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Parler Receives a Major Cash Infusion

It's not clear in this week's SEC filing where the $20M in new funding for the right-wing app came from

(Newser) - Last year at this time, social media app Parler was struggling a bit, rendered more or less inaccessible after Google Play, Apple, and Amazon yanked it for violent content tied to the Jan. 6 riot at the US Capitol. Parler eventually made somewhat of a return online, and a new...

With 2 Trump Appointees, a Big SCOTUS First

Supreme Court will hear first major abortion case with Gorsuch, Kavanaugh on the bench

(Newser) - In 2016, the Supreme Court struck down a Texas law that required abortion providers have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. On Wednesday, arguments on a similar law out of Louisiana will be heard by the high court, but with one "major difference," per NBC News : This time...

Sorry Liberals, Conservative Politicians Are More Attractive

And voters reward them for it, says study

(Newser) - Beautiful people enjoy a range of benefits in life above and beyond the sheer joy of looking in the mirror. Previous research has found that beauty influences popularity, grades in school, and salary, reports the Washington Post . So it might not be too far a stretch to suggest that beauty...

Meet Tomi Lahren, Rising Star of the Right
Meet Tomi Lahren,
Rising Star of the Right
the rundown

Meet Tomi Lahren, Rising Star of the Right

She's been getting quite a bit of attention since 'Daily Show' appearance

(Newser) - Ann Coulter is so yesterday. Meet Tomi Lahren, whom the New York Times recently called "the right's rising media star." Lahren is a 24-year-old conservative who has an impressive social media following and hosts a show on the Glenn Beck-founded network The Blaze. One of her most-viewed...

Fillon Wins French Primary, Vows 'Change of Software'

Handily beats Alain Juppe in conservative runoff

(Newser) - Francois Fillon won France's first-ever conservative presidential primary Sunday after promising drastic free-market reforms and a crackdown on immigration and Islamic extremism, beating a more moderate rival who had warned of encroaching populism, the AP reports. "President! President!" chanted the former prime minister's supporters as he...

Conservatives Have a Great American Novel, Too

'Gone With the Wind' is really right-wing, Noah Berlatsky observes

(Newser) - Pretty much everyone likes to believe that art in this country is made by and for liberals. Conservatives like to believe they're the "few, proud freethinkers" fighting the mainstream narrative, and liberals like to think they're "naturally more artistic, funny, daring, and generally aesthetically awesome,"...

New, Moderate Conservatives Are Coming
New, Moderate
Conservatives Are Coming 

New, Moderate Conservatives Are Coming

David Brooks sees a rising movement willing to accept policy solutions

(Newser) - You wouldn't know it to listen to Republican politicians, but there's a new eminently reasonable brand of conservatism brewing, based on the principle of "skeptical reform," writes David Brooks at the New York Times . Current Republicans have defined themselves as anti-government, leaving them "no governing...

There Are More Liberals Than Ever: Poll

...But conservatives still outnumber them

(Newser) - More Americans are calling themselves liberal today than at any point since Gallup started measuring in 1992, according to a new Gallup analysis—though conservatives still far outnumber them. The ranks of self-identified liberals swelled to 23% in 2013, according to the analysis, which collected data from 13 polls spanning...

Huckabee on DOMA Case: 'Jesus Wept'
Huckabee on DOMA Case: 'Jesus Wept'

Huckabee on DOMA Case: 'Jesus Wept'

And other reactions from the right to today's Supreme Court ruling

(Newser) - Liberals who were just yesterday decrying the Supreme Court's Voting Rights Act decision are today singing from the rafters over the defeat of the Defense of Marriage Act . Conservatives, meanwhile, are wailing and gnashing their teeth—and here's some of the most notable and/or over-the-top examples:
  • Mike Huckabee,

Hopkins Doc Ditches Grad Speech in Gay Marriage Storm

Bestiality comparison enraged students

(Newser) - Neurosurgeon and rising conservative star Ben Carson is following through with his offer to step down as commencement speaker at Johns Hopkins medical school, where he works. Students launched a petition after Carson's comments regarding gay marriage, bestiality, and pedophilia. "Given all the national media surrounding my statements...

Meet the New Conservative Rising Star

Dr. Benjamin Carson is a neurosurgeon and foe of ObamaCare

(Newser) - Dr. Benjamin Carson, a renowned pediatric neurosurgeon, won over conservatives at the National Prayer Breakfast last month, where he criticized ObamaCare right in front of President Obama. Then he appeared at CPAC , where he fueled the fire of conservatives calling for him to run for president in 2016: "Let'...

Idaho Bill Would Force Kids to Read Atlas Shrugged

But lawmaker says it's symbolic gesture, won't push for passage

(Newser) - Quick, what's the most important work in the English language, the one you absolutely should not be able to graduate high school without a thorough knowledge of? If you said Atlas Shrugged, then you have a lot in common with Idaho state Sen. John Goedde, who has introduced a...

GOP's Diversity Solution: The Tea Party
GOP's Diversity Solution:
The Tea Party

GOP's Diversity Solution: The Tea Party

It's bringing in new, and not necessarily white, blood: Josh Kraushaar

(Newser) - If you listen to some Republican strategists, the Tea Party is driving minorities away from the GOP. But tell that to Nikki Haley, the nation's second Indian-American governor, who yesterday appointed Tim Scott to be the only African-American senator in next year's Congress. Both are Tea Partiers. "...

Jindal: Birth Control Should Be Over-the-Counter
Jindal: Birth Control
Should Be Over-the-Counter

Jindal: Birth Control Should Be Over-the-Counter

Louisiana governor blames 'big government' for state of affairs

(Newser) - Bobby Jindal has people talking today, thanks to an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal in which he endorses making birth control available over-the-counter to anyone 18 or older. "We have been stupid to let the Democrats demagogue the contraceptives issue and pretend … that Republicans are somehow against...

Jim DeMint Leaving the Senate
 Jim DeMint Leaving the Senate 

Jim DeMint Leaving the Senate

He'll become head of the Heritage Foundation

(Newser) - Jim DeMint is resigning his Senate post so he can take a gig as president of the conservative Heritage Foundation, he announced today. DeMint will step down in early January, the Wall Street Journal reports. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley will appoint an interim replacement until a special election can...

Conservative Blogger's Sting Backfires
Conservative Blogger's
Sting Hilariously Backfires

Conservative Blogger's Sting Hilariously Backfires

Right-winger catches columnist canoodling with ... her hubby

(Newser) - An unidentified conservative blogger thought he had caught a liberal columnist in quite the compromising position. Photos of one-time Cleveland Plain Dealer writer Connie Schultz apparently canoodling with a US senator from Ohio looked extremely damning. "Dear Ms. Shultz," the blogger wrote, misspelling her name: "We are...

Swing State Wis. Vote May Offer Crystal Ball
 Exit Polls a 
 Crystal Ball 

Wisconsin Exit Polls a Crystal Ball

Voters worried mostly about economy, while 40% are 'moderate, liberal'

(Newser) - Perhaps the most interesting of yesterday's primaries was the vote by the relatively moderate electorate in the key swing state of Wisconsin. Analysts are salivating over exit poll results, and the hints they may offer into how voters are likely to lean come November. For one thing, the economy,...

Conservatives' Faith in Science Failing: Study

But then, they're probably skeptical of this study, too

(Newser) - Conservatives have become less likely to trust science over the past 40 years—especially if they're educated, according to a new study. The study looked at the General Social Survey, which began asking Americans how they felt about science in 1974. Back then, conservatives were the biggest believers in...

Hunger Games: Tea Party or Liberal Message?

It's everybody's call

(Newser) - Opposite ends of the political spectrum are claiming the blockbuster Hunger Games as their own. Is it a tale of too much government or of gun-packing capitalists who don't believe in social services? The dystopian story tells of dictatorial President Snow forcing conquered people to offer their children annually...

Tax Firm, Radio Stations Join Limbaugh Exodus

9 companies, Hawaiian AM, Mass. FM stations Rush away

(Newser) - Rush Limbaugh is still hemorrhaging advertisers—and now beginning to lose radio stations as well—in the wake of his "slut' comment. Online tax advice operation Tax Resolution Services yesterday joined AOL in deserting the uber-conservative, bringing to at least nine the number of sponsors who have dumped his...

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