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Mouse Caught Tidying Up Man's Workbench

Mouse Busted
Tidying Up
Man's Bench
at Night

Mouse Busted Tidying Up Man's Bench at Night

'I don't bother to tidy up now, as I know he will see to it'

(Newser) - An industrious mouse in Wales has gained fame for his housekeeping prowess. Rodney Holbrook couldn't figure out why small objects left on a workbench in his shed kept returning to a box overnight, seemingly of their own accord. He set up a camera and discovered that the little critter...

Mouse Causes New Chaos at White House

Rodent fell from ceiling, landing in reporter's lap

(Newser) - The usually quiet ( and dusty ) White House briefing room was aflutter Tuesday. "A mouse literally fell out of the ceiling in our White House booth and landed on my lap," NBC News' Peter Alexander tweeted just after 10:30am. Video followed showing reporters attempting to capture...

200K Mice Plagued the Islands. Amazingly, There Are Now None

A seeming victory for biodiversity on New Zealand's Antipodes Islands

(Newser) - A subantarctic archipelago is making "huge news": The New Zealand Herald reports there are officially no more mice on the country's Antipodes Islands, which once housed up to 200,000 of the rodents. They caused a big threat to the World Heritage Site by preying on native birds,...

Coca-Cola: Mouse Not Decomposed Enough to Have Been in Can

South Dakota man is suing after allegedly finding mouse in his Coke

(Newser) - A South Dakota man who claims to have found a mouse in a can of soda is suing Coca-Cola, saying he missed 60 hours of work and accumulated $1,000 in medical bills after becoming ill, the AP reports. Coca-Cola attorneys contend the mouse should have been more decomposed because...

Scared of Spiders? You Will Be After Seeing This One

It's carrying a mouse

(Newser) - An Australian man has caused squeaks of terror around the world with a video of an enormous spider carrying a mouse up the side of a refrigerator. "Oh, hell, no" and "nope, nope, nope" sum up the more than 80,000 responses to the video , which has been...

Scientists Find a Mouse That Gets Periods

Spiny mouse could help in researching human conditions

(Newser) - Just 1.5% of mammals menstruate and 99.9% of those are primates. That's why scientists are amazed by the spiny mouse—the first rodent shown to menstruate with a cycle remarkably similar to humans, according to a study that still needs to be peer-reviewed. Researchers at Monash University...

Mouse Found Dead in 155-Year-Old Trap

 Mouse Found Dead 
 in 155-Year-Old Trap 
in case you missed it

Mouse Found Dead in 155-Year-Old Trap

Rodent got caught in Victorian mousetrap on display in museum

(Newser) - When Colin Pullinger & Sons patented its "Perpetual Mouse Trap" in 1861, the company boasted the device would "last a lifetime"—and it wasn't kidding. One of the antiquated models on display at the University of Reading's Museum of English Rural Life ended up trapping...

Scientists Clone Mouse With One Drop of Blood

Peripheral blood cell has never been used before

(Newser) - You don't need a lot of mouse to make a clone. Researchers at the Riken BioResource Center have managed to clone a mouse using just one drop of normal, circulating blood, the BBC reports. The clone was healthy, lived a normal lifespan, and was able to reproduce. While mice...

Is Young Blood the Fountain of Youth?

 Is Young Blood 
 the Fountain 
 of Youth? 
new study

Is Young Blood the Fountain of Youth?

Young blood reverses some brain aging in old mice

(Newser) - Vampires have known; now research mice are beginning to learn. Experiments on mice have shown that it's possible to rejuvenate animals by giving them blood from the young, according to a Standford University study. Blood from young mice reversed some of the effects of brain aging, improving learning and...

Mice Learn Songs Like We Do

 Mice Learn 
 Songs Like 
 We Do 
study says

Mice Learn Songs Like We Do

Males match pitches with each other: study

(Newser) - That mouse terrorizing your kitchen could be the next Marvin Gaye. The creatures are capable of learning songs in a similar fashion to humans, a study finds—a rare capability among animals. Earlier research has established that male mice sing songs to woo females, at pitches that humans are incapable...

Oregon Man Suffering From Black Death

He gets plague after grabbing mouse from stray cat

(Newser) - An Oregon man suffering from the Black Death is in critical condition. The rural Crook County resident, in his 50s, fell ill after he was bitten in the hand as he tried to grab a mouse from a stray cat. It's the fifth plague case in Oregon since 1995....

Scientists Grow Human Hair on Mouse

But tests on humans are probably a decade away

(Newser) - Bald people may have new hope for getting back those flowing locks. Japanese scientists have regenerated hair growth on bald mice, reports the Wall Street Journal . The researchers injected the follicle cells of a hairy mouse into the follicles of a bald mouse, and within three weeks, 74% of the...

Pepsi's Mouse-in-a-Can Defense Isn't Reassuring

 Defense Isn't 
in case you missed it

Pepsi's Mouse-in-a-Can Defense Isn't Reassuring

Calls it a hoax, says rodent would dissolve before opening

(Newser) - An Illinois man is suing PepsiCo after allegedly finding a mouse in his Mountain Dew, and the details just keep getting weirder. In 2009, the man says, he got sick after drinking a can of the soda. After he complained to Pepsi, it sent someone to collect the mouse, and...

High-Heeled Mice-Stompers Convicted of Cruelty

Women made bloody film to satisfy creepy foot fetishist

(Newser) - Squeak. Crushing live mice with their high heels to satisfy a foot fetishist didn't turn out to be the cat's meow for a pair of female exhibitionists. They've been convicted of animal cruelty in a German court after making a video of their bloody exploits to sell...

Mouse Decapitator on Facebook Sentenced

Aussie posted death video

(Newser) - An Aussie woman has been sentenced to 180 hours of community service for slicing the head off a mouse with a steak knife and posting a video of its 40-second death on Facebook. The 23-year-old woman pleaded guilty to animal cruelty. A second enemy of animals faced charges the same...

Cocaine 'Vaccine' Could Help Addicts Kick Habit

Researchers trick body's immune system into attacking the drug

(Newser) - A vaccine that diminishes the high of cocaine in rats could someday help human addicts kick the habit, LiveScience reports. Researchers created the vaccine by combining a virus associated with the common cold—for its ability to trigger the body's immune system—with a cocaine-like molecule. It showed promise when...

Scientists Reverse Aging in Mice

 Scientists Reverse 
 Aging in Mice 

Scientists Reverse Aging in Mice

Could the process work for humans?

(Newser) - Harvard scientists have reversed the aging process in mice, injecting them with an enzyme that healed tissue and reportedly spurred the growth of new neurons in their brains. Now they’re wondering if they can apply some of these benefits to humans. But differences between human and mice bodies make...

Rat Crashes Obama Speech
Rat Crashes Obama Speech
watch the video

Rat Crashes Obama Speech

Rodent apparently supports Wall Street reform

(Newser) - No gatecrashers at President Obama’s second state dinner, but there was one yesterday as he spoke at the White House. A rodent, presumably a rat, ran across the Rose Garden steps just before Obama walked out to speak (watch the video at left—the rodent gets quite a reaction...

Stowaway Mouse Grounds JFK Flight

Passengers forced to switch planes after sighting

(Newser) - A mouse sighting delayed a Delta flight from JFK to London last night, the New York Times reports. Passengers were switched to another plane after the tiny intruder was spotted in the cabin. "Plain and simple, there’s not supposed to be a mouse on the airplane,” an...

Apple Upgrades iMac, MacBook

New 'magic mouse' offers touchpad scrolling, right-click funtionality

(Newser) - After grabbing attention with its blockbuster earnings report—a sizable chunk of it driven by sales of the Mac PC—Apple has announced upgrades to the Mac product lines. Here’s the rundown from BusinessWeek:
  • The MacBook, which remains $999, now has the “unibody” shell and 7-hour non-removeable battery

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