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EPA Sets Fees to Cut Oil, Gas Industry Methane Emissions

The gas is responsible for one-third of global warming

(Newser) - With US gas and oil production at record highs, the Biden administration on Friday announced moves to counter the resulting release of methane gas. For the first time, oil and gas companies would have to pay a fee to the Environmental Protection Agency for emitting methane during production, the New ...

US Oil, Gas Production Heads Toward Record

Projections arrive before climate talks open in Dubai

(Newser) - Just in time to encourage awkward moments at the global climate talks that begin Thursday, the federal government forecasts record US oil and gas production for the year. The projection is that 12.9 million barrels of crude oil will have been extracted by the end of 2023, more than...

Biden Yanks Alaska Oil Leases
Biden Yanks Alaska Oil Leases

Biden Yanks Alaska Oil Leases

'We have a responsibility,' president says of Interior Dept. move in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

(Newser) - As then-President Trump's days in the White House came to a close, an Alaskan state development agency was granted a slew of oil and gas leases that ended decades of a drilling moratorium in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This week, President Biden's Department of the Interior nixed...

White House Slams 'Short-Sighted' Oil Cartel Move

OPEC+ decides to cut production to boost oil prices

(Newser) - The OPEC+ alliance of oil-exporting countries decided Wednesday to sharply cut production to support sagging oil prices, a move that could deal the struggling global economy another blow and raise politically sensitive pump prices for US drivers just ahead of key national elections. Energy ministers cut production by a larger-than-expected...

OPEC Alliance Agrees to Boost Oil Production

Move by group that includes Russia may bring modest relief to sky-high prices

(Newser) - The OPEC oil cartel and allied countries including Russia will raise production by 648,000 barrels per day in July and August, offering modest relief for a global economy suffering from soaring energy prices and inflation. The decision Thursday steps up the pace by the alliance, known as OPEC Plus,...

US May Soon Be World's Biggest Oil Producer Again

Output on course to surpass Russia, Saudi Arabia

(Newser) - The US is on pace to leapfrog both Saudi Arabia and Russia and reclaim the title of the world's biggest oil producer for the first time since the 1970s. The latest forecast from the US Energy Information Administration predicts that US output will grow next year to 11.8...

Norway Seeks to Balance Oil Production, Carbon Reduction

The country is accused of 'environmental hypocrisy'

(Newser) - Norway wants to get rid of gasoline-fueled cars, plans to become carbon neutral by 2030 and spends billions on helping poor countries reduce their carbon footprints. Meanwhile, it's pushing ever farther into the Arctic Ocean in search of more oil and gas, the AP reports. "We know there...

ExxonMobil CEO: World Needs Our Oil, 'Like It or Not'

Cutting oil production 'not acceptable to humanity': Rex Tillerson

(Newser) - Keep the oil taps flowing for the good of the people, the CEO and chair of ExxonMobil appealed to shareholders at what the Guardian says was a "long and fractious" annual meeting in Dallas on Wednesday. Rex Tillerson told attendees the oil giant had already pumped $7 billion into...

Eyeing Oil Prices, Russia, Saudis Agree to Freeze Output

OPEC members Qatar, Venezuela also on board—but they want Iran, Iraq as well

(Newser) - Russia's energy minister said Tuesday his country has agreed with OPEC members Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Venezuela to freeze oil production levels if other producers do the same. The ministry quoted Energy Minister Alexander Novak following an unexpected, closed-door meeting in the Qatari capital of Doha. The Wall Street ...

Obama Wants New $10-a-Barrel Oil Tax

Nobody expects it to get past Congress

(Newser) - President Obama, apparently embracing his position as a Democratic president with no elections left to fight, is proposing a hefty new tax on oil to fund cleaner energy and transportation. The White House says Obama's budget request to Congress will include a $10-per-barrel tax on oil companies, which would...

US Oil Workers Launch Biggest Strike Since 1980

USW strike could hit 64% of US capacity

(Newser) - Oil workers across America started walking off the job at midnight yesterday in their first nationwide strike since Jimmy Carter was president. United Steelworkers union members are striking at nine refineries, accounting for more than 10% of US capacity, after rejecting five proposals for a new three-year contract, the BBC...

Traders Using Supertankers to Stockpile Oil

They turn to supertankers amid 'contango'

(Newser) - Commodity brokers call it a "contango"—a situation where the current price of a commodity is lower than prices for future delivery—and it could make a lot of money for traders who can find somewhere to store huge amounts of oil. The recent plunge in oil prices...

Iran: We're Going to Produce Way More Oil

Even if it means tanking global crude prices

(Newser) - Following an initial nuclear deal between Tehran and the West, Iran is planning to ramp up its oil production, its oil minister says. "We will produce 4 million even if the price drops to $20," says Bijan Namdar Zanganeh. That's about a sixth of the current price,...

Pipeline Blasts in China Kill Dozens

Leaked oil triggers 2 explosions in Qingdao

(Newser) - Leaked oil from a ruptured pipeline in an eastern Chinese port city exploded today, killing at least 35 people, injuring 166, and contaminating the sea in one the country's worst industrial accidents of the year, authorities said. The leaked oil triggered two huge blasts, one of them tearing up...

US Nearly World's New No. 1 Oil-and-Gas Producer

Combined output set to overtake Russia

(Newser) - The shale oil and gas boom has transformed energy markets so much that the US is on course to become the world's biggest combined oil-and-gas producer this year—if it hasn't already overtaken Russia. In July, America produced around 22 million barrels a day of oil, natural gas...

US Will Be World's Top Oil Producer by 2020: Report

And green energy could surpass fossil fuels by 2035

(Newser) - Hello, energy independence: The US will become the world's top oil producer by 2020 and require almost no foreign energy by 2035, according to a new International Energy Agency report. The agency bases its daring prediction on the rise in output caused by new technologies like fracking, the LA ...

Sand Mining Craze Stirs Up Health Fears
 Sand Mining 
 Craze Stirs Up 
 Health Fears 
in case you missed it

Sand Mining Craze Stirs Up Health Fears

But fracking companies love the tiny particles

(Newser) - The upper Midwest is home to the latest craze in American mining: sand. Mining companies are knocking on doors in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and nearby states to dig up tons of the stuff so oil and gas producers can inject it into the ground in a process known as fracking. Sand...

US Imports 1M Fewer Barrels of Oil Daily
 US Imports 1M Fewer 
 Barrels of Oil Daily 
new report

US Imports 1M Fewer Barrels of Oil Daily

White House report says we're closer to achieving energy security goals

(Newser) - The US is well on its way toward achieving President Obama's energy security goals as laid out a year ago, says an administration report out today. The White House is looking to cut oil imports by a third over the next decade, boost domestic oil and natural gas production,...

White House to Reject Keystone Pipeline

Obama won't issue permit, but company can reapply with alternate route

(Newser) - The White House will not allow the controversial Keystone XL pipeline to be built as is: The State Department is expected to make the announcement official this afternoon, but it's spreading the word in the meantime via anonymous sources in the big news outlets, including the Washington Post , Politico...

'Peak Oil' Looms: Saudi Supply Overstated
 'Peak Oil' Looms: 
 Saudi Supply 
wikileaks reveal

'Peak Oil' Looms: Saudi Supply Overstated

Cable argues that kingdom can't pump enough crude to control prices

(Newser) - The world may be on the verge of an oil crisis, according to WikiLeaks cables released to the Guardian today. According to the cables, Sadad al-Husseini, the former head of Saudi Arabia’s state-run oil monopoly, warned diplomats that Saudi reserves were overstated by almost 40%, and that the country...

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