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Lonely Burger-Eating Papaw Gives the Internet a Sad

'He made 12 burgers for all 6 grandkids and I’m the only one who showed'

(Newser) - One sad, burger-cooking grandpa took the Internet by storm this week, inspiring everything from amusing memes to death threats, US Magazine reports. It all started Wednesday when Kelsey Harmon, a college softball player from Oklahoma, dropped in for a meal with her papaw. "Dinner with papaw tonight…he made... More »

Poll Wants to Know: Is Ted Cruz the Zodiac Killer?

It's the final question on a survey from Public Policy Polling

(Newser) - A sampling of tweets sent within minutes of each other on Thursday: "I'm confused and I'm just trying to get to the bottom of this. Is Ted Cruz the Zodiac killer? Or is he not?" and "Is Ted Cruz the Zodiac killer? I haven't seen... More »

Internet Convulses Over Tom Brady's Court Sketch

Artist apologizes for not making Patriots QB "as good-looking as he is'

(Newser) - Jane Rosenberg is a New York-based artist who's whipped up courtroom sketches of some of the city's most high-profile cases—including the Woody Allen/Mia Farrow custody hearing and the John Gotti trial—but it's her latest doodle of Tom Brady that has thrown social media into a... More »

She's Really Not Mad: an Examination of 'RBF'

'Resting bitch face' is so much of a thing it's an Internet meme

(Newser) - The latest meme to grace the Internet isn't exactly putting a happy face on it: It's RBF, or Resting Bitch Face, or its precursor, Bitchy Resting Face, first made famous in a Public Service Announcement parody that's been viewed more than 6 million times on YouTube . "... More »

This Guy Used an Emoticon on the Senate Floor

And slammed the GOP in the process

(Newser) - What do Republicans plan to do if the Supreme Court strikes a big blow to the Affordable Care Act? In the words, er, meme, of Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy, that would be a bunch of characters (some of them difficult to reproduce) that form an emoticon known as the "... More »

Here's the Real Story of 'Bad Luck Brian' Meme

Kyle Craven has made about $20K from his awkward high school photo

(Newser) - Kyle Craven is a 25-year-old guy who lives with his wife and dog in Ohio and builds churches for a living, but he's got a secret that might surprise those who first meet him: He's a meme. Thanks to Ian Davies, an old buddy who submitted Craven's... More »

NFL Player's Amazing Catch Is Now an Amazing Meme

NY Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham caught the ball with 3 fingers

(Newser) - Was Odell Beckham's catch last night during the Giants-Cowboys game the greatest catch ever, as Business Insider (and pretty much everyone else) has dubbed it? That may still be up for debate, but what's not arguable is that a) it was an insane catch, and b) it's... More »

Bill Cosby's 'Make Me a Meme' Request Goes Awry

Very, very, very awry

(Newser) - Pro tip: If you have a sexual assault scandal in your background, you may not want to ask the general population to turn you into an Internet "meme." Apparently, no one told this to Bill Cosby, which is why his "meme generator" idea went horribly wrong yesterday.... More »

What Really Happens When You Faceplant

Serious facial fractures that aren't really that funny

(Newser) - Kids have a word for it when you land face-first: "fail." As an Internet meme, it's called faceplanting. But what really happens when people use their face for brakes? At BoingBoing , Maggie Koerth-Baker looks at the physical results—which aren't pretty—and takes a glimpse at... More »

Ashley Wagner Is Unimpressed, Sochi's 1st Meme

US figure skater was not happy with her score, spawns meme

(Newser) - American figure skater Ashley Wagner, whose very selection to the US team proved controversial, is stirring the pot again. In perhaps the first meme to emerge from the Sochi Games, Wagner was photographed smiling radiantly after yesterday's performance—until her score was announced and put her in fourth place,... More »

FAA Not Delighted by Mid-Air 'Harlem Shake'

They may be the only ones

(Newser) - Federal investigators are casting a less-than-approving eye at a frankly spectacular mid-air rendition of the "Harlem Shake" meme. The video, recorded by the Colorado College Ultimate Frisbee Team, begins with a man in a helmet dancing alone in the aisle of a passenger jet, and ends with an aisle... More »

And Now: 'Te'oing' Memes

Hoax has fake girlfriends popping up online

(Newser) - The crazy hoax involving the nonexistent girlfriend of Notre Dame star Manti Te'o now gets the ultimate modern tribute—its own meme. As in, guys posting photos of themselves with an arm wrapped around ... nothing, reports E! Online . You can see the fast-growing Tumblr here . Te'o, meanwhile, maintains... More »

2012's Best Viral Political Moments

Social media highlights from the year that was

(Newser) - Washington might be Hollywood for ugly people, but this year DC went as viral as any A-lister. Politico runs down the highlights in social media, from the year that brought us binders full of badass secretaries, empty chairs, and more:
  • Bronco Bama and Mitt Romney : 4-year-old Abbie Evans' video meltdown
... More »

'Drunk Nate Silver' Is the Best Thing on Twitter Today

Tweets imagine a smashed statistics guru

(Newser) - The most hilarious thing on Twitter right now, according to Gawker —and we have to agree—is the "Drunk Nate Silver" game. Campaign consultant Dan Levitan started it, and now everyone is weighing in, imagining things the statistical guru who correctly called the election might do whilst intoxicated.... More »

Clint's Wacky Chair Schtick Lights Up Twitter

'Invisible Obama' hit of convention

(Newser) - Clint Eastwood's decidedly odd convention speech with an imaginary President Obama sitting next to him taking questions and offering obscene suggestions has electrified the Twitterverse—and inspired an Internet meme . Within hours some 35,000 followers were eating up brand new Twitter account @InvisibleObama , notes Mashable . Invisible Obama apparently... More »

'I Can Haz 2nd Turm?': Obama Pic Goes Viral

Left, right square off in meme joke-off

(Newser) - Campaign stump photos may seem like a dry lot, but this pic by the AP's Carolyn Kaster of President Obama at a rally in Iowa is a bit more unusual than most. A perfectly placed outdoor light, an upward camera angle, and a ruffled, robe-like outfit all combine to... More »

'Trololo' Viral Video Singer Dead at 77

Eduard Khil remembered for classic Internet meme

(Newser) - Russian singer Eduard Khil, who won over an Internet fan base with an accidentally hilarious video, died today in Russia at age 77, Mashable reports. He had suffered a stroke in April that left him with severe brain damage. His 1976 video , a strolling, smiling, suave performance of "I... More »

Oosp: Romney's New App Misspells 'America'

(That's a joke in our headline)

(Newser) - There are typos, and then there are typos, and then there's the gift Mitt Romney just handed his online detractors. Romney's campaign just launched an app that was supposed to let people show their support by taking pictures, overlaying stirring messages on them, like "American Greatness" or... More »

'Badass' Hillary Clinton Surfaces in Colombia

Hillary lets down her hair

(Newser) - While President Obama had his hands full with the Secret Service prostitute scandal in Colombia, Hillary Clinton was partying at a trendy cafe in Cartagena. It was badass turn No. 2 for Clinton, who's undergoing a reputation refurbishment as a take-no-guff secretary of state thanks to the Texts from... More »

'Texts From Hillary' Hails Rebirth of a Badass

Secretary of State looks cool, gets respect in viral phenomenon

(Newser) - The latest meme to take the Internet by storm also might just indicate a Clinton renaissance: Texts From Hillary features imagined conversations between Clinton and pretty much anyone—other politicians, Sarah Palin, Mark Zuckerberg, Jay-Z—using a photo of Clinton taken last fall on a flight to Tripoli, in which... More »

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