Russian elections

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Putin Claims Biggest Win Yet, Saying He Has Russia's Trust

Preliminary Russian results show 88% support for incumbent

(Newser) - In announcing preliminary results that make Franklin Roosevelt's 1932 landslide look like a nail-biter, Russian officials said Sunday that President Vladimir Putin is on track to receive 88% of the national vote in his reelection bid. That would make his margin of victory about 10 percentage points higher than...

After Call by Putin Opponents, Russians Crowd Polls at Noon

Navalny's backers pronounce the strategy a success on last day of voting

(Newser) - Russians crowded outside polling stations at midday Sunday on the last day of a three-day presidential election, apparently heeding an opposition call to protest against President Vladimir Putin, who is poised to extend his rule of nearly a quarter-century for six more years after a relentless crackdown on dissent. The...

With Putin's Victory Not in Doubt, Russia Votes
Voting Begins in
'Sham' Russian Election

Voting Begins in 'Sham' Russian Election

Landslide Putin victory is not in doubt

(Newser) - Three days of voting in Russia's presidential election began Friday, and the only unknown about the outcome is how big Vladimir Putin's victory will be. The Russian leader's main political opponents are banned from running, jailed, exiled, or dead, and the only other candidates on the ballot...

Russia Blocks Nomination of Putin Challenger

Yekaterina Duntsova advocates peace in Ukraine

(Newser) - A Russian politician calling for peace in Ukraine hit a roadblock in her campaign Saturday, when Russia's Central Election Commission refused to accept her initial nomination by a group of supporters, citing errors in the documents submitted. Former legislator Yekaterina Duntsova is calling for peace in Ukraine and hopes...

Putin Clears Way to Outlast Stalin's Tenure

Change to Russia's constitution means he could stay in power until 2036

(Newser) - Russian President Vladimir Putin signed into law Monday legislation that would allow him to stay in power until 2036, the Moscow Times reports. If Putin stays in office that long, he will have held the reins longer than Josef Stalin, who ruled for 29 years, a run second only to...

Russian Voters Agree to Extend Putin's Rule to 2036

Moscow says majority of voters has approved constitutional amendments

(Newser) - Moscow says a majority of Russians approved amendments to Russia’s constitution in a weeklong vote that ended Wednesday, allowing President Vladimir Putin to hold power until 2036. The balloting, however, was tarnished by widespread reports of pressure on voters and other irregularities. With most of the nation's polls...

Russian Cops Arrest Nearly 1,600 in Protests

Among them, Alexei Navalny

(Newser) - Russians angered by the impending inauguration of Vladimir Putin to a new term as president protested Saturday in scores of cities across the country—and police responded by reportedly arresting nearly 1,600 of them, the AP reports. Among those arrested was protest organizer Alexei Navalny, the anti-corruption campaigner who...

Trump Was Given Advice in Capital Letters, Ignored It


(Newser) - Western leaders were wary of congratulating Vladimir Putin after the Russian leader's overwhelming election win —with one notable exception. President Trump said Tuesday that he congratulated Putin on the victory during a "very good" phone call, which the Washington Post reports went directly against the advice of...

Putin Won in a Very Predictable Landslide
Putin: 'We Are
a Single Team'

Putin: 'We Are a Single Team'

He wins 4th term by biggest margin yet

(Newser) - Russia held a presidential election Sunday—and it didn't take the powers of the Amazing Kreskin to predict the outcome . Amid reports of ballot box-stuffing and other chicanery, Moscow released official results showing that Vladimir Putin had been re-elected with 76.7% of the vote, his highest score ever,...

Putin Likely Winner in 'Tainted' Russian Presidential Election

The incumbent was widely expected to glide to victory.

(Newser) - Early results and an exit poll showed that Vladimir Putin handily won a fourth term as Russia's president Sunday, adding six years in the Kremlin for the man who has led the world's largest country for all of the 21st century. The vote was tainted by widespread reports...

As Russia Votes, Reports of Ballot Stuffing, a Hack

Central Election Commission said it fought off a denial of service attack as Putin seeks a 4th term

(Newser) - Russia's presidential election was tainted Sunday by unprecedented pressure on voters to turn out and incidents of suspected ballot box stuffing in a barely democratic exercise that will grant Vladimir Putin another six years of power. His opponents have called the election a farce, but his millions of fans...

Russia Puts Kibosh on Putin Foe's Bid to Unseat Him

Alexei Navalny's presidential campaign is incredibly short-lived

(Newser) - Russian election officials have formally barred Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny from running for president, reports the AP . The Central Election Commission voted on Monday that the anti-corruption crusader isn't eligible to run. Navalny is implicitly barred from running for office because of a conviction in a fraud case...

Today's Shocker: Medvedev Approved as Russia PM

Job swap with Putin now complete

(Newser) - Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin completed their long-anticipated job swap today, with Russia’s parliament approving Medvedev as prime minister, as had been expected. Medvedev, who received a 299-144 vote, will serve under Putin, who was inaugurated for his third term as president yesterday and quickly nominated Medvedev as PM.

Russia Busts Opposition Leaders

On eve of Putin's inauguration

(Newser) - Police in Moscow have arrested top opposition figures along with demonstrators after a protest march on the eve of Vladimir Putin's inauguration as president tried to reach the Kremlin. The march by about 20,000 people to an island adjacent to the Kremlin proceeded peacefully this afternoon until a...

In Chechnya, 107% Turnout —for Putin

Obvious ballot-stuffing spotted in region

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin may have engaged in a brutal crackdown on Chechnya over the last, say, decade-plus, but it appears to have done wonders for his popularity, as evidenced by his extraordinary results there in Sunday's elections. A little too extraordinary, reports the New York Times: Putin garnered 1,482...

Cops Break Up Anti-Putin Rally

Moscow police storm protest against yesterday's election

(Newser) - Riot police today quickly and forcefully broke up an opposition attempt to occupy a downtown square in a bid to challenge Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's victory in Russia's presidential election, arresting dozens of participants, including some prominent opposition leaders. The harsh police action could fuel the opposition anger...

12K Cops Ready Selves for Moscow Protests

As watchdogs call Putin's win 'clearly skewed'

(Newser) - Talk of fraud has already tarnished Vladimir Putin's victory in the Russian presidential election; now an international watchdog group says his win, with 63% of the vote, was "clearly skewed," the BBC reports. "The point of elections is that the outcome should be uncertain," says...

Putin Wins Russian Presidency
 Putin Declares Victory 
shockers update

Putin Declares Victory

Exit polls give him about 60% of vote

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin declared victory in today's presidential elections after preliminary results and exit polls gave him about 60% of the vote, the BBC reports. "I promised you we would win, and we won," he said, eyes brimming with tears before supporters in central Moscow. "Glory to...

Putin: I May Run Again in 2018
 Putin: I May Run Again in 2018 

Putin: I May Run Again in 2018

He also mocks UN Syria resolution

(Newser) - Russia isn't going to be rid of Vladimir Putin anytime soon. Putin hasn't even officially won his third term as president, but in an interview with six foreign newspapers today he was already speculating about whether he'd run again in 2018. "It would be normal, if...

Hey, Virgins, Vote for Putin!

 Hey, Virgins,  
 Vote for Putin! 

Hey, Virgins, Vote for Putin!

He's a 'safe' pick for the 'first time,' suggestive ads declare

(Newser) - Good old Vladimir Putin is usually good for a wacky headline: This time, his backers are appealing to "virgin" voters in a new ad campaign, in which doctors and others advise young ladies on their "first time." Turns out they're actually urging the women to vote...

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