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Aspirin Advice for Seniors Is Changing

Suggestion to take daily dose to prevent first heart attack is getting shelved

(Newser) - Older adults without heart disease shouldn't take daily low-dose aspirin to prevent a first heart attack or stroke, an influential health guidelines group said in preliminary advice released Tuesday. Bleeding risks for adults in their 60s and up who haven't had a heart attack or stroke outweigh any...

Cheap, Accessible Drug May Offer Hope for Aggressive Cancer

Researchers hope aspirin will boost immunotherapy in new clinical trial

(Newser) - A trial is underway to determine whether an aggressive breast cancer might be treated with help from an inexpensive and widely available drug: aspirin. Researchers at the Christie NHS Foundation Trust in Manchester, England, will test whether aspirin makes difficult-to-treat tumors more responsive to cancer-fighting drugs, as animal studies suggest,...

Millions Should Stop Taking a Daily Aspirin
Millions Should Stop
Taking a Daily Aspirin
new study

Millions Should Stop Taking a Daily Aspirin

Guidelines have changed, but practices have not

(Newser) - Millions of Americans take an aspirin every day with the aim of improving their health, but doctors say many of them are doing more harm than good. Conventional wisdom once held that a daily low-dose aspirin helped ward off heart attacks and strokes by thinning the blood. But as a...

An Aspirin a Day May Actually Be a Bad Idea
Think Twice Before
Starting to Take Daily Aspirin
study says

Think Twice Before Starting to Take Daily Aspirin

Study: Healthy, older adults may not need to start common preventative dose

(Newser) - If you're one of the millions of US adults taking aspirin daily as a preventative measure, two new studies have bubble-bursting news: Doing so may not do any good—and could actually cause harm. Researchers in both studies found that even low-dose aspirin carries a risk of internal gastric...

An Aspirin a Day Could Help Some Pregnant Women
An Aspirin a Day Could Help
Some Pregnant Women
new study

An Aspirin a Day Could Help Some Pregnant Women

Low dose appears to increase chance of live birth in certain women

(Newser) - Inflammation wreaks all sorts of havoc on the human body. One example involves reproduction, because inflammation is behind multiple issues—such as pelvic inflammatory disease and polycystic ovary syndrome—that increase a woman's risk of infertility. So can managing inflammation improve those women's chances of getting pregnant? Researchers...

Aspirin Holds Promise for Alzheimer's

 Aspirin Holds Promise 
 for Alzheimer's 
study says

Aspirin Holds Promise for Alzheimer's

Study finds new use for salicylic acid

(Newser) - Aspirin is already used for pain relief and as a treatment for cardiovascular disease and even cancer, Medical News Today reports—and now a new study published in PLOS One finds it could also be useful in the fight against Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases. The central factor in...

Experts: Here's Why More Over-50s Should Take Aspirin

Cancer advice splits federal authorities

(Newser) - If you're between 50 and 70 years old and you're not already taking a low dose of aspirin, it's something you should consider, according to a federal panel. Aspirin is already recommended for people with a history of heart trouble, and the US Preventive Services Task Force...

Even a Little Non-Aspirin Painkiller Could Be Bad News

Risk of heart attack, stroke from NSAIDs higher than thought, even in small amounts

(Newser) - The FDA advised back in 2005 that non-aspirin nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NSAIDs , could up the risk of heart attack and stroke. But the agency is now boosting that warning, noting that drugs like ibuprofen (often sold under the Motrin IB brand), naproxen (Aleve), and celecoxib (Celebrex) may pose a...

Within Decades, Cancer Will Hardly Kill Anyone Under 80

Especially if people heed aspirin advice: experts

(Newser) - Today, cancers are "becoming either preventable or effectively curable," a researcher notes—and that means that by 2050, hardly anyone under 80 will die of such diseases, a study says. "This is a projection of what is already happening," the researcher, David Taylor, says, according to...

Daily Aspirin Cuts Cancer Risk, but...
 Daily Aspirin 
 Cuts Cancer 
 Risk, but... 
study says

Daily Aspirin Cuts Cancer Risk, but...

Concerns remain about side effects, including bleeding

(Newser) - Researchers in Britain are trumpeting the benefits of taking aspirin daily following a new investigation that suggests it could cut the risk of certain cancers. Data from 200 studies indicates that bowel, esophageal, and stomach cancer cases and deaths could drop 30% to 40% if people took the drug every...

Lengthy Aspirin Use Tied to Blindness
 Lengthy Aspirin 
 Use Tied to 
study says

Lengthy Aspirin Use Tied to Blindness

But don't stop taking it yet: researchers

(Newser) - Taking aspirin on a regular basis for years may be a factor in macular degeneration, a study suggests. According to the research, those with a long-term aspirin regime face twice the risk of "wet" age-related macular degeneration, or wet AMD. The illness causes blindness in the center of one'...

Aspirin May Help Prevent Skin Cancer
 Aspirin May Help 
 Prevent Skin Cancer 
study says

Aspirin May Help Prevent Skin Cancer

Research shows dropoff of up to 15%

(Newser) - Aspirin and other similar painkillers may ward off skin cancer, according to new research. About 20 years of skin cancer data in Denmark show that people who had taken NSAIDs—nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory painkillers—were 15% less likely to develop squamous cell carcinoma and 13% less likely to have malignant melanoma,...

For Heart Patients, Aspirin as Good as Blood Thinners

Study finds difference is statistically insignificant

(Newser) - Heart patients shelling out money for expensive blood thinners might take note of a major new study in the New England Journal of Medicine: It seems regular old aspirin is just as effective in warding off strokes and hemorrhages, reports AFP . The 10-year study of more than 2,000 patients...

An Aspirin a Day Cuts Cancer Risk
 An Aspirin a Day 
 Cuts Cancer Risk 
studies say

An Aspirin a Day Cuts Cancer Risk

And appears to stop cancer from spreading, too: studies

(Newser) - A daily low dose of aspirin has long been recommended as a way of lowering stroke and heart attack risk, but new studies published this week suggest it also greatly reduces cancer risk. The UK studies found that after taking 75mg to 300mg of aspirin per day for just three...

Best Hangover Cure: Aspirin and ...
 Best Hangover Cure: 
 Aspirin and ... 


Best Hangover Cure: Aspirin and ...

Study finds cause, and cure, of hangover headaches

(Newser) - Forget about hangover remedies like raw eggs, hair of the dog, or yoga —simple caffeine and a painkiller are best for easing an alcohol-induced sore head, according to a new study. Neurologist Michael Oshinsky and colleagues used ethanol to induce hangover-like headaches in rats. They found that the caffeine...

Aspirin Reduces Risk of Cancer Death: Study

Those who took it consistently over time benefited years later

(Newser) - Aspirin has long been touted as a means of protecting yourself from heart disease, and now a new study suggests it could dramatically lessen your cancer risk, too. Researchers looked at eight past aspirin trials, and found that patients who took aspirin, rather than a placebo, were 21% less likely...

An Aspirin a Day May Be Too Much: Docs

Side effects may outweigh benefits for some

(Newser) - The blanket advice that middle-aged people should take low-dose aspirin every day to ward off a heart attack or stroke is too broad, warn medical experts. For those who have a history of heart disease or have already suffered an ischemic stroke, the advice is sound. But for others in...

Aspirin Cuts Deaths From Breast Cancer

Study sees significant benefits for women with the disease

(Newser) - Taking aspirin regularly reduces the risk of death for breast cancer patients, a new study suggests. Drawing on data from the Nurses' Health Study, researchers found that breast cancer victims who took an aspirin at least twice a week were 64% to 71% less likely to die, and 43% to...

Aspirin Harmful for Healthy People: Study

(Newser) - Healthy people shouldn’t be taking aspirin, according to a new study. The drug doesn’t actually reduce the risk of heart attack, as many of the “worried well” have long believed, British scientists told a medical conference, but it does nearly double the risk they’ll be hospitalized...

Combo Heart Pills Enter Trials in London

The cheap drugs could halve deaths from heart attack, stroke

(Newser) - Trials begin this week in London on a cheap "polypill" that could cut heart attack and stroke deaths in half worldwide, the Guardian reports. The pill combines four drugs—aspirin, a cholesterol-lowering statin, an ACE inhibitor, and thiazine to battle high blood pressure. The aim is to sell it—...

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