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China's State Media to Trump: Stop 'Emotional Venting' on Twitter

Xinhua agency says US president is 'pouring oil on the flames' regarding North Korea

(Newser) - President Trump's tweets have raised an eyebrow or several, but one country is officially rolling its eyes. The New York Times notes that China has long bitten its tongue whenever Trump has blasted its policies and actions . But a pair of Trump tweets over the weekend, in which he... More »

China Blasts Trump's Twitter 'Obsession'

As South Korea hires official to monitor Trump's tweets

(Newser) - A few too many tweets directed at China may have finally prompted the country to lash out at Donald Trump. An editorial posted to the Chinese website of state-run news agency Xinhua on Tuesday slammed Trump's "obsession with 'Twitter diplomacy'" as "undesirable." It continued:... More »

China: Don't Celebrate April Fools'

It's 'not consistent with our cultural tradition,' says Xinhua

(Newser) - China has effectively banned April Fools' Day. The favorite day of pranksters "is not consistent with our cultural tradition or socialist core values," state news agency Xinhua says on social media site Weibo, per the Washington Post . "Hope nobody believes in rumors, makes rumors, or spreads rumors.... More »

Chinese Site May Show Images of Plane Debris

Xinhua releases images of '3 suspected floating objects'

(Newser) - China's official Xinhua News Agency said today that a government website has satellite images of suspected debris from the missing Malaysia Airlines plane off the southern tip of Vietnam. The report says the images from around 11am on March 9 appear to show "three suspected floating objects" of... More »

China Censors Rebuked in Unusual Way Over Skyfall

Cuts spur official news service to speak out

(Newser) - Chinese censors' license to snip has been challenged: Cuts to the latest James Bond movie proved heavy-handed enough to earn a rare rebuke from state media, the South China Morning Post reports. Skyfall opened in Chinese cinemas this week, but with cuts that highlight the problem with the country's... More »

China Govt. Think Tank: Zap 1-Kid Policy

Group urges end to all birth limitations by 2020

(Newser) - A Chinese government think tank is calling for an end to the unpopular one-child policy, a decades-old attempt to curb overpopulation in the nation, reports the AP . The China Development Research Foundation recommends a two-child policy for some regions now, with that plan going nationwide by 2015, followed by a... More »

China Sinking Big Bucks Into African News

Critics say propaganda, but Chinese call it good PR

(Newser) - China has long been investing big money into Africa, in construction, natural resources, housing, and other projects. Increasingly, though, China is also pouring money into news and media on the continent, bringing two Chinese television news channels, radio, and written articles by Xinhua, China's state-sponsored news service, to places... More »

Chinese Media Censors Hu's Comments on Human Rights

President's concession largely unreported

(Newser) - Chinese media loudly heralded Hu Jintao's trip to the US—but it has hardly said a word about his recent comments on human rights, the Washington Post reports. Discussing the matter with President Obama at a joint news conference, President Hu said “a lot still needs to be done... More »

China Launches 24-Hour English News Channel

Pro-Beijing channel likely to have limited appeal, analysts say

(Newser) - The Chinese Communist Party's take on world events is now available in English, 24 hours a day. Xinhua, China's state-run news agency, announced the launch of news channel CNC World yesterday, promising to "present an international vision with a Chinese perspective." Xinhau—as part of a major push... More »

China Reopens Tibetan Tourism

Torch relay demonstrated stability, state media says

(Newser) - China is allowing foreign tourists to enter Tibet for the first time since March protests, sources tell the BBC. The Olympic torch’s smooth reception in Lhasa over the weekend means "Tibet is safe,” a Tibetan tourism director tells state media. "We welcome the domestic and foreign... More »

Thousands Flee After New Quake Warning

Roads jam, open spaces fill with crowds in Chengdu, Dhina

(Newser) - A new quake warning sent thousands of frightened Chinese running into the streets of Chengdu today, Reuters reports. With nerves still raw from last week's disaster, drivers jammed roads and people dragged their bedding into open spaces. A 5.0 aftershock in Pingwu County also sent buildings swaying in Chengdu,... More »

Quake Moves Xinhua Past Propaganda

Chinese news agency focuses coverage on victims, not government

(Newser) - Xinhua, the Chinese state news agency, is better known for People’s Republic propaganda than hard-hitting journalism. But in the aftermath of the catastrophic Sichuan earthquake, the Wall Street Journal reports, the agency has published hundreds of up-to-the-minute accounts, many of them on the anguish of the victims and the... More »

China Will Meet With Dalai Lama Aide

First meeting with Tibetan leadership since unrest

(Newser) - Beijing officials will meet in the next few days with a representative of the Dalai Lama, reports AFP, quoting Chinese media. The meeting would be the first encounter between the Tibetan leadership and members of the Chinese government since last month's unrest in Tibet. China has come under intense foreign... More »

Chinese Get No Independent News on Tibet

Official story of foreign-incited riots is playing well at home

(Newser) - China's media outlets have been getting their information about the recent unrest in Tibet solely from the state-controlled news agency, Xinhua. As a result, most Chinese citizens are buying the government's handling of what has been portrayed as mob violence plotted from abroad—when it's been covered at all, the... More »

China Slams Pelosi's Support for Tibet

House Speaker guilty of 'double standards,' state says

(Newser) - China’s government hammered House Speaker Nancy Pelosi today over her meeting with the Dalai Lama and subsequent condemnation of China's "oppression" of Tibetan protests that turned to riots, the AP reports. Xinhua, China’s state news agency, said “human rights police” like Pelosi employed “double standards”... More »

China Admits Police Shot Tibetan Protesters

State's claim of 13 dead, 4 wounded at odds with exiles' estimate of 99 killed

(Newser) - China admitted today its police opened fire on Tibetan protesters, wounding four in “self-defense,” the BBC reports. The statement from state-run Xinhua news agency is China’s first admission to hurting anyone since protests began last week. Chinese officials say rioters have killed 13; Tibetan activists reported security... More »

China: Sorry for This Fake Photo

State news agency apologizes for doctored image of antelopes near train

(Newser) - China’s state-run news service has apologized for running—and honoring—a doctored photo that aided the government’s argument about a new train line's environmental impact. The 2006 image showed antelopes frolicking under Tibetan tracks, purportedly demonstrating that the beloved beasts weren’t affected by them. It worked, until... More »

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