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On Final Day at British Open, Tiger Is on the Prowl

For brief moment Saturday, Woods sat atop the leaderboard

(Newser) - For 20 minutes on a Saturday afternoon at the British Open, Tiger Woods' name was back atop a leaderboard at a major and Scotland was buzzing. Not much in golf compares with Woods on a charge. So when he rolled in a 40-foot birdie putt on No. 9, stiffed an... More »

Eliot Spitzer Is No Anthony Weiner

Spitzer has a tougher road ahead: Alex Pareene

(Newser) - When you heard Eliot Spitzer is launching a comeback attempt , you may have been tempted to compare it to Anthony Weiner's similar attempt to get back into politics. But while Spitzer and Weiner are both "extremely outspoken Jewish New Yorkers whose sexual proclivities are far too well-known,"... More »

David Lee Roth: From Rocker to EMT ... and Back

Van Halen's frontman grapples with the new zeitgeist

(Newser) - Remember David Lee Roth? The wild Van Halen lead singer had quite a bumpy ride once the band broke up and his solo career ran its course in the 1980s, writes Steve Kandell in BuzzFeed . Starting over, Roth worked as an EMT on ambulance calls in New York City. "... More »

Bowie's Comeback an 'Absolute Wonder'

'The Next Day' earns widespread praise

(Newser) - David Bowie's latest album—marking his return after a decade—seems to be living up to the anticipation. Sure, it's not 1970s Bowie, but critics are loving the 66-year-old's The Next Day:
  • It "may be the greatest comeback album ever," writes Andy Gill in a
... More »

10 Stars Who Went From Mess to Success

Maybe there is hope for Amanda Bynes...

(Newser) - You may be worried about Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan , both of whom seem determined to continue on their downward spirals. But, as Radar reminds us, many a formerly troubled star has managed to turn it all around and stage an inspiring comeback. Here are 10:
  • Drew Barrymore: As a
... More »

Email Trove Reveals 'Drunk, Despondent' Jacko

Singer was 'emotionally paralyzed mess': promoter

(Newser) - Another side to the story of Michael Jackson's final months is emerging, thanks to 250 pages of emails obtained by the Los Angeles Times . They reveal concerns over a singer plagued by "paranoia, anxiety, and obsessive-like behavior," as the director of Jackson's planned London shows wrote... More »

Forbes' Most Powerful Celeb Is ... J.Lo?!

Jennifer Lopez manages comeback to top annual list

(Newser) - Jennifer Lopez went from superstar to has-been … and has now apparently swung back to superstar. The American Idol judge tops the latest Celebrity 100, Forbes ’ annual list of the stars with the most money and fame , with $52 million in earnings over the past year. In addition to... More »

Trailer for Whitney's Final Film Debuts

'Sparkle' preview premieres on 'Today'

(Newser) - The trailer for Whitney Houston's final film is here. The Sparkle preview, or at least a portion of it, premiered on Today this morning. The movie is a remake of a 1976 film, and will feature Houston as the mother of three daughters who form a singing group; the... More »

Can an Almost-30 Britney Really Make a Comeback?

The pop starlet needs to wise up and offer some introspection

(Newser) - Britney Spears, and of course her handlers, seem to think she’s ready for a full-on comeback—and judging by the success of new single "Hold It Against Me," she's giving it a good go. But is a Britney comeback possible in the new world of pop, where... More »

15 Celebs Who Went From 'Whatever' to 'Wow' in 2010

Even Gwyneth Paltrow's appeal is up

(Newser) - It's hard to believe that last year, James Franco was just, as the Daily Beast puts it, "that guy from Freaks & Geeks." He joins 14 other celebs on the Beast's list of the most-improved stars of 2010:
  • Jennifer Grey: Truly, no one puts Baby in a corner.
... More »

New Winehouse Song: Comeback or Slurring Mess?

'It's My Party' inspires some, depresses others

(Newser) - Amy Winehouse is back … maybe. She’s in the news—for a new single, not a crazy booze-fueled escapade —but critics are split on her cover of Lesley Gore’s “It’s My Party,” produced by Mark Ronson:
  • “It’s tough not to get carried
... More »

10 Ways to Save Whitney's Awful Tour

The former diva really needs some help

(Newser) - Whitney Houston’s comeback tour is a disaster. Her voice is giving out (she blames a bad air conditioning unit), and critics say she’s not even close to regaining her former glory. How can she step it up? Ami Angelowicz offers a 10-step plan, on The Frisky :
  • Hire Justin
... More »

Comebacks We'd Love to See

Prince, Julie Andrews, Francis Ford Coppola deserve another chance

(Newser) - Whether they're clearly taking anything just for the money or out-and-out slumming, numerous pop culture icons are mired in a rut of underachievement. The Onion A.V. Club staff fields a question from a Sylvester Stallone loyalist and lists more artists deserving of a second chance:
  • Sam Adams can't quit
... More »

Spitzer Counting on Book, Movie to Revive Career

Ex-governor will attend premiere of sex scandal documentary

(Newser) - The debut of Alex Gibney's untitled Eliot Spitzer documentary this weekend could be kind of awkward—Spitzer's going to be there, and the movie, though sympathetic, doesn't pull any punches when it comes to the Client No. 9 scandal. But Spitzer is embracing it, Politico reports, as a strategic move... More »

Don't Expect to See Tiger's Every Move on ESPN

Augusta allows ESPN to carry tee-off, but rest will be bundled

(Newser) - Excitement for Tiger Woods’ comeback at the Masters next Thursday runs high—so fans and intrigued scandal watchers may be disappointed to hear that ESPN is taking the NBC Winter Olympics route and bundling coverage instead of showing Tiger's every move live. The exception is Woods’ first stroke, which will... More »

Why Tiger's Comeback Is Sexist

Inside Woods' much-hyped Masters comeback

(Newser) - Tiger Woods’ return to golf is sure to be a ( much-watched ) zoo, and if you want to be there in person to witness it, it just might set you back $2,400. That’s how high resale ticket prices for the Masters have gone since Woods’ announcement, TMZ... More »

Tiger Woods Will Return for the Masters

After 'inpatient therapy,' Augusta event is earliest he can make

(Newser) - Tiger Woods will emerge from exile swinging at the Masters tourney in April, USA Today reports. “After a long and necessary time away from the game, I feel like I'm ready to start my season at Augusta,” the troubled golf star says in a statement. He says he... More »

Pam Anderson, Erin Andrews to Heat Up DWTS

Plus, 80-year-old astronaut Buzz Aldrin joins the fray

(Newser) - We’re all very excited that Kate Gosselin will be back in our lives on a weekly basis thanks to Dancing With the Stars—but who else is joining her, and what do all these people have in common? Fellow contestants for season 10 are mostly “public figures improving... More »

12 Steps LiLo Must Take to Save Her Career

Lose the fake tan, the blond dye job, and the leggings for a start

(Newser) - Lindsay Lohan’s bad publicity parade marches on, but all hope is not lost: Tracey Harrington McCoy fully backs a LiLo career comeback, and she outlines a 12-step program on PopEater :
  1. No more fake tanning: It’s one thing to promote your line of spray tanner. It’s another to
... More »

Assessing John Edwards' Comeback Chances

Atlantic polls image-makers on how to repair the damage

(Newser) - John Edwards’ public image hit new lows the past week, but the likes Richard Nixon, Eliot Spitzer, and Michael Milken have made successful comebacks, the Atlantic notes, in polling political spin doctors about Edwards’ comeback chances:
  • Bob Shrum: "The reality is so contrary to the image that he projected,
... More »

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