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In Latest Climate Report, a 'Warning to Humanity'

Earth hit threshold of 1.5 degrees Celsius over an entire year, with hottest January on record

(Newser) - World leaders walked away from the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference with the aim to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels to avoid the worst impacts of climate change. We've now hit that threshold over a yearlong period, European climate monitors announced Thursday. February...

With Temps in 2023, 'People Know That Things Are Weird'

Scientists at Climate Central report that last 12 months were likely hottest in 125K years

(Newser) - Don't feel like you've accomplished much over the last year? Check this off your list: "You've just lived through Earth's hottest 12 months on record." Not that anyone would want to put that on a T-shirt, but that's how the Washington Post describes...

July 3 Was the Hottest Day Ever Recorded
Record for Hottest Day
Only Lasted 24 Hours

Record for Hottest Day Only Lasted 24 Hours

July 4 was even warmer than July 3

(Newser) - Monday was the hottest day ever recorded, scientists said earlier this week—but the record only lasted a day. According to the US National Centers for Environmental Prediction, the average global air temperature was 17.18 degrees Celsius (62.9 Fahrenheit) on Tuesday, breaking Monday's record of 1 7....

Earth Has Good Chance of Soon Hitting a 'Global Guardrail': UN

66% chance world to reach key limit of 1.5 degrees Celsius in 5 years, though likely temporarily

(Newser) - There's a two-out-of-three chance that the world will temporarily hit a key warming limit within the next five years, the United Nations weather agency said Wednesday. But it likely would only be a fleeting and less worrisome flirtation with the internationally agreed upon temperature threshold. Scientists expect a temporary...

Last Month, a 'Rewrite of Climate History'

July 2019 was hottest month ever on Earth, climate agency confirms

(Newser) - "We have always lived through hot summers. But this is not the summer of our youth. This is not your grandfather's summer." That's what UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told reporters last week, and on Monday, final data came in to verify his assertion. The EU's...

Earth Endured Its Hottest Month Ever Recorded

Final data will be in on Monday

(Newser) - Last month was the hottest ever recorded, either equaling or surpassing July 2016—we'll know which on Monday. Preliminary data from the Copernicus Climate Change Service runs through July 29 and found the monthly global average temperature anomaly was 1.2 degrees Celsius above preindustrial levels. The final data...

Think the Last 4 Years Were Hot? Brace Yourself

British meteorologists are predicting the next five years will be hotter

(Newser) - While 2018 was the fourth-warmest year on record, British meteorologists are predicting the next five years will be much hotter, maybe even record-breaking. Two US agencies, the United Kingdom Met Office, and the World Meteorological Organization analyzed global temperatures in slightly different ways, but each came to the same conclusion...

Iran City May Have Tied Record for Hottest Temperature

It was a brutal 129 in Ahvaz

(Newser) - Temperature records melted away in the city of Ahvaz, Iran Thursday—French agency MeteoFrance estimates the afternoon temperature at a sweltering 128.7 Fahrenheit, which is the hottest temperature ever recorded in Iran. But Weather Underground data suggested it went even higher, to 129.2 Fahrenheit or 54 Celsius, reports...

February Weather Sparks Talk of 'Climate Emergency'

Worldwide, February smashed temperature record by huge margin

(Newser) - The combination of El Niño and man-made global warming added up to the hottest winter on record in the US, according to federal meteorologists. The average temperature for the Lower 48 states from December through February—known as meteorological winter—was 36.8 degrees Fahrenheit, 4.6 degrees above...

'Off the Chart' Temperatures Break Records Worldwide

Shocking heat is 'getting to be a monthly thing,' says scientist

(Newser) - Earth dialed the heat up in June, smashing warm temperature records for both the month and the first half of the year. Off-the-charts heat is "getting to be a monthly thing," says Jessica Blunden, a climate scientist for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. "This is the...

Scientists: Here's Why Climate Change 'Paused'

High winds are forcing heat underwater—at least for now

(Newser) - Global-warming skeptics, en garde: A new study says that the recent pause in global warming is caused by strong trade winds in the Pacific Ocean that will eventually subside, the Guardian reports. According to the study , sharply higher winds in the central and eastern parts of the Pacific have pushed...

New Climate Change Turning Point: 2047
Odd, New Climate Change
Turning Point: 2047
study says

Odd, New Climate Change Turning Point: 2047

That's when the coldest year will be the hottest on record: study

(Newser) - Feeling the effects of climate change, but not worrying too much yet? Mark this year: 2047. That's when, for most of the world, the coldest year in the future will be hotter than any in recorded history, according to a new study published in Nature . It's sort of...

Climate Change Makes Animals, People 'Shrink'

Warmer, drier weather makes plants and animals get smaller

(Newser) - Plants, polar bears, and people are among the living things likely to shrink thanks to global warming, scientists say. Drawing on several scientific papers, the Telegraph reports that warmer, drier weather makes plants and animals get smaller, which reduces food supplies for those higher up the food chain. "The...

Okla.'s July Was Hottest US Month on Record
 Okla.'s July 
 Was Hottest 
 US Month 
 on Record 


Okla.'s July Was Hottest US Month on Record

Texas also set its own record for hottest July

(Newser) - Sweltering may have reached a new record last month, as Oklahoma racked up the country's highest monthly average temperature ever. That's the highest average temperature, for any month, for any state, associate Oklahoma state climatologist Gary McManus said. According to automated weather recording instruments, the state's average...

NASA: Last Decade Warmest on Record

2009 was second warmest year since 1880

(Newser) - The decade ending in 2009 was the warmest since modern record-keeping began in 1880, according to new data released by NASA. Based on surface temperature, the year 2005 was the hottest on record, followed by 2009. The data showed an upward temperature trend of about 0.36 degrees Fahrenheit per...

1,000 Flee Raging SoCal Wildfire
 1,000 Flee Raging SoCal Wildfire 

1,000 Flee Raging SoCal Wildfire

Record temperatures signal worrisome fire season

(Newser) - Roughly 1,000 people abandoned 400 California homes today as firefighters battled a blaze in the Sierra Madre foothills, the Los Angeles Times reports. The fire spread through some 400 acres, and containment is not expected for days. Record-setting temperatures are to blame for the blaze marking an early start...

March Land Temperatures Hit Record High

But US has average month

(Newser) - This March was the world's warmest ever on record over land surfaces—and the second warmest overall, AP reports. Land temperatures worldwide averaged 40.8 degrees Fahrenheit, 3.2 degrees above the 20th-century average. Over land and sea, only 2002 saw higher temperatures in 129 years of record-keeping, adding to...

Scorching '07 Sets New Global Record

Hottest ever for global lands

(Newser) - Last year was the hottest on record for global land masses, with temperatures almost 2 degrees warmer than usual, according to  the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Scorching heat waves socked Asia, Europe and the USA, where 2,000 daily temperature peaks were busted. It's an undeniable trend with seven...

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