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Ole Miss Player Sues Coach, School for $40M

DeSanto Rollins says football coach Lane Kiffin verbally abused him during mental health crisis

(Newser) - Ole Miss defensive tackle DeSanto Rollins is suing the university and head football coach Lane Kiffin, alleging his rights were violated during a mental health crisis. In a lawsuit filed Thursday, Rollins claims he was kicked off the team for a "mental impairment," in violation of the Americans...

Feds Propose Rule on Trans Athletes
Feds Propose Rule
on Trans Athletes

Feds Propose Rule on Trans Athletes

It allows for restrictions in high school, college under certain conditions

(Newser) - The Biden administration is proposing a change to Title IX that would make categorical bans on transgender student athletes , now in place in 20 states, illegal under federal law. However, it would allow restrictions on trans athletes in high school and college if certain conditions are met. The proposed change...

Mom Sues Pharmacist Whose 'Beliefs' Kept Him From Doling Out Meds

Andrea Anderson had to try 3 Minnesota pharmacies before she could get morning-after pill in 2019

(Newser) - In January 2019, during sex with her partner of more than 10 years, Andrea Anderson discovered the condom they were using had broken, and she immediately got a prescription for Ella, an emergency contraceptive that delays or stops ovulation—i.e., the morning-after pill, which doesn't end a pregnancy...

Banker Who Found Witch Hat on Her Desk Awarded $2.8M

It's one of the biggest awards ever handed down by a UK employment tribunal

(Newser) - A female British banker who suffered an "inherently sexist act" involving a witch's hat has been awarded $2.8 million for that and other sexual discrimination. Stacey Macken, a former Deutsche Bank VP, joined the London office of French bank BNP Paribas in 2013 at a salary of...

SCOTUS May Soon Take a Look at Mandated Draft for Women
Supreme Court
Won't Wade Into the Draft

Supreme Court Won't Wade Into the Draft

Justices decline to take up case on whether male-only registration is discriminatory

(Newser) - The Supreme Court on Monday said it won't take up a case on whether the government's requirement that only men sign up for the draft amounts to sex discrimination, per the AP . In a statement, three justices said Congress is weighing whether to change the Military Selective Service...

Prison Worker: I Wore Tampon, Was Fired for 'Smuggling'

Joyce Flores says guards monitoring body cameras mistook the product for contraband

(Newser) - A former employee at a Virginia prison says she put in a tampon and headed to work—and for that, she was fired. In a sex discrimination lawsuit, dental hygienist Joyce Flores, 48, says she was interrogated for hours at Augusta Correctional Center on July 17, 2019, after a body...

Trump Administration Nixes Transgender Health Protections

New rule wouldn't protect against sex discrimination based on gender identity, sexual orientation

(Newser) - In a move applauded by President Trump's conservative religious base, his administration on Friday finalized a rule that overturns Obama-era protections for transgender people against sex discrimination in health care. The Department of Health and Human Services says it will enforce sex discrimination protections "according to the plain...

Executive Hired to Fix 'Boy's Club' Sues for Discrimination

Tannen Campbell says Magic Leap has 'macho bullying atmosphere'

(Newser) - An augmented reality startup is being sued for sex discrimination by the very female executive it hired to make it less of a "boy's club," the Guardian reports. When Tannen Campbell was hired by Magic Leap in 2015, the Florida company had no women in leadership roles...

Ex-Trump Staffer: Campaign Is Sexist

Iowa woman has filed a discrimination complaint

(Newser) - Donald Trump is running a sexist campaign, according to a former staffer in Iowa who has filed a discrimination complaint. Elizabeth Mae Davidson says the Trump campaign paid men more than women for doing the same job and wouldn't let women plan or speak at rallies, reports the New ...

Judge: Catholic Hospital Doesn't Have to Perform Tubal Ligation

He rules it's not sex discrimination

(Newser) - A San Francisco judge has denied a woman's request that he require a Catholic hospital to perform a tubal ligation to prevent pregnancy. Superior Court Judge Ernest Goldsmith on Thursday upheld his previous tentative ruling that Mercy Medical Center in Redding, California, was not engaging in sex discrimination by...

'A Female Shouldn't Be President,' Says Female CEO

Cheryl Rios cites 'hormones,' 'biblical sound reasoning'

(Newser) - Cheryl Rios is the CEO of Dallas-based Go Ape Marketing , but some are saying her views on leadership are as primitive as her company's moniker. Rios recently made it clear on Facebook that she doesn't support Hillary Clinton as president—but it's not just Clinton herself that...

Courts: Nursing Mom's Firing Isn't Sexist— Men Can Lactate

Supreme Court won't overturn lower ruling

(Newser) - When a woman took legal action over a reported firing linked to breastfeeding, courts dismissed the move—in part because men are capable of lactating, the Raw Story reports. Now, the Supreme Court is letting that dismissal stand. "The court's reasoning in this case echoes old Supreme Court...

Ruby Tuesday Sued for Discrimination—Against Men

Only hired women for desirable summer positions, suit claims

(Newser) - An Equal Employment Opportunity Commission attorney calls it "an unusual lawsuit"—because you don't often hear about the EEOC suing on behalf of men who say they've been discriminated against. But that's what's happening in Eugene, Ore., where such a lawsuit has been filed...

Swedish Shop Made Staffers Wear Bra Sizes

Court sides with woman who sued lingerie chain

(Newser) - The Change lingerie shop in Sweden swears it had only the best of intentions in telling female staffers to wear their bra size on a badge. It would help customers gauge their own size, demystify the process, etc. The Swedish Labour Court, however, found that it did something else entirely:...

Oprah Faces Lawsuit on Sex Discrimination

Woman at her network says she got fired over pregnancy

(Newser) - Oprah dispenses much advice on striking the right life-work balance, but a former employee at her network thinks the real-world application falls a little short. Carolyn Hommel has sued OWN on charges of sex discrimination, reports the Hollywood Reporter . Hommel says she was on track to become a VP until...

Goldman Sachs: 'a Frat on Steroids'
 Goldman Sachs: 
 'a Frat on Steroids' 


Goldman Sachs: 'a Frat on Steroids'

Marie Myung-Ok Lee recalls her time at the firm

(Newser) - Goldman Sachs recently released its list of the year's promotions, and women make up just 14% of new lifetime partners. In the Atlantic , Marie Myung-Ok Lee writes of her time as an editor at the firm in the '90s, and notes that it was a lot like the...

Weatherman Sues CBS for Sex Discrimination

Network just wants 20-something women: Kyle Hunter

(Newser) - A San Diego weatherman is suing CBS for sex and age discrimination. Kyle Hunter , who works for Fox 5, claims his job applications have been ignored by KCBS and KCAL in Los Angeles because he's not a 20-something female, reports the Daily Mail . Hunter, 40, is seeking unspecified damages...

Female Workers Hit Walmart With New Class-Action Suits

Colossal nationwide suit split into regional cases

(Newser) - Four months after the Supreme Court decided that 1.5 million past and present female workers at Walmart couldn't be lumped together in a single class-action suit , the first of what promises to be a flood of fresh lawsuits have begun. The original plaintiffs—who say they were denied...

NYC Bus Makes Women Ride in Back
NYC Bus Makes Women
Ride in Back

NYC Bus Makes Women Ride in Back

But a New York World inquiry might change things

(Newser) - Women of Brooklyn, welcome to 2011. Unless, of course, you happen to hop on the B110 bus and have to sit in the back behind the men. The New York World explains: The B110 is a city bus and open to the public, but, in an unusual arrangement, it is...

Walmart Pledges Billions for Women Businesses

Huge initiative supports women-owned companies

(Newser) - Walmart may have some serious image problems in how it treats women, but the business behemoth is throwing around some serious money that could help change that. Under a new initiative announced today, it pledges to spend $20 billion over the next five years to buy products from women-owned businesses...

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