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Cops: Impaired Driver Had Baby Raccoon in Car

Canadian man faces charges including having cannabis readily available

(Newser) - Police in Canada say an allegedly impaired driver was arrested before any harm came to him or his unusual passenger—a baby raccoon. "Huntsville officers arrested a male for impaired operation of a vehicle," the Ontario Provincial Police tweeted Wednesday. "The male had a baby raccoon with...

Bringing Raccoon Into Bar Was Costly Move for Woman
Bringing Raccoon Into Bar
Costs Woman, Big-Time
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Bringing Raccoon Into Bar Costs Woman, Big-Time

Erin Christensen of North Dakota gets a year of probation, must pay more than $1K

(Newser) - Bringing a wild raccoon into a bar will cost one North Dakota woman, quite literally. Erin Christensen, 38, pleaded guilty last week to charges of false information to law enforcement, evidence tampering, and unlawful possession of a furbearer, all misdemeanors. She was sentenced to a suspended six-month jail term and...

Raccoon Attacks Surge During Lockdown

'It’s really just people being foolish'

(Newser) - In Toronto, which emerges from a strict monthslong lockdown next week, the pandemic has brought residents closer to their local wildlife—and the interactions have not always gone well. Public health authorities say there has been a 62% increase in reports of people being scratched or bitten by raccoons, the...

Raccoon for Thanksgiving? Not So Weird a Century Ago

President Calvin Coolidge wasn't a fan, though

(Newser) - Long before President Trump pardoned his first turkey, another US president saved a racoon intended to become his Thanksgiving dinner. The Washington Post has the wild story of how a raccoon sent to President Calvin Coolidge in November 1926 by a Mississippi resident promising a tasty meal became his beloved...

Mayor Caught on Video Killing Raccoon Defends Himself

Alabama Mayor Jim Staff says raccoon's behavior was 'not natural'

(Newser) - For the second time in a month, a raccoon's death has gone viral. This time, it was the mayor of Atmore, Ala., who was caught on video beating a raccoon to death with a shovel, then using the shovel to push its body away from the road. Jim Staff...

Raccoons Looked Rabid, but Cops Found the Real Reason

Police in West Virginia say they were drunk

(Newser) - Worried residents of Milton, West Virginia, called police about raccoons that looked for all the world like they were rabid. Turns out, they were just drunk, reports Gizmodo . In a Facebook post , the local police department explains that the raccoons apparently got into some fermented crabapples. Officers corralled two of...

Her Baby Raccoon Rescue Goes Spectacularly Wrong

Woman and 20 of her friends need rabies shots after she takes in abandoned animal

(Newser) - A woman recently brought a cute baby raccoon into her Colorado home, causing an ugly situation, officials said last week. According to authorities in Weld County, the woman brought in the abandoned animal, which ended up testing positive for rabies. Subsequently, 21 people had to be preemptively treated for rabies...

Raccoon That 'United America' Has Been Rescued

Critter that scampered up a St. Paul skyscraper is said to have been caught in a live trap

(Newser) - The skyscraper-ascending raccoon of Minnesota has reportedly been rescued. NPR reports the determined climber, which had been trapped at various spots on the UBS building in St. Paul for two days, is said to finally have been trapped by building management, per a law firm on the 23rd floor of...

Raccoon Scales 25-Story Skyscraper

City closely watches daring ascent

(Newser) - Minnesota's Twin Cities were captivated by a daring raccoon that climbed more than 20 stories up a St. Paul skyscraper Tuesday—pausing for plenty of naps along the way. The raccoon, first spotted stuck on a ledge outside another downtown building on Monday, where it had apparently planned to...

Wildlife Officials Explain Why Raccoons Acting Like 'Zombies'

They probably have distemper; lots of cases seen in Ohio

(Newser) - Zombies have been seen sauntering through a northeastern Ohio town. "Zombie" raccoons, that is. Youngstown residents are speaking out about them after police received more than a dozen calls in the past few weeks regarding their strange behavior. One resident tells WKBN he was outside with his dogs last...

Donors Come to Rescue After Crazy Raccoon Attack

Infant Journi Black needed surgery after being bitten inside her family's Philly appartment

(Newser) - Awful story, happy ending: An infant attacked by a raccoon in her family's Philadelphia apartment won't have to sleep there ever again. A GoFundMe page set up on behalf of 4-month-old Journi Black has raised more than $15,000 in two days, more than enough for the family...

'What Was He Going to Do? Eat Her? Kill Her?'

Family says raccoon attacked 4-month-old baby in their home

(Newser) - Samuel Black tells WTXF he "thought it was a nightmare" when he heard what happened to his 4-month-old daughter earlier this week in Philadelphia. Family says little Journi was in bed at their first-floor apartment Wednesday night when she was attacked by a raccoon, leaving her hospitalized and facing...

Man Dragging Roadkill Shot by Dog-Lover: Sheriff

Victim was planning to use dead raccoon for crab bait

(Newser) - Authorities say an altercation over a dead raccoon led to a shooting in rural Washington state, the AP reports. Mason County Sheriff's Lt. Travis Adams tells KOMO a man was walking along a highway Sunday dragging the roadkill behind him with a rope. The animal had been hit by...

Maine Woman Drowns Rabid Raccoon With Bare Hands
Maine Woman Drowns Rabid
Raccoon With Bare Hands 

Maine Woman Drowns Rabid Raccoon With Bare Hands

'Imagine the Tasmanian devil,' says Rachel Borch

(Newser) - Rachel Borch was out for a jog in the woods near her home in Hope, Maine, when a "ferocious-looking" attacker with beady eyes and tiny teeth made a beeline for her, reports the Camden Herald . Borch, 21, knew immediately that something was wrong with the raccoon that was charging...

Zoo Sues, Says Racy Ad Traumatized Its Raccoon

Lawsuit complains of 'erotica' over topless model

(Newser) - A Moscow zoo is suing an advertising company for misuse of one of its animals. The bizarre claim? That the company used a raccoon from the zoo in an "erotic" ad and traumatized it. Officials at the Animals Aren't Toys zoo say Tomas the raccoon returned from the...

75-Year-Old Attacked by Rabid Raccoon Strangles It

Cas Overton knew she couldn't get away from it

(Newser) - In 2012, a troop of Boy Scouts stoned a rabid beaver to death. Those upstate New York boys have nothing on Cas Overton, who strangled an attacking raccoon to death with her bare hands on Saturday afternoon. It's worth noting the Henrico County, Va., woman is 75 years old,...

Guy Torqued Over Seized Raccoon Runs for Tenn. Gov

Mike Brown furious over government's refusal to return Rebekah

(Newser) - Mike "Coonrippy" Brown's gubernatorial candidacy is pretty much a one-platform affair: "It's all about the raccoon," he tells the Tennessean . In July, Tennessee officials seized Brown's pet raccoon, Rebekah; he says he was targeted following a viral video featuring him and another raccoon. He...

Wild Raccoons Invade School, Pee on Student

Florida middle school becoming an infested, urine-dripping mess: parents

(Newser) - Are raccoons the new bullies? In one Florida middle school, yes. CBS12 reports on an infestation so bad that parents started calling the station for help, telling it that the wild creatures had been in residence for weeks, and that the school hadn't sent home warnings. Even worse: One...

Raccoon Disease Blinds NY Teen

Health officials issue alert over raccoon ringworm

(Newser) - New York playgrounds are on alert as two reported cases of a rare, fatal disease spread by raccoons has blinded a Brooklyn teen in one eye and left an infant with brain damage, reports the New York Daily News. Raccoon ringworm is a disease contracted through the animal's feces that...

Raccoon as Main Course: Serves 4 for $12

(Newser) - A sign of the times, maybe, in struggling Detroit: Charlie LeDuff checks in with a 69-year-old retiree who supplements his income by hunting raccoons and selling the carcasses for $12—a typical raccoon serves four—and the pelts for $10. “Coon or rabbit,” Glemie Dean Beasley, a native...

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