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This Man Died 4.5K Years Ago

Scientists use 3D scanning to piece together features of a skull thousands of years old

(Newser) - We're getting a look at the face of a man who lived 4,500 years ago, thanks to a visual reconstruction by scientists, reports Live Science . Forensic specialists at Liverpool John Moores University, known as Face Lab, were commissioned by the Buxton Museum to digitally re-create the face of... More »

'Exceptional' Find May Change How We Think About Ancient Rome

6th-century BC home may prove city was bigger than thought: archaeologists

(Newser) - Archaeologists have discovered a sixth-century BC residence under a palazzo in central Rome, saying that it proves the ancient city was much bigger than previously thought. Officials said yesterday that the area on the Quirinal Hill had long been thought to have only been used as a necropolis, with ancient... More »

Bones Examined in Hunt for Cervantes' Remains

Forensic specialists aim to solve literary mystery

(Newser) - Forensic experts began excavating graves and examining bones yesterday in a tiny chapel in Madrid, hoping to solve the centuries-old mystery of exactly where the great Spanish writer Miguel de Cervantes was laid to rest. The author of Don Quixote was buried in 1616 at the Convent of the Barefoot... More »

Near Irish 'Little Pompeii,' an Even More Ancient Site

Traces of buildings have been found along cliffs near a well-known castle

(Newser) - The settlement of Dunlace on Northern Ireland's craggy North Coast is thought to have been founded in 1608, but was eventually abandoned after a fire destroyed much of it in 1642. The settlement, first unearthed in 2009, reports the Belfast Telegraph , has been called Little Pompeii, and it's... More »

Atari Games Delivered From Landfill to eBay

Asking prices for the excavated games are as high as $600

(Newser) - It may be widely considered the worst video game ever made —so bad it's tied to the eventual demise of Atari—but still, not everybody owns "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial," especially a copy straight from the famous "Atari Dump" with a property tag, certificate of... More »

Dead Bodies Threaten Egypt's Pyramids: Report

Illegal cemeteries pushing toward monuments

(Newser) - Some of Egypt's greatest monuments are facing a threat: encroaching, illegally-built cemeteries. More than 1,000 tombs have been established this year on grounds where building is prohibited, the Guardian reports. "They came and took space for about 20 generations," says the head archaeologist at Dahshour, home... More »

Dig Thinks It's Found Richard III Under Car Park

Archeologists find skeleton with curved spine, arrow through back

(Newser) - Archeologists in England think they may have indeed found the remains of the "tyrant king" Richard III in a dig under a car park in Leicester, reports the Daily Mail . They announced today that a number of factors that make them think it's the real deal, most notably... More »

Markings Puzzle Israel Archaeologists

Three 'V' shapes carved in newly unearthed room in Jerusalem

(Newser) - Peculiar, unexplained stone carvings created thousands of years ago and recently unearthed in Jerusalem are baffling archaeologists, reports AP . Israeli excavators discovered them in the floor of a newly discovered room under the oldest section of the city. The three mysterious "V" shapes are about 2 inches deep and... More »

Japan Digs for Evidence of WWII Human Experiments

Excavates ground in search of remains linked to Unit 731

(Newser) - It's a grisly and mysterious effort: Japan today began excavations at a former army medical school—in the search for human remains linked to the military's shadowy Unit 731. It ran a notorious World War II program that allegedly conducted live experiments on foreign prisoners of war, most of them... More »

Emmett Till's Casket Found 'Rusted, Battered'

Locals search for loved ones' graves at desecrated cemetery

(Newser) - As Chicagoans mourned the desecration of a historic cemetery, the casket of civil rights icon Emmett Till was found rusted in a shack amid garbage and gravestones, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. “When we opened it up trying to find what we have, a family of possums ran out,”... More »

Cemetery Workers Dug Up Bodies, Resold Graves

Illinois cemetery employees excavated graves, dumped remains for cash

(Newser) - Four employees of a historic Chicago-area cemetery face charges after police uncovered a gruesome scheme to excavate graves, remove the human remains, and resell the plots, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. One manager and three grave diggers at Burr Oak Cemetery are charged with dismembering a human body, which carries of... More »

Google Earth Sparks Texas Treasure Dispute

(Newser) - A California man who used Google Earth to locate a 19th century Spanish treasure ship is suing for the right to excavate on private land, ABC News reports. Nathan Smith drove to Refugio, Texas, after spotting evidence—what it was isn’t clear—from a satellite photo. The case of... More »

Argentine Diggers Find 18th-Century Galleon

300-year-old Spanish wreck found by team building Buenos Aires apartment block

(Newser) - Workers digging the foundations for a riverside apartment complex in Buenos Aires stumbled across the buried wreck of an 18th-century Spanish galleon, Reuters reports. Experts believe the ship is at least 300 years old and was likely driven ashore by a storm and then buried in mud. Archaeologists are combing... More »

Dig May Confirm Solomon's Mines

Biblical account matches unearthed copper center in Jordan

(Newser) - Science and the Bible have a rare moment of “confluence,” says an archaeologist who helped unearth possible proof of King Solomon's reign, Newsweek reports. In present-day Jordan, scientists have found a 10th-century BC copper production center that coincides with the rule of the Biblical king of Israel. A... More »

Dig Unearths 10th-Century Viking Shield

Denmark's moist soil preserved wooden artifact for 1,000 years

(Newser) - Archaeologists say they have found a remarkably intact Viking shield that is at least 1,000 years old, the AP reports. The 10th-century artifact, the first such find in Denmark, was buried in moist soil "ideal to preserve the wood," says an excavator. The 32-inch wooden shield was... More »

Dig Finds Washington's Home (No Cherry Tree)

Archaeologists excavate boyhood home of founding father

(Newser) - Archaeologists have found the childhood home of George Washington, the New York Times reports—and despite the popular legend, there's no cherry tree anywhere on the premises. Researchers describe the founding father's Virginia digs as “a very nice gentry house” sporting eight rooms—not the simple cottage pictured in... More »

Stonehenge Riddle Solved?

Bluestones may prove site was a healing temple

(Newser) - A British team has excavated Stonehenge in hope of showing it was once a temple used for healing, the Los Angeles Times reports. Archaeologists focused on the site's 4,000-year-old bluestones, a twin circle of huge rocks, for proof of their origins and purpose. Shamans and witch doctors once likely... More »

Boston's $14.8B 'Big Dig' All Dug

Costliest highway project in US history finally complete

(Newser) - The most complicated and expensive highway project in American history is finally complete, AP reports. After 16 years of excavating and building, the ambitious "Big Dig" tunnel project under Boston will be turned over to the Massachusetts Turnpike Authority January 1. The final price tag was $14.8 billion—... More »

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