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Crews Bring Down Span of Key Bridge
Explosives Fell
Key Bridge Span

Explosives Fell Key Bridge Span

Demolition is intended to allow traffic through Baltimore port to resume

(Newser) - Crews set off a network of linked explosives Monday to break down the largest remaining span of the collapsed Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore, and with a boom, the steel section crumpled into the water in seconds. The explosives flashed orange and let off plumes of black smoke upon...

Bryan Kohberger's Lawyers Get Access to Murder House

The home in Idaho is being torn down this month

(Newser) - Bryan Kohberger's legal team has gained access to the home where he allegedly murdered four University of Idaho students in the early hours of Nov. 13, 2022. The defense indicated they may take photographs, measurements, and drone footage of the house on King Road in Moscow, which is to...

Developers Must Rebuild Old Inn They Destroyed

Brick by brick, says the court order in the UK

(Newser) - The Punch Bowl Inn on a quiet country road in Lancashire, England, had stood for 300 years when its owners took a bulldozer to it in 2021. They must regret doing any such thing, and not just because of reports suggesting they disturbed the building's rumored ghosts. As the...

After Idaho Murders, a 'Healing Step'

House where 4 University of Idaho students were killed is to be demolished, per the school

(Newser) - The off-campus home where four University of Idaho students were slain last year has been given to the school by its owner, and the school plans to knock it down. A university spokeswoman tells the Washington Post that the demolition will take place before the end of the spring semester....

2 Towers Crash Down in India's Biggest-Ever Demolition
India Demolishes
2 Illegal High-Rises

India Demolishes 2 Illegal High-Rises

New Delhi apartment towers were never lived in

(Newser) - Two high-rise apartment towers in India were leveled to the ground in a controlled demolition on Sunday after the country's top court declared them illegal for violating building norms, officials said. They became India's tallest structures to be razed to the ground. More than 1,500 families vacated...

Adventurers, This Dicey Cabin No Longer an Option
Adventurers, This Dicey
Cabin No Longer an Option

Adventurers, This Dicey Cabin No Longer an Option

Canada says high-altitude Abbot Pass Hut must be dismantled because of erosion

(Newser) - For those with an adventurous streak, a century-old cabin that overlooks the Continental Divide in Canada might have been the perfect retreat. But as Gizmodo reports, the famed Abbot Pass Hut is no longer an option. The hut sits about 10,000 feet above sea level in Canada's Rocky...

Teams Drill Holes for Explosives in Remaining Structure

Officials worry storm will take bring building down at the wrong place

(Newser) - Crews were setting up the part of the Florida condo building that's still standing for demolition on Sunday, while others were preparing the site for a tropical storm. Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava said the Federal Emergency Management Agency recommended the structure be brought down, WPLG reports. Teams were...

Surfside Crews Plan Demolition for Sunday

Officials want operation to take place before storm hits but have details to work out

(Newser) - Demolition workers plan to bring down the remainder of a collapsed condo building on Sunday ahead of an approaching storm that added to worries that the damaged structure could come down on its own, officials said Saturday. Miami-Dade Mayor Daniella Levine Cava, meanwhile, said two more bodies were found in...

City Is Auctioning Chance to Dynamite Trump Plaza

Funds will benefit Atlantic City charity

(Newser) - Part of President Trump's former empire is going to come crashing down next month—and Atlantic City wants to use the moment to raise money for a good cause. The former Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino is being dynamited on Jan. 29, and the city is auctioning off the...

'Robot' Building Is Coming Down
'Robot' Building Is Coming Down

'Robot' Building Is Coming Down

Unused building in Russia is slated for demolition

(Newser) - A hulking, never-occupied building sardonically likened to a robot's head that has loomed over the Russian city of Kaliningrad for decades is to be demolished next year, the region's governor says, per the AP . The 21-story House of Soviets was left unfinished when funding ran out in 1985...

$22M Mansion Is Set to Be Razed. City Says Good Riddance

Developer plans to demolish luxury Palm Beach residence formerly owned by Jeffrey Epstein

(Newser) - The waterfront mansion in Palm Beach, Fla., formerly owned by Jeffrey Epstein is currently under contract, but don't expect to see it for much longer once the developer who bought it officially gets the keys. CNN Business reports the $22 million, 14,000-square-foot home along the Intracoastal Waterway will...

'Leaning Tower of Dallas' Designer Explains Why It Won't Fall

Thomas Taylor is pretty amused, too

(Newser) - The designer of the "Leaning Tower of Dallas" has been taking a wry pride in the stubborn resistance the creation is presenting to explosives and the wrecking ball, the AP reports. Thomas Taylor is the principal design engineer for Dallas-based Datum Engineers, which designed the 49-year-old, 11-story Affiliated Computer...

Tower Again Survives Demolition Attempt
'Leaning Tower'
Still Won't Topple

'Leaning Tower' Still Won't Topple

Wrecking ball is 'still just ineffective,' witness says

(Newser) - The "Leaning Tower of Dallas," a social media sensation born when a part of a building survived implosion, endured hundreds of blows from a wrecking ball Monday. Dozens of people gathered northeast of the city's downtown to watch as a crane was used to batter the former...

Demo Company Makes Worst Possible Mistake

JR's Demolition tore down the wrong house

(Newser) - A Texas demolition company made a huge mistake Wednesday when it bulldozed the wrong house—and tore a hole in the heart of a neighborhood, the Advocate reports. JR's Demolition levelled the Dallas property without realizing the correct address was two blocks away. "All the windows were intact,...

UK Demolishes One of Its 'Ugliest Sights'

Deadly accident delayed power plant demolition

(Newser) - A British power station once voted one of the country's ugliest sights has been mostly destroyed in a controlled demolition. The cooling towers of the disused coal-fired plant in Didcot, 55 miles west of central London, were leveled early Sunday, the AP reports. The complex, including its massive towers...

Last Year It Collapsed. Watch What Happened to It Friday

Morandi Bridge in Genoa, Italy, is taken down in planned explosion

(Newser) - It's been almost a year since the Morandi Bridge collapse in Italy that killed 43. What remained of the bridge is now no more. CNN reports that after roads were shut down and about 4,000 people were evacuated from the area in Genoa, demolition workers carried out a...

This Is the Final Nail in the Coffin of Bethlehem Steel

Defunct company's old headquarters demolished, and some are happy to see it go

(Newser) - Sixteen thousand tons of Bethlehem Steel collapsed in a matter of seconds Sunday as a demolition crew imploded Martin Tower, the defunct steelmaker's former headquarters. Crowds gathered to watch the demolition of the Pennsylvania area's tallest building, a 21-story monolith that opened at the height of Bethlehem Steel'...

Cultural Center Crushed as Demolition Goes Wrong

Nearby silo toppled in the wrong direction

(Newser) - Demolition experts successfully destroyed a 173-foot silo in the town of Vordingborg, Denmark, on Friday. Unfortunately, they also wrecked the adjacent cultural center after the demolition went spectacularly wrong, the Guardian reports. In video of the botched demolition , onlookers can be heard shouting in alarm as the silo topples the...

Watch the Tallest Building in Kentucky's Capital Come Down

The 28-story Capital Plaza Tower is no more

(Newser) - The tallest building in Kentucky's capital city came crashing down in a controlled implosion on Sunday, reports the AP , delighting thousands of onlookers who quickly scurried away to avoid the dust cloud that billowed overhead. Sunday's demolition of the 28-story Capital Plaza Tower in Frankfort will make way...

Georgia Dome Set for Implosion Early Monday
One of Our Biggest Domed
Stadiums Just Imploded

One of Our Biggest Domed Stadiums Just Imploded

Georgia Dome is gone after a controlled destruction

(Newser) - One of the nation's largest domed stadiums has been destroyed in a scheduled implosion in downtown Atlanta. Nearly 5,000 pounds of explosives were on hand to blast the Georgia Dome in Atlanta to smithereens Monday at 7:30am, per the AP . People gathered at windows of tall office...

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