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Prison Choir Composed of Jan. 6 Inmates Hits No. 1
Jan. 6 Prison Choir Hits No. 1

Jan. 6 Prison Choir Hits No. 1

Song features former President Trump, sits atop the iTunes chart

(Newser) - A song by a prison choir composed of inmates convicted in the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol hit No. 1 on the iTunes charts Saturday, even beating Miley Cyrus' new single. "Justice for All," by the J6 Prison Choir, can be heard on YouTube here...

7 Years After His Death, Teen's Song Is Back at No. 1

Zach Sobiech's 'Clouds' is tops on iTunes thanks to new movie

(Newser) - Seven years after he died of cancer at age 18, a Minnesota singer-songwriter has returned to the top of the iTunes chart with his inspirational tune, per the AP . The Star Tribune reports that "Clouds" by Zach Sobiech took over iTunes' No. 1 slot from Justin Bieber on Sunday,...

Apple Is Killing One of Its Biggest Products

The long-rumored demise is finally here

(Newser) - Love it or hate it, iTunes has been around for nearly 20 years—and now it's getting the boot. Apple will announce its pending demise on Monday at a developer conference in California, Bloomberg reports. The multi-faceted media software is slated to be replaced by separate TV, Music, and...

Apple Just Made Big Move Against Alex Jones

iTunes removes much of Infowars content

(Newser) - Alex Jones now has a lot more to vent about on his controversial Infowars network, but it will be harder for his fans to hear it. Apple removed five of six Infowars podcasts from iTunes, including the popular Alex Jones Show, reports BuzzFeed News . After the Apple decision, Facebook pulled...

Silent Song Is a Hit on iTunes
Silent Song Is a Hit on iTunes

Silent Song Is a Hit on iTunes

'A a a a a Very Good Song' has a role to play

(Newser) - No, the volume is just fine. It's the song. An unusual tune has found its way onto the top 50 on the iTunes charts, alongside Ed Sheeran and Keith Urban hits, the AP reports. The song is completely silent. "A a a a a Very Good Song" costs...

Kanye Caves, Puts Pablo Track on Apple, Spotify

He swore last month he'd 'never never never' do that

(Newser) - Whether Kanye West has actually finished The Life of Pablo is unclear. But as of Tuesday, one song from the so-called "anti-album" is finally up on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play, Esquire reports. The song is "Famous," featuring Rihanna and the "I made that bitch...

Apple Wins $1B iTunes Case
 Apple Wins $1B iTunes Case 

Apple Wins $1B iTunes Case

Trial included testimony from Steve Jobs

(Newser) - After just three hours of deliberation, a federal jury decided yesterday that Apple didn't compete unfairly when it sold music players and songs with copy-protection software that was incompatible with rival devices and music from competing online stores. The jury handed Apple a victory by rejecting a claim from...

U2 Gives Away Surprise New Album

'Songs of Innocence' available for download on iTunes

(Newser) - Bigger iPhones and a high-tech watch were ostensibly the stars of yesterday's much-hyped Apple event, but a few other luminaries showed up to grace the stage in Cupertino, Calif. U2 made a surprise appearance and unexpectedly announced that a) it has a new album out, and b) all 500...

New iPhone May Be an E-Wallet
 New iPhone 
 May Be an E-Wallet

New iPhone May Be an E-Wallet

Apple reportedly teaming up with credit card companies for iPhone 6

(Newser) - For detractors who complain that their iPhones just don't do enough, Apple may be upping the ante. Rumors are swirling that when the iPhone 6 is unveiled on Sept. 9 , it's not only going to play music, surf the Internet, and make phone calls—it will also function...

Coming to iTunes: 59 Beatles Rarities

Studio outtakes, live performances in 'new' batch

(Newser) - It took years for the Beatles to arrive on iTunes—but a treat for Fab Four fans could help make up for the wait. Fifty-nine rare tracks will arrive today, a mix of live BBC performances, demos, and studio outtakes. Previously, the recordings were only available as bootlegs, the Guardian...

Justice Department Wants to Clamp Down on iTunes

E-book price-fixing case spills over into Apple's other media businesses

(Newser) - The Justice Department is out to make sure that Apple never again fixes the price of e-books —or anything else for that matter. It's asked a judge to ban Apple "from entering into agreements with suppliers of e-books, music, movies, television shows, or other content" on iTunes...

Get Ready for Online Radio From Apple

Plus: New iOS likely unveiled this week

(Newser) - After a decade of iTunes, Apple looks poised to delve into another form of online music distribution: Internet radio. The service, likely to be unveiled today as the company's annual developers conference begins, could shepherd new consumers into the online-radio world, experts tell the New York Times . As it...

'Horrible, Bloated' iTunes 11 Should Be Shot
'Horrible, Bloated'
iTunes 11 Should Be Shot

'Horrible, Bloated' iTunes 11 Should Be Shot

Some like iTunes redesign, but Farhad Manjoo is deeply unhappy

(Newser) - People have been calling for Apple to radically redo iTunes for a while now, and Apple yesterday released iTunes 11, one of the biggest redesigns in the ubiquitous software's history. Ping—Apple's attempt at adding social networking to its media center—is gone. There's much more integration...

What We Think We Know About the 'iPad Mini'
What We Think We Know About the 'iPad Mini'

What We Think We Know About the 'iPad Mini'

Today's Apple event has tech world buzzing

(Newser) - Apple is expected to unveil a major new product today, and everyone and their cousin knows what it's going to be: The iPad Mini. Here's everything we know about the device, as well as what else Tim Cook's gang is rumored to have in store for us:...

What Apple Should Really Do: Make iTunes Suck Less

Chris O'Brien says aping Pandora isn't the way to go

(Newser) - When news broke yesterday that Apple is trying to build a Pandora rival , Pandora investors panicked—but Chris O'Brien can't figure out why. "Like much 'news' about Apple, most of this is the vaguest of the vague," he writes at SiliconBeat , and even if something...

Artist's Income Per Spotify Play: Fraction of a Cent

iTunes Match pays $0.003 per play

(Newser) - Some may call Spotify the savior of the music industry—but for lesser-known artists, it doesn't appear to be a cash cow. The Next Web reviews analyses of what bands are making from Spotify and Apple's iTunes Match, and the numbers aren't impressive. On Spotify, a band...

Now Free on iTunes: Steve Jobs' Q&As

 Now Free on iTunes: 
 Steve Jobs' Q&As 

Now Free on iTunes: Steve Jobs' Q&As

Apple founder candidly addressed array of topics

(Newser) - From 2003 to 2010, Steve Jobs appeared at the D: All Things Digital conference and gave candid, unrehearsed answers on topics including Apple, its competitors, and many other aspects of the digital world. (He even made one appearance with rival Bill Gates.) High-quality videos of those appearances are now...

Whitney Album Price Nearly Doubles on iTunes

Sony blamed for UK price hike, now reversed

(Newser) - On Saturday, a Whitney Houston greatest-hits album cost about $8 in the UK iTunes store; but shortly after the singer was found dead, it had jumped to a little more than $12.50. The changed sparked a customer uproar. "It is just a case of iTunes cashing in on...

Fake iTunes Offer Hides Malware

'Gift voucher' email contains infected file

(Newser) - An iTunes gift voucher scam is doing the rounds just in time for Black Friday. Users receive an email saying they have been awarded $50 of iTunes credit which they can access by using a security code in an attached file, the BBC reports. The file actually contains malware which...

Steve Jobs: A Legacy Like No Other
Steve Jobs: 
 A Legacy 
 Like No Other 

Steve Jobs: A Legacy Like No Other

His heirs may struggle as technology moves forward

(Newser) - Steve Jobs wasn't the Thomas Edison or Henry Ford of his time, but some future American business visionary may be known as the Steve Jobs of his time, writes Michael Hiltzik. Jobs—a "master of bare-knuckled business strategies from the old school"—wasn't known as an...

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