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Lab is Feeding Fungicides to Beagles, Humane Society Says

Petition calls for dogs' release from experiments

(Newser) - Beagles are allegedly being force-fed fungicides in experiments at a Michigan laboratory with ties to Dow Chemical, and the Humane Society wants it to stop. An undercover investigation last year found that nearly two dozen experiments involved testing on dogs, and that some suffered for months before being killed when... More »

Noise Complaint Leads to 71 Beagles in 'Deplorable Conditions'

Dogs found in Pa. home are now with humane society; adoption info is forthcoming

(Newser) - Animal welfare workers say 71 beagles have been removed from "deplorable conditions" in a Pennsylvania home. Barbara Morgan, an officer with the Lehigh County Humane Society, says she expects to file charges against the owner of the home near Allentown where the dogs were discovered, the AP reports. Many... More »

Researchers Under Fire for Study That Left 6 Beagles Dead

Beagle Freedom Project says study was pointless by its very design

(Newser) - The study was published online in April, but the fallout is hitting now: University of Missouri-Columbia researchers are trying to identify "painless or non-invasive treatments for corneal injuries," and devised a pilot study using six beagles to that end. The researchers wanted to study the effects of topical... More »

Beagle Is Surprise Westminster Winner

Miss P is grandniece of first beagle winner

(Newser) - A soft-spoken beagle really raised a ruckus. Wagging her tail a mile a minute, Miss P became America's top dog last night by winning best in show in a big surprise at the Westminster Kennel Club. The 4-year-old Miss P is a grandniece of Uno—in 2008, the immensely... More »

Owners of Dead Beagle Fight Suit Against Them

Emerald White agrees to drop her $1M suit

(Newser) - In late October, Emerald White's four pit bulls got into a neighbor's yard and killed the Baker family's 10-year-old beagle . And then White sued the Texas family. Court documents released yesterday paint a fuller picture, the Houston Chronicle reports: White alleged she was trying to collect her... More »

Mutt Goes From Gas Chamber to Rose Parade

He's 'spokesdog' for drive to end inhumane treatment

(Newser) - Two years after he was put in a steel box and gassed with carbon monoxide, a beagle mix with a knack for survival will be proudly riding a float in Pasadena's Rose Parade. Daniel was six months old when he was placed with 17 other dogs in a gas... More »

Calif. Dog Fetches ... Human Foot

Beagle presents owner with body part found in desert

(Newser) - Lucky the beagle brought home something that horrified his owner but may be a lucky break for homicide detectives. The pooch brought a human foot and attached leg bone back to his mistress in southern California's Newberry Springs. She called police, who found more body parts along a stretch... More »

Feral Beagles Loose on Long Island

Abandoned dogs hunt in packs, frightening people and pets

(Newser) - Residents of eastern Long Island must be asking what they could have done to deserve a plague of rogue Snoopys. Feral beagles, abandoned for poor performance by hunters who used them to seek rabbits, have become a serious problem this winter. The animals have grouped into packs to seek food... More »

South Koreans Clone Beagles—and They Glow

(Newser) - South Korean scientists have cloned a group of four female beagles that glow red under ultraviolet light, the AP reports. The researchers inserted fluorescent genes during the cloning process, an achievement that could lead to advances in human medicine and science. “What’s significant in this work is not... More »

My Beagle Ate My Paycheck

Dog ownership turned out a lot pricier than writer bargained for

(Newser) - At first, $150 for a beagle puppy and $20 a week for food sounded like a good deal, but it didn't take long to realize dogs are "deceptively expensive," Neal Templin writes in the Wall Street Journal. Vet bills soon added up to thousands after a mystery illness... More »

Dog Show a Snap for Beagle

Uno does Snoopy proud with Best in Show at Westminster

(Newser) - As he is wont to do, Uno celebrated his historic Best in Show victory by baying, reports the New York Times. The first beagle to take the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show's top prize, Uno joyfully expressed himself throughout most of last night's final round. "What a personality,"... More »

Poodle Has Poofiest Odds at Westminster

Vegas sets lines for fun, but insiders say it may be beagle's year

(Newser) - Remy, the winner of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show's nonsporting group, may have tonight's Best in Show honors within reach of her poofy poodle paws. Vegas oddsmakers think so, anyway: One puts the odds of a standard poodle victory at 25-1, reports the New York Times. But Remy's handler... More »

Bulldogs Back in AKC's Top 10

Beefy canine was last on list in 1935; lab is tops for 17th consecutive year

(Newser) - The bulldog has returned to the American Kennel Club's list of top 10 most popular American dog breeds for the first time since 1935, the AP reports. The Labrador retriever held on to #1—it’s been top dog for the past 17 years. Check out the other popular pooches:... More »

Not Such a Ruff Life: 3 Dogs Cash in on $800K Will

They're rolling in dough in their own home

(Newser) - You dogs, you. Three happy Maryland pooches have a new leash on life now that their owner has died and left them assets worth $800,000. Buckshot, Katie, and Obu-Jet—a beagle and two Labrador mixes—were strays when their well-heeled owner adopted them in 2002. They currently spend their... More »

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