mark... More »

Who Is Vivi? Media World's Mystery Man

Influential investor keeps a low profile but wields much clout

(Newser) - He has major stakes in Time Warner and Goldman Sachs, he hangs out with Lenny Kravitz and the boss of Morgan Stanley, and he's engaged to the impossibly beautiful Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi. But Vivi Nevo is an unknown quantity: the mogul came from nowhere and, through a series of... More »

Take That Bjork: China Bans Performers Deemed a Threat

Protests, incendiary artists will not be allowed in the country, the new rules say

(Newser) - Entertainers deemed a threat to China’s sovereignty will not be allowed to perform in the country, the New York Times reports. The Ministry of Culture warned it will conduct background checks and ban those who “advocate obscenity or feudalism and superstition” or "take part in activities that... More »

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