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Guys, Do Your Makeup: Boy de Chanel Set to Debut

Think the men's makeup market is untapped? Chanel apparently agrees

(Newser) - Men, what do you see when you look in the mirror? Fashion and beauty company Chanel sees an untapped market. Enter Boy de Chanel, an upcoming makeup line for men that will feature a "tinted fluid' in four colors, lip balm, and eyebrow pencils in four shades, WWD reports....

This Chanel Boomerang Is Preposterously Expensive

And drawing accusations of cultural appropriation

(Newser) - Sometimes you put something out into the universe, and sometimes the universe throws it right back at you. If only there was a word for that. Anyway, Chanel is under fire from social media and activists after including a $1,325 boomerang in its collection of new spring and summer...

Meryl Streep: Lagerfeld Lied, Owes Me an Apology

As does 'Women's Wear Daily,' actress says

(Newser) - Meryl Streep is not happy with Karl Lagerfeld or Women's Wear Daily right now. After the designer claimed Streep changed her mind about wearing Chanel to the Oscars in favor of a different designer who agreed to pay her, Streep denied the story and Lagerfeld issued a statement retracting...

Karl Lagerfeld Calls Meryl Streep 'Cheap'

He claims she wanted to be paid to wear Chanel to the Oscars

(Newser) - Meryl Streep apparently won't be wearing Chanel to the Oscars on Sunday. Designer Karl Lagerfeld tells Women's Wear Daily that Streep ordered a dress from his most recent collection for the fashion house, with one adjustment, to wear to the Academy Awards—then changed her mind. A rep...

There's a Waiting List for These $3K Pencils

Karl Lagerfeld's special edition colored pencil set has sold out

(Newser) - It isn't a handbag or a pussy bow blouse , but Karl Lagerfeld's latest star turn has design aficionados swooning. There's a waiting list at New York's Museum of Modern Art's shop for Lagerfeld's KARLBOX, a collection of colored pencils, markers, paintbrushes and other artsy...

Johnny Depp's Kid Is New Face of Chanel

Lily-Rose is 16

(Newser) - Johnny Depp's daughter isn't shying away from the celeb spotlight. Lily-Rose, 16, is the new face of Chanel, reports USA Today . Or at least a new face of Chanel. Lily-Rose will hawk the company's Pearl eyewear collection, and she looks pretty comfortable doing so in a new...

Chanel 'Supermarket' Looted After Paris Show

Karl Lagerfeld thinks the supermarket is 'the pop art of today'

(Newser) - Chanel's show at Paris Fashion Week yesterday had a somewhat pedestrian theme: The Grand Palais, where the show was held, was turned into a Chanel supermarket. There were rows of food and household items, all with Chanel-branded names like Coco beer and Tweed cola, and models pushed shopping carts...

Lagerfeld, Chanel Trade Heels for ... Sneakers

Couture collection offers a surprise

(Newser) - The footwear at Chanel's summer 2014 couture collection unveiling in Paris yesterday caused the audience to actually gasp, and the New York Times to lead its review with: "Look at the shoes! Look at their SHOES!" What could the models possibly have been wearing? Sneakers. "Flat,...

Marilyn Monroe Resurrected for Chanel Ad

In 1960 interview, she talked about her iconic quote

(Newser) - Marilyn Monroe is doing a Chanel ad from beyond the grave, AFP reports. Last year, the fashion and fragrance company discovered a 1960 interview Monroe gave to Marie Claire, in which Monroe addresses her iconic quote about wearing Chanel No. 5 perfume to bed. (In 1952, she famously said she...

SNL Rips Pitt's 'Inunderstandable' Chanel Ad

Taran Killam just starts making words up

(Newser) - Brad Pitt's ridiculous-yet-mystifying turn as Chanel pitchman made it all the way onto Saturday Night Live last night, with Taran Killam lampooning the A-list actor. "I'm sorry, is there really no script?," Killam asks in the first of a series of four spots. "Cause...

In a First, Chanel No. 5 Hawked by a Guy: Brad Pitt

And his ad is ever so serious

(Newser) - Brad Pitt's latest gig: selling perfume. The actor and his full-on Legends of the Fall hair appear in a new campaign for Chanel No. 5, making him the first male to endorse the iconic fragrance since its launch in 1921. Vanity Fair notes that Chanel "is subtly circling...

Why, Oh Why, Would Chanel Name Perfume 'Jersey'?

New fragrance name was baffling, at first: Simon Doonan

(Newser) - Simon Doonan wasn’t sure what to think when, while flipping through Vogue, he discovered that Chanel’s new scent is named Jersey. “A fragrant homage to our Garden State, created by the legendary French fashion house?” Doonan wonders. Not quite: The name is actually an homage to cotton...

Lagerfeld: Royal Wedding a Sea of 'Fat Legs'

Chanel designer also divulges his love for DSK

(Newser) - Karl Lagerfeld, never one to mince words , was apparently not a fan of the fashion he saw at the royal wedding. It was a mess of “bad proportions,” “ugly hats,” and “short skirts on fat legs,” the Chanel designer said recently, recalling his stint...

New Bio Claims Coco Chanel Spied for Nazis

Fashion house deflects claims of anti-Semitism, spy missions

(Newser) - Fashion maven Coco Chanel was an anti-Semitic Nazi spy who recruited agents with her then-boyfriend, a German officer, according to a new biography. Sleeping With the Enemy: Coco Chanel's Secret War charts her alleged espionage career with lover Hans Gunther von Dincklage, and draws on international archives to support...

Coco Before Chanel Is 'Beautifully Woven'

Reviewers mostly positive on biopic of French designer

(Newser) - Coco Before Chanel gets mostly positive reviews for its portrayal of the legendary designer in the days before her rise to fame.
  • “The most obvious credit goes to the strong, sure performance of Audrey Tautou,” writes Kenneth Turan in the Los Angeles Times. “Tautou not only resembles

The Most Stylish Cities in the World

Paris, Milan top Forbes list

(Newser) - Weighing everything from fashion to architecture to street life, Forbes rates the 10 most stylish cities in the world. The best of the best:
  • It doesn’t get any more chic than Paris
  • Milan: “flashy” fashion and cool contemporary design
  • New York: a shopping spree from Brooklyn to 5th

How the Little Black Dress Got to Be Black, and Little

Coco Chanel didn't create, just popularized

(Newser) - The ubiquitous little black dress can be the foundation of a recession-friendly wardrobe. But Coco Chanel—widely credited with inventing the LBD—actually just brought it from strict and severe to chic and sophisticated. Double X explores the history of this staple in women’s closets:
  • Centuries ago, black was

French Model, 50, Rocks Runway in Gaultier Show

Iconic '80s supermodel makes one-off return for couture week

(Newser) - French supermodel Inès de Fressange stole the show as Jean Paul Gaultier showed off his couture collection in Paris yesterday, AFP reports. The 50-year-old Fressange, an iconic model of the '80s but long absent from the catwalk, drew applause from the crowd as she appeared in a body-hugging black...

Recession Jolts French Couture, and Psyche

Luxury industry tanks, moving some to dig up conservative values

(Newser) - For France, recession isn’t just an economic event, it’s a cultural revolution, the New York Times reports. The country is at once panicking—the layoff of 200 Chanel temporary workers was a major event—and rejoicing. Many are thrilled to see France’s obsession with high-end living come...

'Hermione' Conjures $6M Chanel Deal

Emma Watson replaces Keira Knightley in perfume campaign

(Newser) - Harry Potter star Emma Watson has inked a $6 million deal to replace actress Keira Knightley as the new face of Chanel's perfume Coco Mademoiselle, the Daily Mail reports. The 18-year-old actress, who already makes $4 million a movie to play the precocious Hermione, "has been excitedly telling friends...

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