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Suit: Oil Giant Owes $900M to Enslaved People's Heirs

Financier Kneeland Youngblood sues ConocoPhillips amid Texas land dispute

(Newser) - Kneeland Youngblood, co-founder of private-equity firm Pharos Capital Group, acknowledges a victory in his $900 million lawsuit against one of America's largest oil companies wouldn't change his life. But "for many of my relatives it could be transformative," the Dallas-based investor fighting for recognition of his...

Recently Discovered Whale Poses Threat to Oil Drilling

Endangered Rice's whale is at the heart of Gulf of Mexico dispute

(Newser) - A newly discovered (and uniquely American) whale may disrupt the business of oil drilling off the Gulf of Mexico. But despite the critically endangered status of the "Rice's whale," Big Oil is fighting to keep its lease active in those lucrative waters, the Washington Post reports. Rice'...

Biden Yanks Alaska Oil Leases
Biden Yanks Alaska Oil Leases

Biden Yanks Alaska Oil Leases

'We have a responsibility,' president says of Interior Dept. move in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

(Newser) - As then-President Trump's days in the White House came to a close, an Alaskan state development agency was granted a slew of oil and gas leases that ended decades of a drilling moratorium in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This week, President Biden's Department of the Interior nixed...

Ecuadorians on Oil Drilling Near Uncontacted Tribes: Nope

As presidential election heads to a runoff

(Newser) - In a historic decision, Ecuadorians voted on Sunday against the oil drilling of a protected area in the Amazon that's home to two uncontacted tribes and serves as a biodiversity hotspot. With over 90% of the ballots counted by early Monday, around six in 10 Ecuadorians rejected the oil...

Greenpeace Stages Sit-In on Rishi Sunak's Roof

Activists against oil drilling draped UK PM's country home in Richmond in black fabric

(Newser) - Greenpeace demonstrators draped the country estate of British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak in black fabric Thursday to protest his plan to expand oil and gas drilling in the North Sea. Video posted by the group showed a crew dressed in bright red jumpsuits, helmets, and safety harnesses carrying ladders and...

It's a Momentous Day for the Arctic
It's a Momentous
Day for the Arctic

It's a Momentous Day for the Arctic

US allows massive Willow drilling project even as it unveils separate protections

(Newser) - The Biden administration did indeed approve the Willow oil-drilling project in the Arctic on Monday, reports the Hill . The decision in favor of ConocoPhillips is not sitting well with environmentalists.

Judge Hands Green Advocates Big Win on Offshore Drilling

Scraps White House plan to sell oil and gas leases in Gulf of Mexico

(Newser) - A federal court has rejected a plan to lease millions of acres in the Gulf of Mexico for offshore oil drilling, saying the Biden administration did not adequately take into account the lease sale's effect on planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions, per the AP . The decision Thursday by US District...

Biden Suspends Another Big Trump Program

Suspends oil, gas leases in the Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

(Newser) - The Biden administration on Tuesday suspended oil and gas leases in Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, reversing a drilling program approved by the Trump administration and reviving a political fight over a remote region that is home to polar bears and other wildlife—and a rich reserve of oil....

Trump Announces U-Turn on New Offshore Drilling

'Trump is the great environmentalist,' he says

(Newser) - President Trump expanded a ban on new offshore drilling Tuesday, an election-year reversal likely to appeal to voters in Florida and other coastal states. Two years ago, Trump took steps to vastly expand offshore drilling from coast to coast. "This protects your beautiful gulf and your beautiful ocean, and...

Coming Soon to Sprawling Alaska Refuge: Oil Drills

Interior secretary makes controversial move on Arctic territory

(Newser) - A giant wildlife refuge in Alaska home to caribou and polar bears will soon have something new on the landscape: oil and gas drills. The Department of the Interior on Monday approved a program to dole out drilling leases for a 1.6-million-acre coastal plain in the Arctic National Wildlife...

BP Abandoning Alaska After 6 Decades

Company plans to sell assets to Texas firm

(Newser) - BP plans to sell its interests in Alaska's once prodigious North Slope to a company seen as having a reputation of giving new life to aging fields. The sale to Hilcorp Alaska, an affiliate of Texas-based Hilcorp Energy Co., would be worth $5.6 billion, and include interests in...

Judge: 'Trump Exceeded His Authority' on Oil Drilling

But the American Petroleum Institute disagrees

(Newser) - President Donald Trump exceeded his authority when he reversed bans on offshore drilling in vast parts of the Arctic Ocean and dozens of canyons in the Atlantic Ocean, a US judge said in a ruling that restored the Obama-era restrictions, the AP reports. Judge Sharon Gleason in a decision late...

Judge Blocks Wyoming Drilling, Cites Climate Change

Governor criticizes, but environmental advocates sees decision as 'Holy Grail'

(Newser) - A judge blocked oil and gas drilling across almost 500 square miles in Wyoming and said the US government must consider climate change more broadly as it leases public land for energy exploration. The order marks the latest in a string of court rulings over the past decade that have...

BP: An Oil Spill Would 'Boost' Local Economies

But Australia's regulators weren't convinced

(Newser) - Two years ago, BP applied to drill for oil off the Australian coast. Now government letters show that BP praised the "welcome boost" local economies could receive doing cleanup in an oil spill, the Sidney Morning Herald reports. Australia's National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority—or...

Zinke Abruptly Changes Course on Florida Offshore Drilling

He now says it's 'off the table'

(Newser) - The Trump administration said Tuesday it wouldn't allow oil drilling off the coast of Florida, abruptly reversing course under pressure from Republican Gov. Rick Scott. Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said after a brief meeting with Scott in Tallahassee that drilling will be "off the table" when it comes...

Trump Plans to Open 90% of Offshore Land to Drilling

'Beyond reckless,' says one environmentalist

(Newser) - In a move environmental groups are calling "absolutely radical" and "beyond reckless," the Trump administration is planning the largest sale on leases for offshore drilling in US history. CNBC reports the proposal, announced Thursday by Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, would open 90% of the US'...

Trump Administration Takes Step to Reopen Arctic to Drilling

Interior Dept. wants to allow seismic studies in ANWR

(Newser) - The 19.6 million-acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska is an important, well, refuge for young caribou and migrating birds. And—citing an Aug. 11 memo from the Interior Department—the Washington Post reports the Trump administration is taking steps to open it to drilling for the first time...

GOP Control Brings the Return of 'Drill, Baby, Drill'

Lawmakers renew push for oil drilling in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

(Newser) - Following in her father's footsteps, US Sen. Lisa Murkowski is sponsoring legislation to open Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling, the AP reports. With a Republican Congress and president, she's hopeful that the timing is right. The coastal plain is a nursery for polar bears,...

First Photos of Reef at Amazon's Mouth Stun

But environmentalists worry oil drilling could soon put 600-mile-long reef at risk

(Newser) - Last year, scientists made an amazing discovery under the mud and muck at the mouth of the Amazon River: a long-rumored 600-mile-long coral reef. Now the first images of the natural phenomenon are emerging, captured from a sub sent 720 feet down into the murky waters off a Greenpeace boat,...

Old California Earthquakes May Have Been Man-Made
Old California Earthquakes
May Have Been Man-Made
new study

Old California Earthquakes May Have Been Man-Made

Scientists see link to oil drilling in early 1900s

(Newser) - The Los Angeles Basin has the reputation of being a dangerous place when it comes to earthquakes, but a new study suggests that reputation might be overstated. Two scientists with the US Geological Survey looked at the region's biggest quakes between 1900 and 1935 and found that we humans...

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