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Son of Buc-ee's Co-Founder Allegedly Peeped on a Dozen

Mitchell Wasek allegedly used spy cameras to record guests showering, having sex

(Newser) - Mitchell Wasek, son of a co-owner of the Buc-ee's convenience store chain, has been indicted by a grand jury on 21 felony counts related to his alleged recording of people without their knowledge. A grand jury in Travis County, Texas, "decided that Mr. Wasek's conduct was unlawful,...

Spied-Upon Woman Fighting to Hold Amazon Accountable

Judge allows lawsuit proceed, scoffs at company's 'shock' over illicit use

(Newser) - Spy cams that boast about how easily they can peep in on someone's private moments are easy to find on Amazon, reports the BBC , and a young woman who says she was victimized is now fighting to hold the company accountable. The woman is a Brazilian foreign exchange student...

Guy Accused of Filming 150 People in Cruise Ship Bathroom

Including at least 40 minors, officials say

(Newser) - Disturbing allegations from a Royal Caribbean cruise ship, where a man is accused of hiding a camera in a public bathroom and filming more than 150 people who used it. That number includes dozens of children who traveled aboard the Harmony of the Seas, one of the biggest cruise ships...

Nanny Alleges Music-Label CEO, Wife Set Up Secret Cameras

Suit against Schubas owner Michael Johnston names his wife, too

(Newser) - An unexpected shakeup in the Chicago music scene: Michael Johnston, owner of Lincoln Hall and Schubas, has been relieved of his role as president and CEO of the Audiotree record label he co-founded and his job handling the well-known music venues following accusations that he and his wife set up...

Students on School Trip Find Hidden Cameras

A staff member is on leave as 'a precautionary measure'

(Newser) - School trips can be a great experience for students—but not when they find cameras hidden in their hotel room. That's what Wisconsin high school students reported during their recent stay at at the Minneapolis Hyatt Regency for a school-sponsored conference, NBC News reports. Details are scant, but a...

He Tried to Open Door. Then, a White Flash and Screaming

The snake didn't like visitors, apparently

(Newser) - Footage from a doorbell camera on a porch in Lawton, Okla., is circulating, and USA Today reports that Jerel Heywood is the unfortunate star. CNN reports Heywood went to visit his friend Rodney Copeland on Sunday, and the video shows what happened as he tried to enter Copeland's...

Female Marine Uses the Bathroom. And There It Is

The US Navy is investigating a reported hidden camera

(Newser) - The US Navy is probing the case of an apparent camera hidden in the woman's bathroom on the USS Arlington, NBC News reports. A female Marine found it "in a head" on the amphibious warfare ship and turned it over in March, officials say, but little else is...

Family's Airbnb Stay Turns Sour After Connecting to WiFi
Family's Airbnb Stay Turns 
Sour After Connecting to WiFi
in case you missed it

Family's Airbnb Stay Turns Sour After Connecting to WiFi

Nealie Barker and husband discover hidden camera livestreaming them, kids at Ireland property

(Newser) - It was not an April Fools' joke Nealie Barker posted on Facebook April 1. "PLEASE SHARE WIDELY," the New Zealand mom wrote about a recent experience she and her family had while on vacation in Ireland. Sky News and the New Zealand Herald report that Barker and her...

Couple 'Flabbergasted' by What They Found in Room During Cruise
Couple 'Flabbergasted'
by What They Found
in Room During Cruise
in case you missed it

Couple 'Flabbergasted' by What They Found in Room During Cruise

Chris and Dana White say they discovered hidden camera on Carnival's Fantasy

(Newser) - They set sail aboard the Carnival Fantasy, but a Florida couple's experience aboard the cruise ship was less fantasy, more creepy nightmare. While some couples find towels adorably folded into the shapes of animals in their cabins, Chris and Dana White say they instead stumbled upon a hidden camera...

Law & Order Spurs Girl to Report Abuse; Man Arrested

12-year-old told her mom she'd been touched inappropriately

(Newser) - The case is a little murky, but a prominent Maryland businessman is under arrest almost a year after he emailed his nanny/housekeeper a photo of her 11-year-old daughter in underwear changing into a shirt. The mom reported the photo to Robert Shapiro's wife, reports WJLA , and the couple began...

Wife Sues Husband Over Hidden Camera Snooping

Court battle raises privacy questions

(Newser) - How well do you really know your spouse? Are you completely sure he or she hasn't been recording your every move with a hidden camera for months? Because that's what Joseph Zang did to his wife, Catherine, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports. Catherine found out about the recordings during...

Meet Lila Rose, Behind Planned Parenthood Sting

Founder of Live Action is an anti-abortion activist on a mission

(Newser) - The woman behind the Planned Parenthood sting that resulted in an employee getting fired is a 22-year-old anti-abortion activist named Lila Rose. She's made headlines before , but nothing to this extent, and it's a safe bet we'll be hearing more from the founder of the group Live Action, writes Libby...

Erin Andrews' Peeping Tom to Plead Guilty

Michael Barrett faces 5 years in prison, $250K fine

(Newser) - The man charged with snooping on ESPN's Erin Andrews and trying to sell the nude footage has agreed to plead guilty. Michael Barrett, 48, faces five years in prison and a $250,000 fine for interstate stalking, reports the Chicago Tribune . "He does accept full responsibility for his conduct,...

Stingers Release Philly ACORN Video

Says it proves ACORN lied about incident

(Newser) - The ACORN stingers have released another video, this time of their visit to the Philadelphia location—where, ACORN has until now insisted, they were kicked out. In the new, edited video, James O’Keefe says they weren’t kicked out, but instead sat for more than half an hour with...

ACORN Chief Blames Everyone But ACORN

Bertha Lewis not contrite enough for Dana Milbank

(Newser) - ACORN chief Bertha Lewis wasn’t in the mood to apologize at the National Press Club yesterday. For anything. Not for the internal ACORN review showing that $5 million had been embezzled from the group, rather than the previously alleged $1 million (“This is speculation, completely false”), not...

FBI Arrests Erin Andrews' Alleged Peeping Tom

(Newser) - It looks like Erin Andrews' peeping tom has been caught. FBI agents arrested a Chicago man at O'Hare airport last night and accused him of making nude videos of the ESPN reporter after altering peepholes in two hotel rooms. He tried to sell them to TMZ, then posted clips online,...

ACORN Video Sting a Lesson in New Journalism
ACORN Video Sting a Lesson in New Journalism

ACORN Video Sting a Lesson in New Journalism

(Newser) - Andrew Breitbart may have an ideological ax to grind, but so what? The undercover ACORN videos he's posted illustrate a significant strength of 21st-century American journalism, writes Jack Shafer: "It will accept contributions from everybody from amateurs to entertainers (I'm looking at you, Jon Stewart) to gadflies to billionaires...

ACORN Sues Creators of Sting Video
ACORN Sues Creators of
Sting Video

ACORN Sues Creators of Sting Video

Recordings made without two-party consent, group says

(Newser) - ACORN is suing the makers of a hidden-camera video that showed employees of its Baltimore office giving tax advice to a man and woman posing as a pimp and prostitute. The liberal group contends that the audio portion of the video was obtained illegally because Maryland requires two-party consent to...

ACORN Sting Raises Media Ethics Questions

Hidden video subterfuge made news, but where was the reality check?

(Newser) - “You've got to give James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles credit for abundant chutzpah and guile,” writes James Rainey in the Los Angeles Times. The pair’s hidden camera ACORN takedown “likely will do for guerrilla video what Ashton Kutcher did for Twitter—popularize and expand the form....

ACORN Takedown Campaign Overblown, Misguided
ACORN Takedown Campaign Overblown, Misguided

ACORN Takedown Campaign Overblown, Misguided

The actions of a half-dozen employees doesn't represent the huge organization

(Newser) - The conservative campaign against ACORN—which has now, thanks to a few video “sting” operations, lost its federal funding—is built on an outrageous set of exaggerations and falsehoods, writes Joe Conason for Salon. “No doubt it was fun to dupe a few morons into providing tax advice...

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