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In China, 35 Has Become a Dreaded Age
In China,
35 Is an Age
to Be Feared
in case you missed it

In China, 35 Is an Age to Be Feared

The prevailing sentiment is you're no longer a desirable employee after that age

(Newser) - Forty might be the dreaded age at which you're over the hill, but take comfort: In China, 35 is apparently the age to fear. The New York Times reports on the "Curse of 35," which it calls a "widespread belief" that Chinese workers lose their appeal...

Central to Ex-Cop's $7M Lawsuit: the Term 'Hairbag'

Keith Dietrich says it's evidence of age discrimination

(Newser) - Keith Dietrich says he was humiliated at the New York Police Department because, at age 56, his commanders thought he was too old for the job. Central to his $7 million age discrimination lawsuit is an odd term: "hairbag." As the New York Times reports, Dietrich, a decorated...

Simpsons Composer Sues, Says He Was Fired Over Age

Alf Clausen, 78, is suing Fox

(Newser) - Alf Clausen was fired from his role as composer for The Simpsons in 2017 after 27 years on the job , and he says he was told the show was "taking the music in a different direction." But the real reason, the 78-year-old says in a lawsuit against Fox,...

Dick's and Walmart Wouldn't Sell Him a Gun. Now He's Suing

20-year-old man says chains are discriminating against potential gun buyers under 21

(Newser) - A 20-year-old Oregon man filed suit Monday claiming Dick's Sporting Goods and Walmart discriminated against him when they refused to sell him a rifle. The move comes after Dick's and Walmart restricted gun sales to adults 21 and older in the wake of the Parkland, Fla., high school...

IMDb May Not Be Able to Tell You Every Actor's Age Anymore

Thanks to a new California law

(Newser) - It's one thing if the world knows that Brad Pitt is 52; people know just about everything else that's going on in his life. But for the thousands of lesser-known working actors constantly on the prowl for gigs, age discrimination is a real (if illegal) problem. So on...

Genius Bar Didn't Leap to Hire 'Legendary' Apple Engineer

After 21 years with Apple, JK Scheinberg retired, then got a little bored

(Newser) - Are all those young people staffed by Apple to help out customers at Genius Bars the most qualified for the job, or is there something more pernicious, like actual age discrimination, at play? As the New York Times reports in a story on ageism in the workplace, JK Scheinberg, the...

Playboy Must Pay $6M to Fired Whistleblower

Thought to be the largest whistleblower payout under 2002 law

(Newser) - A former controller at Playboy Enterprises who was fired in 2012 may have just won the largest payout ever under a 2002 law that protects whistleblowers. Playboy has been ordered to pay Catherine Zulfer $6 million for her wrongful termination, Reuters reports. Zulfer says in 2010 she refused to accrue...

Teen's Facebook Post Costs Dad $80K

She violated his settlement's confidentiality clause, told school to 'SUCK IT'

(Newser) - Usually, the worst an ill-advised Facebook post can do is embarrass you (assuming you haven't committed a crime ). But recent prep school grad Dana Snay cost her father $80,000 when she made the mistake of talking about her dad's wrongful termination settlement with Gulliver Preparatory School,...

Actress Suing IMDB Reveals Name: Junie Hoang

 Suing IMDB 
 Her Name 

Actress Suing IMDB Reveals Her Name

It's Junie Hoang, who's been in small-budget flicks

(Newser) - Remember the anonymous actress suing IMDB for revealing that her age is 40? She is anonymous no more, notes the Hollywood Reporter . It's Huong Hoang, who mostly goes by the stage name of Junie Hoang. Never heard of her? She has been working fairly regularly, but in small-budget movies...

Man Suing for Ageism Says His Judge Is Too Old

Angry violinist wants new judge for age discrimination suit

(Newser) - How’s this for irony: A 60-year-old violinist, who is suing a music competition for age discrimination, says the 88-year-old judge presiding over his case is too old and should be given the boot. Martin Stoner was rejected from the Young Concert Artists competition, which is meant for musicians one-third...

Texas Woman: I Was Fired for Gray Hair

She says her boss even offered to help dye it

(Newser) - Maybe another reason to dread that first gray hair: A 52-year-old former real estate branch manager says she was fired because she wouldn't dye her hair. She claims her boss ordered her to hide her gray hair and wear "younger fancy suits" when the branch moved to an...

Presidents Have to Be 35? Time to Scrap That Rule

Maybe modern problems require younger minds: Daniel Freedman

(Newser) - Americans require their presidents to be at least 35 years old because surely nobody younger could run the country. It's time to retire this "undemocratic, and even un-American" rule, writes Daniel Freedman at Forbes . People can decide for themselves whether "they want the 'wise' 45-year-old or...

Michigan Mayor Gets to Keep His Age a Secret

Judge agrees it is not required by law

(Newser) - In an unexpected win for the notion of it's-none-of-your-business, the mayor of Michigan's third-largest city doesn't have to reveal his age to run for re-election. The state appeals court entered the strange dispute yesterday by overturning a judge's ruling that had required Jim Fouts to disclose...

Feds Sue Fox News in Age, Sex Bias Case

Reporter says Fox retaliated after she complained of discrimination

(Newser) - A reporter who complained about age and sex discrimination at Fox News was punished for doing so, according to a suit filed by federal lawyers. After Catherine Herridge made several complaints to management about unequal pay and job conditions, she was asked to sign a contract including language aimed at...

Supremes Make Age-Bias Suits Harder to Prove

Ruling puts burden of proof on workers

(Newser) - Workers who sue their employers for age discrimination will find their cases much harder to win under a Supreme Court ruling issued yesterday, the Los Angeles Times reports. The court, in a 5-4 decision, ruled that it is up to employees who believe they were fired or demoted because of...

Ex-GM Baylor Sues Clippers for Discrimination

(Newser) - NBA Hall of Famer and former Los Angeles Clippers general manager Elgin Baylor has sued the team, alleging that owner Donald Sterling had a “vision of a Southern plantation-type structure,” the Los Angles Times reports. The suit claims Sterling often talked about “poor black kids” and at...

Why This Year's Pollsters Are Stumped

(Newser) - This year's presidential race is bamboozling many a pollster. Todd Domke looks at some of skewing factors for the Boston Globe:
  • Race: White voters might be reluctant to tell pollsters they oppose a black candidate. Tom Bradley, remember, led the polls for California governor but lost the race. Then again,

Supreme Court Sides With Workers on Age Discrimination

Ruling shifts burden of proof to employers

(Newser) - The Supreme Court ruled today that it is up to employers in age-discrimination lawsuits to prove that their actions resulted from “reasonable factors other than age,” the New York Times reports. With the opinion making it easier for employees to sue, the court explained to opponents that Congress’...

Dems' Coded Message: McCain Is Old
Dems' Coded Message: McCain Is Old

Dems' Coded Message: McCain Is Old

GOP cries foul over between-the-lines jabs at candidate, 71

(Newser) - To a chorus of Republican indignation, Democrats are taking subtle swipes at John McCain's, er, septuagenarian status. From Joe Scarborough saying the "doddering" 71-year-old "needs to go to Miami Beach and play checkers” to John Kerry calling him “confused” or Barack Obama, 46, noting McCain's “half-century...

Gender and Race Aside, Age Pushes to Fore

Boomers, seniors split on whether to support fellow oldster

(Newser) - Now that a primary season fraught with racism and sexism has ended, the nation now gears up to face its general-election gremlin: ageism. While John McCain, 71, may joke that the primary qualification to be president is "to be very, very, very, very old," the New York Times...

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