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Rush Limbaugh's $155M Estate Is Being Demolished

Cosmetics heir William Lauder, who bought Palm Beach property in March, has begun teardown

(Newser) - What does it feel like to have so much money that you can buy property worth more than $100 million, then knock down the posh home there just because? Ask William Lauder, who apparently serially razes mansions. Via Yahoo Finance , USA Today reports that the cosmetics billionaire, executive chair of...

Anne Heche's Ex, Son in Battle Over Estate

James Tupper says Homer Laffoon, Heche's son by Coley Laffoon, isn't fit to manage things

(Newser) - Anne Heche died without a will—maybe. Late last month, the older of the actor's two sons—20-year-old Homer Laffoon, whom Heche shared with TV cameraman Coley Laffoon—filed paperwork to request control of her estate. Now, however, James Tupper, the father of Heche's 13-year-old son, Atlas Tupper,...

Ancient Estate Unearthed in Israel

In Israel,
Dig Reveals
an Ancient

In Israel, Dig Reveals an Ancient Estate

Site in town of Rahat dates back to 8th or 9th century

(Newser) - Archaeologists unearthed a lavish 1,200-year-old estate in Israel's southern desert that offers a unique glimpse of life for wealthy residents of the Negev region, the country's antiquities authority said Tuesday. The discovery in the Bedouin town of Rahat dates to the early Islamic period in the eighth...

6-Year Fight Over Prince's Estate Is Resolved

Estate is split down the middle, but there are more than 2 parties involved

(Newser) - Prince died without a will in 2016, and it has taken six years to figure out how to divvy up his $156 million estate . With no children or spouse, the musician's legal heirs were determined to be his six half siblings. Billboard reports three of them went on to...

A Hermit's Art Is Famous Due to His Landlords. Who Owns It?

That question, specifically about Henry Darger, will get its day in court

(Newser) - As far as outsider—or self-taught—artists go, Henry Darger is one of the greats. The Chicago janitor lived as a hermit and died in 1973 at age 81, "leaving a single room crammed with his colorful illustrations, a 15,000-page book, and no immediate surviving relatives," reports...

The Number Is In on Worth of Prince's Estate, and It's Huge

Final valuation comes in at $156.4M, about double what estate's administrator originally estimated

(Newser) - The administrator of Prince's estate had once estimated its value at $82.3 million. The Internal Revenue Service said it thought the real number was double that. Now, nearly six years after the legal fight over the late singer's estate began, a final figure has been arrived at,...

One of Vanderbilt's Sons Said to Get Bulk of Her Fortune

She is survived by 3 sons

(Newser) - Gloria Vanderbilt is survived by three sons. And the New York Post reports one of them is getting nearly everything she had. According to a will filed Monday in Manhattan surrogate court, Anderson Cooper will inherit the bulk of her estate. Her eldest son, Leopold "Stan" Stokowski, will get...

Handwritten Will by Aretha Reveals a Surprise

The father of her first child wasn't who everyone thought

(Newser) - When Aretha Franklin died, the initial word was that she didn't leave a will . That changed in a big way with the discovery of not one, not two, but three handwritten wills in her home. The big questions now are whether they're real and, if so, whether they'...

When Someone Dies Alone, They Don Hazmats, Go In
When Someone Dies Alone,
They Don Hazmats, Go In

When Someone Dies Alone, They Don Hazmats, Go In

The story of 2 public administrators, Eugene Brown, and his millions

(Newser) - "The Mystery of the Millionaire Hermit" is a story with three main sets of characters: the man who died alone in his 90s in his Corning, Calif., home in 2015; the two public administrators tasked with tracking down his will and heirs; and the heir-finding company that got in...

Tom Petty's Kids, Widow Embroiled in Court Fight

Dana York Petty battling it out with Adria and Annakim Petty over control of estate

(Newser) - It's been a year and a half since Tom Petty died , and while Variety reports a couple of his music compilations have since made their way to the public, a family feud may hold up further releases. Per court documents obtained by the Blast , Petty's widow, Dana York...

Michael Jackson Estate Now in Major Damage-Control Mode

Sony's $250M bet on Jackson now looks risky

(Newser) - The headline of an op-ed published by Bloomberg reads "Stop Listening to Michael Jackson." The piece by Ramesh Ponnuru is exactly what Jackson's estate had been hoping to avoid following HBO's Leaving Neverland documentary, in which Wade Robson and James Safechuck claim Jackson sexually abused them...

Millionaire's Family Sues When Heir Turns Out Not to Be Man's Son

Paternity test revealed no biological connection

(Newser) - What happens when a self-made millionaire leaves most of his fortune to his supposed son, only for a paternity test to reveal there was no biological relation between the two men? A lawsuit in British Columbia's Supreme Court that airs a lot of family secrets, per the CBC . Elis...

Seattle Man's Long-Planned Last Act Shocks, Delights

Alan Naiman left most of an $11M estate to children's charities

(Newser) - Alan Naiman was known for an unabashed thriftiness that veered into the comical, but even those closest to him had no inkling of the fortune that he quietly amassed and the last act that he had long planned. The Washington state social worker died of cancer this year at age...

Judge Has Bad News for Hawaiian Princess

Abigail Kawananakoa is deemed mentally incapable of managing her trust

(Newser) - A judge ruled this week that Hawaiian "princess" Abigail Kawananakoa isn't mentally capable of handling her $215 million fortune—the latest development in a saga of aging royalty and alleged abuse, the Guardian reports. Kawananakoa, 92, who descends from the royal family that once ruled the Hawaiian kingdom,...

Inventor of Voicemail Says Everything Must Go

Scott Jones is throwing a serious estate sale

(Newser) - Tech titan Scott Jones, best known for inventing voicemail and founding the search engine ChaCha, is moving on. The Indiana native has spent most of the past two years in Hawaii, and now he's decided to sell the Indiana house, which he has been renting out on Airbnb, for...

Most Money From Madoff's Sons' Estates Will Go to Victims

Estates reach $23M deal with government

(Newser) - Victims of Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme will divvy up $23 million from the estates of his two sons. The estates of Mark Madoff, who killed himself in 2010, and Andrew Madoff, who died of cancer in 2014, reached a deal with the US government—eight years in the making—...

There's No Will for Prince's Estimated $200M Estate

Which means it will likely be split among all of his siblings

(Newser) - It's not really a surprise that Prince was worth a whole lot of money when he died in April, but now there's a number on it. The singer's estate is estimated to be worth $200 million, per a court filing, which is about half of what David...

Prince's Paisley Park: Future Tourist Attraction?

Trustees hiring 'monetization' experts

(Newser) - Prince is dead, but his estate is "a dynamic, wide-ranging business enterprise," a lawyer for the trust overseeing his assets declared at a court hearing in Minnesota Wednesday. The judge granted the Bremer Trust permission to hire entertainment and "monetization" experts to look at ways to keep...

Seattle Couple Leaves Entire Fortune to 'America'

Perhaps they wanted to say 'thank you' with their $847K gift

(Newser) - The US government is $847,215.57 richer thanks to an extraordinary gift from an immigrant couple. Peter Petrasek escaped Czechoslovakia during World War II and met and married his wife Joan, an Irish immigrant, in Canada. The pair made Seattle their home in the late 1950s. Joan died in...

Negotiations Over Reclusive Heiress' Estate Collapse

Will of Huguette Clark set to go to trial

(Newser) - A settlement was said to be near in the matter of Huguette Clark's $300 million estate , but negotiations have broken down, according to some of the 60 lawyers involved. That means the fate of the reclusive heiress' fortune will likely be determined at a jury trial starting a week...

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