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US' Oldest Gunmaker Leaving a Blue State for a Red One

Remington is packing it up in upstate New York, heading for more firearm-friendly Georgia

(Newser) - Remington began in the blue-collar village of Ilion two centuries ago, and generations have turned out rifles and shotguns at the massive firearms factory in the heart of New York's Mohawk Valley. Now, residents are bracing for Remington's exit, ending an era that began when Eliphalet Remington forged...

17-Year-Old Grabs Shotgun, Kills 2 Breaking Into Home

Case will go to grand jury, Texas sheriff says

(Newser) - A 17-year-old in a Houston suburb opened fire with a shotgun when three masked, armed men broke into a home, killing two of them. The third man fled the house and drove away, police said. A 12-year-old child, an adult woman, and another 17-year-old were in the Channelview home at...

2 Kids Shot by Cousin Trying to Keep Gun From Them

It happened in Fort Worth, Texas

(Newser) - Two young children in Texas are recovering at Cook Children's Medical Center after being shot in the yard of their family home—accidentally, by their only slightly older cousin, police and family say. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram cites a police log and hospital official in reporting that a 7-year-old...

'I Blew My Arm Off,' Says Guy Who Set Off Own Booby Trap

'I've never seen anything quite like this,' says officer

(Newser) - Reminder to self: When setting up booby traps in your home, make sure you don't accidentally set them off yourself. One North Carolina man failed to heed that advice and ended up getting shot Monday morning, the Gaston Gazette reports. Police say Edwin Smith, 68, had rigged a shotgun...

Smoke Detector Kept Going Off, So He Pulled Out a Shotgun

Vermont man allegedly pointed gun at first responders

(Newser) - A Vermont man is facing charges that he used a shotgun to silence a smoke detector in the kitchen of his apartment before pointing another gun at emergency responders, reports the AP . Police say two shots fired Monday afternoon from the 20-gauge shotgun owned by 68-year-old Leroy Mason, of Barton,...

Guy Has Teenage Son Shoot Him in the Legs With Shotgun

Shannon Egeland, 43, was facing prison time

(Newser) - A white-collar crook is facing extra prison time for having his son shoot him in the legs with a 20-gauge shotgun, the BBC reports. Shannon Egeland, 43, was already facing 10 years for taking part in a vast mortgage-fraud scheme when he had his 17-year-old son shoot him by a...

Yearbook Photo Rejected Due to Shotgun

Wade Gelinas says hunting is a family tradition

(Newser) - A Maine high school has rejected a student's submitted yearbook photo because it shows him holding a shotgun, the AP reports. Bonny Eagle High School senior Wade Gelinas says he wanted his picture to feature hunting because it is a family tradition. Principal Lori Napolitano tells WCSH-TV the school...

Man Sentenced for Pointing Shotgun at 7-Year-Old Girl Scout

She knocked on his door hoping to sell cookies

(Newser) - The 61-year-old California man who pointed a loaded shotgun at a 7-year-old girl trying to sell him Girl Scout cookies was sentenced to six months in jail on Friday, the Press Enterprise reports. The unnamed Girl Scout was selling cookies out of her Radio Flyer wagon in 2014 when she...

Homemade Shotgun Backfires on Kid, 13

Teen built gun with instructions found online: police

(Newser) - An Arizona teen underwent surgery on Sunday after accidentally shooting himself with a homemade shotgun he'd assembled with instructions found online. Maricopa County Sheriff's Office says the 13-year-old suffered non-life-threatening injuries when he tried to fire the weapon and was hit in the rib cage by a projectile...

Boy Who Killed Girl Over Puppies Used Gun in Closet

The 12-gauge shotgun, unlocked in closet, belonged to his dad

(Newser) - An 11-year-old boy accused of fatally shooting his 8-year-old neighbor when she refused to show him her puppies got the 12-gauge shotgun used in the shooting from an unlocked closet in his mobile home in White Pine, Tenn., police say. Jefferson County Sheriff Bud McCoig tells the Washington Post the...

Boy, 11, Allegedly Killed 8-Year-Old Girl Over Puppy

Shooting occurs about 40 miles east of Knoxville

(Newser) - An 11-year-old boy has been charged with murder after he killed his 8-year-old neighbor, police said, and witnesses say it was because the girl wouldn't let him see her puppy. Deputies were called to the neighborhood in White Pine, about 40 miles east of Knoxville, on Saturday night. The...

Cops: Cornell Student Kills CEO Dad

Charles Tan, 19, charged with shooting father multiple times with a shotgun

(Newser) - A 19-year-old Cornell University sophomore was arraigned on second-degree murder charges in western New York this morning in the shotgun slaying of his father, the CEO of a local company, reports the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle . Police responded to a domestic incident in the sleepy upscale suburb of Pittsford last...

Zimmerman Search Turned Up Lots of Weapons, Ammo

He ditches public defender for private lawyer

(Newser) - Cops found a hefty cache of weapons and ammo at the home George Zimmerman shared with his girlfriend after his arrest on domestic violence charges last week, CNN reports. A search turned up three handguns, a 12-gauge shotgun, an AR-15 rifle, and 106 rounds of ammunition, according to court documents...

Teen Shot by Neighbor While TPing Principal's Yard
Teen Shot by Neighbor While TPing Principal's Yard

Teen Shot by Neighbor While TPing Principal's Yard

Dale Bryant Farris now facing charges

(Newser) - A bunch of Tennessee teenagers were busily TPing their principal's house when a 15-year-old boy among them got shot—and it wasn't even the principal who pulled the trigger. Police say a neighbor, 65-year-old Dale Bryant Farris, fired at least two shots from his 20-gauge shotgun during the...

Tucson Group Will Give Free Shotguns to Residents
Tucson Group Will Give
Free Shotguns to Residents

Tucson Group Will Give Free Shotguns to Residents

Organizer says push will be in high-crime zones

(Newser) - A former mayoral candidate in Tucson plans to provide residents of high-crime neighborhoods with free shotguns to defend themselves, reports the Arizona Daily Star . Shaun McClusky has raised $12,000 for the project so far, and his group plans to hand out the first weapons within 60 days. He figures...

Biden: 'Buy a Shotgun, Buy a Shotgun'

Vice president says semi-automatics aren't necessary

(Newser) - This isn't as weird as it sounds in full context, but Joe Biden today urged people to buy shotguns while speaking at a town hall hosted by Parents magazine. During the forum, Biden took a question from someone who asked whether a proposed ban on semi-automatic weapons would put...

California School Shooter Had Hit List of Bullies

Suspect often talked about killing, students describe him as 'weird'

(Newser) - It looks like earlier reports about bullying playing a key part in yesterday's California school shooting were right. The 16-year-old unnamed shooter allegedly composed a list of students he wanted to kill last year, and told authorities he had been bullied for more than a year, reports the Bakersfield ...

Man Makes Shotgun Out of Super Soaker

Surprise: Randy Smith then finds himself arrested

(Newser) - Beware the toys of summer. A 54-year-old man faces a long list of charges after being spotted by Fresno, Calif., police with a Super Soaker around his neck, reports KMPH . The illegal part? The water gun had been refashioned as a shotgun, and Randy Smith just so happened to be...

Canada Scrapping Gun Registry
 Canada Scrapping Gun Registry 

Canada Scrapping Gun Registry

Conservatives to destroy rifle, shotgun database

(Newser) - Canada's government has decided to stop trying to keep track of every shotgun and rifle in the country. The ruling Conservative party has introduced legislation to scrap the nation's controversial long-gun registry, reports the Globe and Mail . The party plans to destroy the registry's database to ensure...

Angry Man With Shotgun Just Wanted Some McDonald's

Fear of wife's rage drives him to stupid act

(Newser) - A Missouri man thought a shotgun would help cure his and his wife's McDonald's craving—and ended up in jail. Chris Brooks Heuring became angry when he pulled up to a McDonald's at 11:40 pm Saturday only to be told they were closed. He ordered an employee to open...

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