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Digging Bitcoin Fortune Out of Trash Is Worth $70M to Man

Computer engineer offers to share the spoils, but city doesn't want him tearing up the landfill

(Newser) - The 7,500 bitcoins James Howells had on an old hard drive were worth about $9 million when he realized he'd thrown the drive into the trash in the summer of 2013. That was bad enough, but the virtual currency now is worth about $273 million, CNN reports. "...

City Says Cats Keeled Over Dead, Kids Poisoned by Landfill

Moscow's garbage problem is imperiling towns around it

(Newser) - Cats that "keeled over dead" isn't the worst part of what residents of Volokolamsk, Russia, say they're enduring. The city is located 75 miles west of Moscow and has since the summer been on the receiving end of more and more of Moscow's waste—at their...

What Stands Between Guy and $127M Bitcoin Fortune: Garbage

James Howells' situation has gotten worse as bitcoin's has improved

(Newser) - When covering the story four years ago, Newser's headline read, "$7.5M Bitcoin Fortune Buried in Landfill." That fortune ended up in a Welsh landfill after James Howells threw out a hard drive over that summer while cleaning up his workspace. On it was the cryptographic "...

Scientists Offer First Analysis of How Much Plastic We've Made

Researchers estimate 9B tons have been produced

(Newser) - A new study puts a number on the amount of plastic the planet has manufactured in the roughly 65 years we've been cranking it out: 9 billion tons. If you're struggling to visualize that weight, the BBC helps out: That's as heavy as 25,000 Empire State...

Massive Landfill Fire in India Can Be Seen From Space

NASA pic shows how bad toxic Mumbai blaze really is

(Newser) - Residents in Mumbai are posting smog-filled photos on Twitter and dozens of schools have shut down as a fire in the Indian city's largest landfill continues to burn. In fact, the blaze (which Mashable calls a "mystery fire") in the 326-acre Deonar landfill is so big that...

EPA Hugely Underestimated How Much Trash We Dump
EPA Hugely Underestimated How Much Trash We Dump

EPA Hugely Underestimated How Much Trash We Dump

Scientists say this also means we're obviously not recycling as much as we thought

(Newser) - Americans are sending more than twice as much trash to landfills as the federal government has estimated, according to a new study. It turns out that, on average, America tosses 5 pounds of trash per person per day into its landfills, according to an analysis of figures in a study...

Atari Games Delivered From Landfill to eBay

Asking prices for the excavated games are as high as $600

(Newser) - It may be widely considered the worst video game ever made —so bad it's tied to the eventual demise of Atari—but still, not everybody owns "E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial," especially a copy straight from the famous "Atari Dump" with a property tag, certificate of...

Landfill Dig Finds Hundreds of Copies of 'Worst Game Ever'

Crews reveal truth behind legend

(Newser) - Gaming lore holds that huge quantities of the supposed worst video game of all time—Atari's ET—were buried in a New Mexico landfill . Turns out, those who believed the story were right. In a dig in the southeastern city of Alamogordo, crews found hundreds of copies of the...

Americans Each Churn Out 65lbs of E-Waste a Year

Rate of electronics waste surging worldwide

(Newser) - Electronic waste is growing at a staggering rate—Americans alone chucked an average of 65 pounds of old electronic goods each last year—and it is set to surge another 33% within five years unless consumers and producers change their ways, LiveScience reports. Most of the waste ends up in...

America's Biggest Brewery Now Produces No Garbage

MillerCoors' Golden, Colo., facility no longer trucks 135 tons a month to landfill

(Newser) - MillerCoors' Golden, Colo., facility has some pretty massive numbers attached to it: It clocks in at 9 million square feet, can produce 22 million barrels of beer a year (that's the equivalent of about 5.5 billion pints), and once generated 135 tons of garbage a month. That last...

Target of Bloomberg's Next Crusade: Styrofoam

NYC mayor's office considering banning containers made of it

(Newser) - The healthification of New Yorkers continues, whether they want it or not. Mayor Michael Bloomberg has forced restaurants to post calorie counts, increased smoking bans , and taken away jumbo sodas . Now he's aiming to eliminate Styrofoam containers. Yes, the Bloomberg administration is thinking about a ban on all Styrofoam...

New Wrinkle in Etan Patz Case: No Sanitation Records

Curb-to-landfill records stretch back to 1989

(Newser) - Etan Patz's killer may have been found, but the same may never be said for the 6-year-old's remains. If Pedro Hernandez did indeed kill Etan and put his body in a Dumpster, figuring out which landfill the body wound up in would be a painstaking task even if...

Remains of 9/11 Victims Dumped in Landfill

Dover Air Force Base under fire for treatment of cremated remains

(Newser) - Small, incinerated portions of the remains of 9/11 victims ended up in a landfill, the Pentagon has acknowledged for the first time. The remains of victims of the attacks in Pennsylvania and at the Pentagon, too small to identify, were brought to the Dover Air Force Base mortuary, where they...

Remains of 274 Troops Dumped in Landfill

Scale far greater than Air Force initially admitted

(Newser) - The remains of far more troops were dumped in a Virginia landfill than the military has previously acknowledged, the Washington Post has discovered after pressing the Air Force for information. Records from the Dover Air Force Base mortuary show that the cremated partial remains of at least 274 troops were...

Jersey Fixing Landfill Odors... With Air Freshener

Turns out New Jersey actually does kinda stink

(Newser) - New Jersey insists it doesn’t stink , but at least one city does—and it’s attempting to fix the problem with hundreds of gallons of air freshener. East Brunswick residents have been assaulted for years by aromas wafting from the 200-acre-plus Middlesex County Landfill, where more than 1,000...

Indian Tribe Doesn't Want US Trash on Sacred Land

It's fighting a plan to ship Hawaii garbage to Washington state

(Newser) - Hawaii's landfill space is in such short supply, the state decided to transport thousands of tons of trash 2,600 miles to Washington. Making the journey even more bizarre: The waste would travel over the Yakama Indians' sacred hunting grounds to get to its destination, and the tribe is none...

America's Worst Recycling Cities

Cities who divert the least from landfill named and shamed

(Newser) - The average American city recycles about a third of its waste, but the lack of any unified national standard for trash disposal means some cities rate way, way, below average. Mother Jones lists those with the biggest trash piles:
  • Oklahoma City recycles only 3% of its waste. Households have to

McAuliffe Tack: Virginia Is for Garbage Lovers

He's leading Dem race for governor with new zeal for solid waste

(Newser) - For Terry McAuliffe, the former Democratic party chief turned Virginia gubernatorial candidate, the way to Old Dominion’s heart runs through trash. “I love trash," he tells Dana Milbank of the Washington Post. "I love chicken litter, cow manure, garbage. This is the kind of thing that...

Recession Harbinger: Less Trash

(Newser) - The current recession was fairly clear to a certain segment of the population as far back as late 2007, the Washington Post reports—landfill operators. Since then, dumps and garbage collectors have seen a steep drop-off in trash—in some cases up to 30%—along with their own jobs. It's...

Under Italy's Mob, Toxic Trash Heaps Growing

Intimidation rife as garbage threatens public health

(Newser) - Heaps of garbage tower in southern Italy’s legal and illegal dumps, and may even be contributing to cancer and birth defects in the area—but the mafia’s grip on disposal makes it near impossible to fix the problem, the Los Angeles Times reports. “For years the waste...

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