Grand Canyon

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Grand Canyon Uranium Mine to Reopen Despite Federal Ban

Native tribe, environmentalists react with angry lawsuit

(Newser) - An energy company plans to reopen its uranium mine near the Grand Canyon despite a 20-year federal ban on new uranium mines in the area, the Arizona Republic reports. The Huvasupai Tribe and environmentalists are hopping mad, but Energy Fuels Resources has an argument: Its mine is grandfathered because it... More »

Daredevil Plans Grand Canyon Tightrope Walk

Nik Wallenda says he won't be using a safety harness

(Newser) - In a stunt daring even by the standards of the Flying Wallendas, seventh-generation daredevil Nik Wallenda is planning to cross the Grand Canyon on a tightrope—without using a safety harness or net. Wallenda—who made it across Niagara Falls on a tightrope last year—says the death-defying walk 1,... More »

Grand Canyon Flooding Worked—for Now

New sandbars created, but for how long?

(Newser) - Scientists have declared November's experimental man-made flood of the Grand Canyon a success—at least for now. The endeavor, which saw researchers pump up the flow of water through the Glen Canyon Dam from its usual 8,000 cubic feet per second to 42,300 for 24 hours, appears... More »

Study: Grand Canyon 70M Years Old, Not 6M

Which means dinosaurs might have roamed there, say researchers

(Newser) - Visit the Grand Canyon, and signs will inform you that scientists believe it is about 6 million years old, which, a new study suggests, is a mere 64 million years or so off. A group of "contrarian" geologists published a paper today arguing that the canyon is about 70... More »

Grand Canyon Bride Dies in 300-Foot Fall

Ioana Hociota aimed to hike entire canyon

(Newser) - A young woman married at the Grand Canyon fell 300 feet to her death at the giant chasm. Experienced hiker Ioana Hociota, 24, likely plunged as a rock gave way beneath her as she was attempting to become the youngest person ever to hike across the entire canyon. "It'... More »

Grand Canyon Killed Bottle Ban After Coke Balked

Company is a big donor, and it sells Dasani water

(Newser) - Visitors to the Grand Canyon can still bring plastic water bottles into the national park, and they might thank Coca-Cola for the privilege. The New York Times explains: The park came thisclose to instituting a ban this year to cut down on trash. But the top US parks official killed... More »

Grandpa Busted for Forcing Kids on Hikes From Hell

Grandchildren whipped, deprived of water in Grand Canyon ordeals

(Newser) - A 45-year-old Indiana grandfather has been charged with child abuse after trying to toughen up his three grandsons with brutal hikes in the Grand Canyon, according to park rangers. He was busted after rangers and tourists observed him abusing the boys, ages 12, 9, and 8, MSNBC reports. The boys... More »

Grand Canyon Hiker Found Dead

Man is latest in string of hiker deaths

(Newser) - The latest in a string of national park deaths : On Sunday, authorities found the body of a Grand Canyon hiker who was apparently unprepared for the hike conditions. Two other backpackers ran across the man on Friday, and noted that he looked exhausted, was hiking without a pack, and didn'... More »

Arizona Fire Season Worst in History

Almost 1M acres charred

(Newser) - In terms of sheer acreage, it’s been the worst year on record for Arizona wildfires: Some 981,748 acres were charred in the flames, surpassing the 2005 record of 975,178. Driving the flames were dry weather and heavy winds early in the summer, reports the Arizona Republic . But... More »

Tourist Drops Dead After Grand Canyon Lightning Strike

5 others injured as bolt blasts ground nearby

(Newser) - A German tourist dropped dead seconds after a lightning strike at the Grand Canyon. Five other people in the woman's travel group were treated for minor injuries when the lightning hit the ground near where the group was standing. The flash didn't appear to directly strike anyone. Rangers... More »

Clues Suggest How Grand Canyon Formed

New data explains rising of huge Colorado Plateau

(Newser) - We know the Grand Canyon was formed when the vast Colorado plateau rose from the ground, then eroded. But scientists have long been stumped as to why the 130,000-square-mile region pushed more than a mile upward. Now, a team of researchers may have found the answer, and it lies... More »

Tourist Survives 75-Foot Plunge at Grand Canyon

Dramatic rescue follows French teen's slip

(Newser) - A young French tourist is lucky his last word wasn't "merde." The traveler, 18, is being treated for wrist, ankle, and neck injuries after surviving a 75-foot fall from the south rim of the Grand Canyon, AP reports. Park ranger paramedics rappelled down to the man and strapped... More »

Michelle Looks Bad in Shorts—Now You Can, Too

(Newser) - You know it's a slow week when news outlets track down "experts" to discuss the effect Michelle Obama's shorts will have on the White House, writes Belinda Luscombe for Time. The thing is, the shorts she wore on Sunday as she stepped out of Air Force One actually are... More »

Kilimanjaro, Grand Canyon Among '7 Wonders' Finalists

(Newser) - Twenty-eight finalists made the cut today for the “New 7 Wonders of Nature” poll, including the Grand Canyon and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the AP reports. Organizers expect 1 billion people to vote online or by phone before the winners are announced in 2011. Other wonders up... More »

Man Drives Car Off Grand Canyon Rim

Park officials find car, driver 600 feet below edge

(Newser) - A man is dead after driving his car over the edge of the Grand Canyon today, the Arizona Daily Sun reports. Witnesses informed park officials that a car had just gone into the Canyon around 6am. Shortly after, investigators found the car and the man’s body 600 feet below... More »

Grand Canyon Rescue Resumes

Helicopters continue to search for stranded campers

(Newser) - Rescue operations resumed this morning in the Grand Canyon, as helicopters airlifted campers and residents stranded by severe flooding, the Arizona Republic reports. Around 400 people have been evacuated since yesterday, and rescue workers are still searching for 11 tourists who remain unaccounted for—although the local sheriff says it’... More »

Hundreds Plucked From Grand Canyon Flood

Campers caught as dam breaks

(Newser) - Hundreds of tourists, along with members of the Havasupai Native American tribe, were rescued from the Grand Canyon today after a dam broke causing serious flooding. About 300 people were rescued by helicopter over a 10-hour period after the Redlands Dam, south of the village of Supai, and 220 miles... More »

Grand Canyon Is No Disneyland

It takes 6,000 workers to keep park visitors safe

(Newser) - Every day from before dawn until around midnight, a staff of thousands unites to keep the Grand Canyon in good condition and its 4.4 million annual visitors safe. NPR travels to the iconic destination to see how it works. "I hope that you are not imagining a pony... More »

Grand Canyon Flood Creates New Landscape

Management debate continues

(Newser) - The manmade flood that washed out part of the Grand Canyon last week has already produced sandbars, which indicate the project was a success, National Park officials tell the AP. The flood was designed to make up for the loss of natural distribution of sediment that accompanied the erection of... More »

Canyon Older Than Thought?

Study says formation began 17M years ago; others stick to 5-6M

(Newser) - The Grand Canyon might be three times older than previously thought, the Washington Post reports. A study in Science claims that a river—not the Colorado, but a smaller one—began carving the oldest part of the canyon 17 million years ago. It contends that the canyon-building greatly accelerated 5... More »

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