Robert F. Kennedy

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Joe K Won't Run to Succeed Teddy

Joseph Kennedy II says he'd rather work for 'social justice' in private sector

(Newser) - Joe Kennedy II will not run for his late uncle’s US Senate seat, the Boston Herald reports. In a post on the website of his charity Citizens Energy, the former congressman says he prefers to pursue social justice through the private sector rather than electoral politics. The announcement means... More »

True Compass: Kennedy's Life in Modest Terms

'Heartfelt' memoir depicts pursuit of public good, atonement

(Newser) - In True Compass, Ted Kennedy’s memoir, he writes with “searching candor” about the personal losses he endured, the mistakes he made, and the struggle to live up to his family reputation, writes Michiko Kakutani for the New York Times. The result is a powerful tribute to perseverance and... More »

Kennedy Memoir: Chappaquiddick 'Inexcusable'

Senator writes openly of his worst moments

(Newser) - Ted Kennedy tells of his anguish after Chappaquiddick in a memoir to be published this month, reports the New York Times, admitting that he "made terrible decisions" in the accident that killed his passenger, Mary Jo Kopechne. In True Compass, Kennedy deals unsparingly with the low points in... More »

Three Speeches That Define Ted Kennedy

(Newser) - He wasn't always the most articulate person in one-on-one conversations, but Ted Kennedy gave powerful speeches, writes Gail Russell Chaddock in the Christian Science Monitor. Three that resonate:
  • His 1980 concession: “For all those whose cares have been our concern, the work goes on, the cause endures, the hope
... More »

Ted Was the Greatest Kennedy

(Newser) - On the weekend of his inauguration, John F. Kennedy gave his youngest brother a cigarette case engraved with the words, “And the last shall be first.” Fifty years later, that prophesy has come true, writes Richard Lacayo of Time. The "long shadow of Chappaquiddick" may have kept... More »

Jackie Told Docs to Pull Plug on Lover RFK: Book

(Newser) - Jacqueline Kennedy’s four-year love affair with RFK was so intense that it was she, rather than his wife, who made the decision to turn off his life support after he was shot, according to Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story, which hits shelves this month. The New York Post... More »

Jackie, Bobby Had Affair: Book

Neighbors claim to have seen frisking; experts decry

(Newser) - Jackie Kennedy turned to the arms of brother-in-law Bobby after John F. Kennedy’s assassination—or so a Kennedy biographer claims in Bobby and Jackie: A Love Story, out July 14. C. David Heymann alluded to such claims in two previous books, the New York Daily News reports, but Kennedy... More »

RFK Son Plans Run for Obama Senate Seat

Chris Kennedy sets sights on seat now held by Burris

(Newser) - Another Kennedy is taking a shot at a Senate seat, the Chicago Sun-Times reports. Chris Kennedy, the eighth of Robert F. Kennedy's 11 kids, plans to challenge Roland Burris in next year's election for the Illinois seat vacated by President Obama. Insiders say the Democrat decided to run after polls... More »

RFK Wanted to Lift Cuba Travel Ban, Too

Obama should quash 'inconsistent' rule, says former AG's daughter

(Newser) - Blocking Americans from traveling to Cuba is "inconsistent with traditional American liberties," according to the US attorney general. Eric Holder in 2009? Nope: Bobby Kennedy in 1963—who opposed prosecuting students who went to Havana and unsuccessfully pushed the Johnson White House to lift the ban. As daughter... More »

45 Years Later, JFK Theories Live On

New book on JFK assassination offers new ideas, little proof

(Newser) - In the canon of great conspiracy theories, the JFK assassination remains unquestionably king. The enduring national mystery has given rise to some of the most complicated explanations, and the theory offered by a new book is one of the more pleasingly convoluted, reports Vanity Fair in a look at Legacy ... More »

NYC Bridge Renamed After RFK

Bill Clinton, Gov. Paterson attend ceremony at former Triborough to honor slain senator

(Newser) - It’s official: The bridge formerly known as the Triborough was renamed the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge today, NY1 reports. Michael Bloomberg, Bill Clinton, David Paterson and members of the Kennedy family attended the ceremony in Astoria, Queens, to honor the late senator from New York, who would have been... More »

Kennedy Scion's Book Probes Catholic Tension

Attempts to reconcile faith's teachings with modern life baffle many

(Newser) - Kerry Kennedy—the seventh of Bobby's 11 children—is taking on everything from clergy abuse to hierarchy in the Catholic Church in a book out tomorrow, the Boston Globe reports. In Being Catholic Now, the churchgoing 49-year-old interviews prominent Catholics like Nancy Pelosi, Bill O'Reilly and Martin Sheen about common... More »

Vast Trove Yields Marilyn Secrets

Papers from unearthed Monroe filing cabinets suggest abortion

(Newser) - Filing cabinets stuffed with receipts and letters are opening a window into Marilyn Monroe’s personal life, Vanity Fair reports. Payments for something "medical" coincide with her 1953 hospitalization for a gynecological procedure, suggesting an abortion, and notes she sent to husband Arthur Miller’s children while they were... More »

DNC Plans Tribute to Teddy

Kennedy not expected in Denver... but who knows?

(Newser) - Camera crews spent the weekend on Cape Cod, collecting footage for a 15-minute tribute to Edward Kennedy to air during the Democratic National Convention. The video will include statements from the senator, who many expect won't make it to Denver while he battles brain cancer. But as a source reminded... More »

RFK Jr. Takes Green Dream to Reality TV

Bobby Kennedy Jr. will chronicle building his green home

(Newser) - The most prominent American political dynasty is branching out into reality TV. Environmentalist Bobby Kennedy Jr. and wife Mary are developing a 13-part series that will document the building of their dream green home, the New York Daily News reports. This Old House star Bob Vila will supervise construction of... More »

A Bridge By Any Other Name? Triborough No More

New York landmark changing to RFK

(Newser) - New York’s Triborough Bridge will soon be no more. Gov. Patterson is expected to sign a law renaming the landmark the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge. But will anyone actually call it that? “It connects three boroughs,” one skeptical Manhattanite told the New York Times. “That’s... More »

40 Years Later, RFK's Children Remember

Three Kennedy kids recall father's empathy, justice

(Newser) - To mark the anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination, 40 years ago today, the New York Times offers vignettes from three of his children—Kerry Kennedy, Joseph P. Kennedy II, and Kathleen Kennedy Townsend—of life with their father. For Kerry, RFK was the arbiter of fairness, whose teachings in... More »

Questions Linger About Sirhan Sirhan

40 years on, conspiracy theorists still wonder about RFK's shooting

(Newser) - Sirhan Sirhan, convicted of assassinating Robert Kennedy 40 years ago this week, remains behind bars in California. Police at the time called the killing an open-and-shut case, but over the years so many have expressed doubts about the prosecution's version of events that the investigation may yet be reopened. The... More »

Fox News Guest Jokes About Killing Obama

'Many of us are making mistakes,' journalist says in apologizing

(Newser) - A Fox News analyst yesterday laughingly suggested on the air that Barack Obama be "knocked off." Commenting on Hillary Clinton's recent remarks about RFK's assassination, Liz Trotta referred to "what some are reading as a suggestion that somebody knock off Osama, uh Obama—well, both, if we... More »

Kennedy Clan Blasts Clinton for RFK Flub

Remark 'may be last nail in her campaign's coffin,' one says

(Newser) - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has defended Hillary Clinton’s RFK gaffe, but other Kennedy clan members are fuming, the New York Post reports. As the anniversary of RFK’s murder nears, one relative cited Clinton’s “perceived insensitivity,” especially after Ted Kennedy’s brain cancer diagnosis. Another said... More »

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