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Concrete Truck Slams Into Bus Full of Pre-K Students

Boy on bus, man in another vehicle killed in Bastrop, Texas

(Newser) - A cement truck veered into a school bus carrying more than 40 pre-K students returning from a field trip to a Texas zoo Friday, killing a boy on the bus and a man in another vehicle, authorities said. Officials said the bus rolled over on the highway in Bastrop, in...

Tribune Wrote About Jeopardy! Whiz ... When He Was 4

Paper digs up article on James Holzhauer

(Newser) - Long before he was racking up win after win —and oodles of cash—on Jeopardy!, James Holzhauer was impressing an entirely different demographic: his preschool teachers. The Chicago Tribune has unearthed an article that appeared in its pages in January 1989, when Holzhauer was just 4 years old and...

School Shouldn't Have Barred Child With Atheist Parents: Judge

Gary Mangel, Mai Yasue didn't want holiday decor in school; school said daughter couldn't come back

(Newser) - It began with a dispute over classroom holiday decorations and ended with a preschool keeping a student's registration "hostage to a demand." That's according to a judge on the BC Human Rights Tribunal in Canada, ruling Tuesday that the Bowen Island Montessori School erred in its...

Cops: Ex-Teacher Posted Tape of Pre-K 'Fight Club'

Chavay Williams is accused of egging on preschoolers in her charge

(Newser) - What happens in pre-K fight club, stays in pre-K fight club—except if the (now former) teacher posts video of it online. Ohio police say 30-year-old Chavay Williams did just that with her young charges at Columbus' Playtime Preschool, where she's accused of allowing her students to fight and...

Helicopter Parenting Is 'Form of Abusiveness'
One Kind of Parenting
Is 'Form of Abusiveness'
new study

One Kind of Parenting Is 'Form of Abusiveness'

The hovering parent takes another knock

(Newser) - Helicopter parenting usually gets a bad rap , and this is no exception. A recent study suggests that children who are more controlled by mothers will end up struggling with their emotions, impulses, and schoolwork later on, the Guardian reports. Published in Developmental Psychology , the study followed 422 children over an...

Mom: Preschool Language Ban Is 'Ridiculous'

Christine Hartwell is pulling out her little girl

(Newser) - A Massachusetts mom isn't too thrilled with the word-ban imposed by her daughter's preschool, the AP reports. Christine Hartwell says her 4-year-old daughter Julia came home unhappy from the Pentucket Workshop Preschool in Georgetown because her teacher said the term "best buddy" was forbidden. "I think...

More Studying, Less Playing Is Good for Preschoolers
More Studying, Less Playing
Is Good for Preschoolers

More Studying, Less Playing Is Good for Preschoolers

Study finds 'academic-oriented' pre-kindergarten programs help kids

(Newser) - If you think preschool is all about playing with dolls and blocks, think again. There's a growing trend toward more rigorous, scholarly preschools—and a new study supports the idea, finding that children who attended a year at an "academic-oriented" preschool were performing better academically by the end...

Fast-Thinking 4-Year-Old Saves Mom With Siri

He uses her thumb to unlock phone, then summons help

(Newser) - A tech-savvy 4-year-old boy saved his mother’s life by unlocking her iPhone with her thumbprint and using Siri to call an ambulance when she became unresponsive. The BBC reports that during the emergency call in south London, the boy identified as Roman thought his mother had already died, saying...

August Babies More Likely to Be Medicated for ADHD

1.73 times more likely

(Newser) - One's birthdate has already been linked to such things as temperament . Now researchers in Taiwan report in the Journal of Pediatrics that we can add ADHD to the list. When looking at 378,881 children ages 4 to 17 at some point between 1997 to 2011, they found that...

Preschool Teacher Made Up Story About ISIS Attack

Authorities in France still investigating what happened

(Newser) - It sounded awful: A preschool teacher in Paris claimed that a masked assailant shouting allegiance to the Islamic State attacked him at school before classes began on Monday. Now it appears he made the whole thing up. The Paris prosecutor's office says the 45-year-old male invented the tale of...

Acclaimed Teacher Fired Over Dirty Diaper

Kelly Hahn is accused of neglect days after winning 'Pre-K Teacher of the Year'

(Newser) - Two weeks after Kelly Hahn was awarded "Pre-K Teacher of the Year" in St. Louis last fall, she was put on administrative leave. The reason appears to be child neglect and endangerment, reports KTVI , though St. Louis Public Schools Superintendent Kelvin Adams wouldn't confirm this, saying at a...

Preschool Teacher Accused of Giving Kids Sleeping Aid

While second teacher accused of binding toddler with tape

(Newser) - Two Northern California preschool teachers are accused in separate, equally disturbing incidents:
  • In Morgan Hill, Deborah Gratz was arrested after officials at the Kiddie Academy reported her for allegedly putting an over-the-counter sleeping aid into some kids' drinking cups. A witness saw Gratz, 59, putting Sominex into the cups in

Tot Beats Tot at Nursery School

Accused attacker, 2, is 'too young for criminal responsibility,' say Brit cops

(Newser) - A 2-year-old girl apparently viciously beat another toddler at a British pre-school, leaving the victim bruised and cut, reports the BBC . The 3-year-old victim "had gashes to her lips and a terrible black eye," her mom told the Daily Mail . " Katie looked like she had been in...

Dopey Dad Dropped Joint in Tot's Lunchbox: Police

Aghast preschool teachers call police, he's busted

(Newser) - How dopey was dad? So dopey he accidentally dropped his joint into his toddler son's lunchbox as he was packing it up, Connecticut police report. The marijuana was discovered by aghast preschool teachers, who promptly called the cops, authorities said. The toddler's parents agreed to a search of...

Want Equality? Occupy Preschool
 Want Equality? 
 Occupy Preschool 
Nicholas Kristof

Want Equality? Occupy Preschool

Invest in early education to prevent wide disparity

(Newser) - Occupy Wall Street protesters are raging against inequality, proposing new taxes and regulations to get there. But Nicholas Kristof thinks he knows “the single step that would do the most to reduce inequality,” he writes in the New York Times : expand early childhood education. “That will seem...

Santorum: Government Wants to 'Indoctrinate' Kids

GOP candidate decries early education programs

(Newser) - Apparently, early education programs are a government plot. That’s the impression Rick Santorum gave yesterday at a tiny town hall meeting in Iowa. “It is a parent’s responsibility to educate their children. It is not the government’s job,” the GOP presidential candidate told a crowd...

Preschool Sued for Ruining Tot's Ivy League Chances

$19K preschool 'just one big playroom'

(Newser) - A Manhattan mom is suing a preschool for scotching her 4-year-old daughter's chances of getting into an Ivy League university. The mother complains that the $19,000-a-year York Avenue Preschool failed to prepare the toddler for a test used for admission at top private elementary schools and sometimes put her...

Preschooler Suspended Over Potty Accidents

Zoe Rosso, 3, was removed for a month from her Arlington, Va., school

(Newser) - Didn’t think it was possible to get suspended from preschool? It is—and 3-year-old Zoe Rosso found herself booted for a full month, thanks to a few too many potty accidents. Rosso was removed from a Montessori preschool in Arlington, Va.—escorted out, along with her mother, by...

Police Seize Sword-Wielding Teen Who Took 20 Tots Hostage

Boy is 'unstable,' French cops report

(Newser) - French police stormed a pre-school today and apprehended a sword-wielding 17-year-old who’d taken several small children and their teacher hostage. The teen, armed with a sword in each hand, had initially taken 20 children hostage, but released 13 of them throughout the morning. A fourteenth “more or less...

Even 3-Year-Olds Want to Be Thin
 Even 3-Year-Olds 
 Want to Be Thin 
study shows

Even 3-Year-Olds Want to Be Thin

Study suggests the desire to be skinny is internalized at a young age

(Newser) - The desire to be thin can implant itself in girls as young as 3, a new study shows. Fifty-five girls between the ages of 3 and 5 were shown three figures, identical except that one was thin, one average, and one fat. When asked to associate positive and negative adjectives...

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