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Paris Wipes Streets of Rented e-Scooters

City is first European capital to ban divisive 'free-floating' vehicles

(Newser) - Five years after they were introduced, to the delight of some residents and the annoyance of others, the last of 15,000 rental e-scooters have been cleared from the streets of Paris. The city has become the first European capital to ban the rental scooters, though Parisians will still be...

Paris Says a Big 'Non' to Rental E-Scooters

In referendum, almost 90% voted to banish them

(Newser) - Parisians have overwhelmingly voted to banish the French capital's ubiquitous for-hire e-scooters from their streets, in a mini-referendum the mayor said sent a “very clear message." The 15,000 opinion-dividing mini-machines could now vanish from central Paris at the end of August when the city's contracts...

Residents Want Crackdown After 91-Year Old's Scooter Death

LA driver charged with DUI

(Newser) - A 91-year-old man in Los Angeles' Venice neighborhood died after he was hit by one of the area's ubiquitous electric scooters, police say. The man, identified by the coroner's office Tuesday as Yin Wu, hit his head on the pavement and was pronounced dead at the scene. The...

Company Lays Off 406 People in 'Chilling' Fashion

One Bird employee says 'it felt like a Black Mirror episode'

(Newser) - There are many ways to lay people off—and then there's Bird's way. "It should go down as a poster child of how not to lay people off, especially at a time like this," says one employee. Similar quotes are rippling through a dot.LA article...

E-Scooters Are Everywhere. With That, a Disturbing Trend

Number of injury cases has tripled over 5-year period

(Newser) - An "explosion" of electric scooter riders has led to a more disturbing (but maybe not surprising) spike. The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the number of injuries caused by the two- or three-wheeled vehicles tripled in five years' time, per a study published in the JAMA Surgery journal. Researchers...

Cop Charged After 2nd Shooting With Similar Details

Sheriff's deputy Lauren Michael charged with assault after scooter incident in Kansas City

(Newser) - A 29-year-old sheriff's deputy in Jackson County, Mo., has been charged with felony assault and criminal action, and an investigation has been launched regarding a 2017 incident for which she'd received a medal of valor. "Laws that protect law enforcement's actions are a high hurdle for...

Video Shows Man Allegedly Cutting E-Scooter Brakes

Fort Lauderdale police arrest Randall Williams, 59

(Newser) - A 59-year-old Florida man is apparently not a fan of electronic scooters—or the people who ride them. Police in Fort Lauderdale released a video they say shows Randall Williams cutting the brake line of a Lime public scooter, reports Gizmodo . Police are investigating whether Williams is the same person...

Deaths Prompt Atlanta to Order Scooters Off Streets at Night

Other cities are considering regulations

(Newser) - Atlanta is banning electric scooters in the nighttime hours during what's been a deadly summer for riders. Cities across the nation are struggling to regulate the companies renting the devices and keep riders safe, the AP reports. In Atlanta, three riders have died since May in crashes that involved...

Where Are Portland's Scooters? Check the River

Police pull nearly 60 from Willamette River

(Newser) - For anyone in Portland struggling to find an e-scooter to ride, the police have an explanation: Someone is dumping them in the Willamette River. The Multnomah County Sheriff's Office pulled 57 from the water, apparently tossed there from a downtown sea wall, reports the Oregonian . The dumper is spreading...

Someone Hacked These Scooters. Now They're Offending People

At least 8 Lime scooters in Brisbane, Australia, have been yanked for making sexual comments

(Newser) - Not your everyday electric scooter feature: a built-in voice-over that blurts out sexually charged and otherwise objectionable remarks. Gizmodo reports that's what some riders apparently got in Brisbane, Australia, where at least eight scooters from the transportation rental company Lime have already been yanked from circulation after someone hacked...

Family to Sue After E-Scooter Accident Leaves Woman in Coma

Lawyer says Fort Lauderdale woman was misled by rental company's advice

(Newser) - The family of a Fort Lauderdale woman who has been in a coma since a Dec. 28 electric scooter crash says the accident happened because she was misled by the rental company and they plan to sue. Ashanti Jordan, a 27-year-old security guard at Broward Health Medical Center, suffered a...

Attorney: 'Blood on the Hands' of Cities That Allow E-Scooters

Injuries from the motorized devices now a daily problem in ERs

(Newser) - It felt like grains of salt floating around Earl Wilkinson's mouth. "In fact, they were teeth remnants"—the result of the 52-year-old's face-plant during an electric scooter crash. Wilkinson ended up in the emergency room with a broken arm in what BuzzFeed describes as a fairly...

Electric Scooter-Sharing: Users Love It, Officials Not So Much

Scooter-sharing companies are the new big thing

(Newser) - Ride-sharing, bike-sharing, and now scooter-sharing: Rentable electric scooters are popping up all over the place, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and at least 20 other cities across the US. Millions of dollars in funding have been poured in to a number of scooter startups including Bird, Lime, and Spin, and...

Man Made Up Like Evil Clown Accused in Fatal Stabbing

Fatal attack happened outside a Torchy's Tacos in Denver

(Newser) - An altercation outside a Denver taco eatery ended in death, between a man CBS Denver describes as a "well-known transient" and a suspect who was allegedly made up like a clown and tried to flee on a scooter. KUSA reports that police found an unresponsive Brian Lucero, one stab...

Guy Fleeing Cops on Scooter Does Not Get Away

Because they're not very fast, you see

(Newser) - A suspected drug dealer tried to evade authorities in Nevada while riding a scooter. The Nevada Appeal reports that Joseph Scurti is facing charges including suspicion of a parole and probation warrant and probation violation. Obstruction charges are pending. The slow-speed pursuit began Friday when Carson City deputies tried to...

Toys Send Kids to ER Every 3 Minutes

Scooters top toy-related injuries, which have jumped 40% over 20 years

(Newser) - A study that shows toy-related injuries have jumped 40% over the past two decades might have parents reconsidering their kids' holiday wish lists. The report, published in Clinical Pediatrics today, shows that the injury rate for toy-related accidents, which affects boys and younger children the most, increased from 18.9...

How Not to Get to a Meeting With Your Probation Officer

New Mexico man admits stealing scooter from Walmart

(Newser) - On the bright side, 18-year-old Michael Johnson of Albuquerque made it to a meeting with his probation officer on time. Unfortunately, as KOAT-TV reports, he did so by zipping over in a stolen electric shopping cart. When Johnson's probation officer asked about the unusual ride, the teen admitted taking...

Honda Unveils Segway Competitor: the Uni-Cub
 Honda Unveils 
 the Uni-Cub 
in case you missed it

Honda Unveils Segway Competitor: the Uni-Cub

It's designed to ride indoors

(Newser) - Watch out, Segway, there's a new player in the high-end scooter game. Honda has revealed the Uni-Cub, a personal mobility device that, like the Segway, is driven by shifting one's weight. It "looks like a trash compactor on wheels," reports the Los Angeles Times . (The Wall ...

Angry Man Smashes Into Elevator, Plunges Down Shaft

Motorized scooter busts through panels to darkness

(Newser) - Take a breath. Don't mess with slow elevators. A Korean man in a motorized scooter became enraged when he just missed an elevator. He then angrily smashed into the closed doors—twice—before plunging through the panels, and down the shaft to his death . The horrifying scene was captured on...

Electric Motorcycles Closing Gap on Speed

Brit creates all-battery bike for the racetrack

(Newser) - An English entrepreneur is developing an all-electric motorcycle he says can compete on the racetrack, Wired reports. Well, in the near future. His prototype—the bike is expected to be for sale next year and will be legal for street use—can go from 0 to 60 in 3.8...

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