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FBI Searches Farms for 'Gambino Graveyard'

Investigators return to sites searched after November arrests

(Newser) - Investigators from the FBI, the NYPD, and New York state police have returned to farms in New York state in what is believed to be a search for victims of the Gambino crime family. NBC New York reports that the sites were first searched for a suspected "Gambino graveyard"...

Charges: Gambino Members Ran Violent Takeover Scheme

Defendants plead not guilty in attempt to control two industries

(Newser) - Federal prosecutors said Wednesday that 10 associates and soldiers of the Gambino crime family have been arrested and charged with operating a violent conspiracy in an attempt to gain control of two New York industries. The scheme involved carting and demolition businesses, the New York Times reports. "For years,...

Mob Boss Murder: 'A Couple of Guys Got to Get Killed Now'

Police say Frank Cali may have been lured into stepping outside his home by fender bender

(Newser) - A minor car accident in Staten Island may have been a planned precursor to a major mob murder. That's what police are now saying about the Wednesday night shooting death of Francesco "Frank" Cali , reputed head of the Gambino crime family, outside of his home. NYPD Chief of...

Head of Gambino Crime Family Gunned Down in Front of Home

Frank Cali was first mob boss to be killed since Paul Castellano in 1985

(Newser) - Less than a week after the head of the Colombo crime family died , the Gambino crime family has lost its own reputed boss. The demise Wednesday night of Francesco "Frank" Cali, however, was much more violent and untimely than the passing of Carmine "The Snake" Persico, who died...

John Gotti Jr. Stabbed, but His Story Questioned

He says he was trying to stop fight, police aren't so sure: source

(Newser) - The former boss of the Gambino crime family was stabbed Sunday night, but he claims he was doing something heroic, not criminal, at the time. Law enforcement sources tell the New York Daily News that John Gotti Jr. says he was trying to break up a fight in the parking...

Gambino Family Picks New Godfather
Gambino Family Picks
New Godfather

Gambino Family Picks New Godfather

DNA Info: 'Franky Boy' Cali is taking over as crime boss

(Newser) - When news breaks that "Franky Boy" is taking over from "Greaseball," it can only mean one thing—the Gambino crime family is getting a new godfather. DNA Info reports that 48-year-old Francesco "Franky Boy" Cali will replace 76-year-old Domenico "Greaseball" Cefalu as boss of the...

Mob Families Called Summit —Over Medical Bills

They debated who would cover stabbing victim's costs

(Newser) - Not even mobsters can avoid haggling over medical bills. In digging through the papers related to this week's massive mafia bust , the New York Post finds this gem: A low-ranking member of the Gambinos committed a breach of mob ethics by stabbing a rival in the Colombos without clearing it...

More Than 120 Arrested in Biggest NY Mob Bust Ever

FBI takes in members of Colombo, Gambino, 5 other families

(Newser) - It's not a good day to be a mobster: The FBI has arrested nearly 130 in what it's calling the biggest mob bust in New York history. The raids, which began yesterday and continued into the early morning, reeled in "basically the whole administration of the Colombo family,"...

12 Mobsters Busted in Gambino Raid
12 Mobsters Busted in Gambino Raid

12 Mobsters Busted in Gambino Raid

Selling teen sex a 'new low' for crime family: fed

(Newser) - New York City's Gambino crime family reached a "new low" with the trafficking of a minor to have sex with high-stakes poker players, a US attorney said yesterday as he announced charges against 14 alleged mobsters. Twelve of them are already in custody. Other charges include loansharking, drug trafficking,...

'Teflon Gotti Jr.' Dodges 5th Trial

Feds drop racketeering case against Don Gotti's spawn

(Newser) - Federal prosecutors have given up on trying to make racketeering charges stick against John Gotti Jr. Gotti—chip off the old block and son of the late "Teflon Don" John Gotti Sr.—was tried four times on murder and racketeering charges, and all of them ended in hung...

Gotti Dodges Conviction for 4th Time

Mob racketeering charges don't stick to Teflon Don's son

(Newser) - Mob son John "Junior" Gotti has evaded conviction again, walking free yesterday after his fourth racketeering trial in five years ended in a fourth hung jury. Charges against Gotti, the son of the notorious Gambino crime family boss, included murder, kidnapping, robbery, extortion and drug dealing. "Why me?...

Mob 'Acid' Hitman Gets Life Behind Bars

(Newser) - A mob hitman who used acid to melt his victims' bodies has been sentenced to life, reports the New York Daily News. Charles Carneglia smirked in a Brooklyn courtroom as he listened to statements from his four victims' relatives, including one who called him an "animal" with a "...

Police-Officer Hit Men for Mob Heading for Jail

Judge reinstates convictions for pair who assisted in 8 murders

(Newser) - A pair of retired New York City detectives who led double lives as mob hit men, helping commit at least 8 murders, had their convictions for racketeering conspiracy reinstated by a federal appeals court yesterday. A judge had initially reversed the convictions, despite "overwhelming evidence" of "the most...

PI: Mob Took Down Spitzer
 PI: Mob Took Down Spitzer

PI: Mob Took Down Spitzer

a PI suspects sex scandal was Gambino paypack

(Newser) - A new epilogue to the best-selling book King of the Club suggests that Eliot Spitzer’s political and personal downfall was payback by the mafia, the New York Post reports. "I think it's the Gambinos," a private eye tells CNBC's Charles Gasparino in his book’s paperback edition....

Spitzer: Hooked on Covert Ops
 Spitzer: Hooked on Covert Ops 

Spitzer: Hooked on Covert Ops

Ex-gov spent career trying to ditch silver spoon image

(Newser) - Eliot Spitzer didn't patronize a pricey call girl ring just for the sex, Chris Smith writes in a  provocative New York post-mortem. What really attracted him was the covert op. The silver-spoon-fed Ivy Leaguer was always rebelling against being squeaky clean; as a young prosecutor, he got "hooked on...

Sicilian Mafia Rebuilding US Family Ties

NY mob busts expose stronger links between Italians and Yanks

(Newser) - The Sicilian Mafia is sending people to the US to revitalize old family ties with its American cousins that faded in the '80s, according to a new report by the Italian government. The FBI nabbed more than 80 New York mobsters in a recent swoop code-named "Old Bridge,"...

Huge Mob Bust Bags Dozens in NY, Sicily

Entire Gambino family leadership among more than 60 indicted

(Newser) - Authorities in New York and Sicily unleashed a massive mob takedown today, indicting more than 60 suspects, including the entire Gambino family leadership, the New York Times reports; 52 have already been arrested, including underboss Domenico Cefalu and consigliere Joseph Corozzo. “I can't think of a larger single-day roundup,...

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