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Frontier Airlines Announces 'New Era'

Airline says it will nix change/cancellation fees, offer more transparency in traveling options

(Newser) - "Today marks the beginning of a new era for Frontier," Frontier chief Barry Biffle said in a Friday statement, announcing an overhaul likely to go over well with customers. Key among those shifts, per Quartz : the elimination of most fees for changing or canceling flights. Under the previous...

Wintry Blast Brings Closures, Cancellations, Danger

More snow, freezing rain expected in several areas Tuesday

(Newser) - Dangerously cold temperatures affected much of the Rockies, Great Plains, and Midwest on Tuesday, with wind chills below minus 30 degrees in many parts of the central US, per the AP . More than 85,000 US homes and businesses were without power early Tuesday, the bulk of them in Oregon...

The Ice Man Groundeth 1K Flights in Texas

Southwest is not having a particularly cheery day again

(Newser) - Winter weather brought ice to Texas and nearby states Tuesday, causing the cancellation of more than 1,300 flights and delaying nearly as many more. Numerous auto collisions were reported in Austin, with at least one fatality. In Travis County, Texas, which includes Austin, police and sheriff’s deputies have...

Canceled Flight Leads to a Most Unusual Road Trip

13 strangers rent van, drive together from Orlando to Knoxville after nixed Frontier flight

(Newser) - What do you do when you're in the airport and find out your flight has been canceled? You could hang out in the airport until a new flight is available; resign yourself to spending more time in the city you're flying out of; or hook up with a...

Latest Travel Nightmare Involves Lufthansa, Germany

Nearly 1K flights were canceled Wednesday in and out of Munich, Frankfurt

(Newser) - Wednesday was a really bad day to be booked on a Lufthansa flight in or out of Germany. The New York Times reports that roughly 3,000 "nonflying" employees walked off the job at 3:45am Wednesday, with plans to protest for higher wages until 6am Thursday. The resulting...

Buttigieg, Who's Been Stranded, Warns of Steps Against Airlines

Industry bosses say they're working to make sure next holiday weekend has fewer disruptions

(Newser) - The day after Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg met with airline leaders to quiz them about widespread flight disruptions, his own flight was canceled and he wound up driving from Washington to New York. "That is happening to a lot of people, and that is exactly why we are paying...

Holiday Weekend Travel Kicks Off With Cancellations

Airlines blame crew shortages, weather

(Newser) - More canceled flights frustrated air travelers on the final day of 2021 and appeared all but certain to inconvenience hundreds of thousands more over the New Year's holiday weekend. Airlines blamed many of the cancellations on crew shortages related to the spike in COVID-19 infections, with wintry weather in...

America's Flight Woes Show No Signs of Stopping
America's Flight Woes
Stretch Into Day 5

America's Flight Woes Stretch Into Day 5

Tuesday brings more delays, cancellations

(Newser) - Update: If you were hoping today would bring the reprieve to the travel woes that have been persisting since Friday, bad news: Another swatch of flights have already been canceled on Tuesday. CNN cites FlightAware data that shows roughly 700 flights within, into, or out of the US have been...

Staff Shortages Add to Flight Cancellations
Omicron Adds 
Flight Cancellations

Omicron Adds Flight Cancellations

Airlines say they're short-staffed because of the variant's surge

(Newser) - Airlines canceled hundreds more flights Sunday, citing staffing problems tied to COVID-19, as the nation's travel woes extended beyond Christmas, with no clear indication when normal schedules would resume. More than 700 flights entering, leaving, or flying within the US were called off, according to the flight-tracking website FlightAware....

Thanks, Omicron: Hundreds of Christmas Eve Flights Canceled

United, Delta, and Alaska are canceling flights

(Newser) - Not exactly what holiday travelers want to hear the day before Christmas Eve: Three airlines announced Thursday they were canceling flights for the following day due to the omicron variant of COVID-19. United Airlines canceled more than 150 flights, saying "the nationwide spike in omicron cases this week has...

Spirit Airlines Battered by Day 4 of Big Problems

60% of Wednesday's flights have been canceled

(Newser) - Spirit Airlines' run of "extremely difficult" days continued on Wednesday, the fourth straight day in which it has been forced to cancel a hefty chunk of its scheduled flights, with many more being delayed. The airline's word on the cause: "overlapping operational challenges including weather, system outages,...

Pilot Cuts, Snow Bring Cancellations
Storms, Staffing Cancel Flights

Storms, Staffing Cancel Flights

With fewer pilots, Delta struggles with logistics

(Newser) - Logistical complications brought on by the pandemic, piled on top of a snowstorm, led Delta Air Lines to cancel hundereds of flights for Wednesday and Thursday. Anticipating the snowfall at its Minneapolis hub, the airline scrapped 250 flights early, the Washington Post reports. Staffing problems brought the cancellation of another...

Blizzards Hit Millions, Ground Hundreds of Flights

Chicago and Kansas City expect to be hit hard

(Newser) - A winter storm blanketed much of the central Midwest with snow on Sunday at the end of the Thanksgiving weekend, bringing blizzard-like conditions that grounded hundreds of flights and forced the closure of major highways on one of the busiest travel days of the year, the AP reports. "It'...

Ryanair Pokes at British Airways Over Crippling IT Failure

CEO Alex Cruz says all issues were 'local' and fixed by 'local resources'

(Newser) - It's close but no cigar for British Airways. The airline has fully restored all its long-haul services out of Heathrow following Saturday's crippling IT failure , but Monday marks the third day of related delays and cancellations, particularly when it comes to short-haul flights. The AP reports BA axed...

Spirit Cancels Multiple Flights, Melee Breaks Out

Police called to the scene at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood airport

(Newser) - Spirit Airlines customers were not happy when as many as nine flights were canceled Monday night at Florida's Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport—in fact, they were so unhappy, police had to be called in. Video posted by onlookers and witness reports detail a massively chaotic scene, complete with yelling...

Delta Cancels More Flights as Woes Drag on

Airline offering travel vouchers to those affected

(Newser) - Delta's travails, and those of its customers, move into day two with the airline canceling nearly 250 flights, reports the AP . The cancellations Tuesday follow about 1,000 canceled flights Monday and almost 3,000 delayed flights after an outage at its Atlanta headquarters caused a global systems failure...

Warnings, Advice Pile Up as Northeast Blizzard Looms

United cancels all NYC, Philly, Boston flights

(Newser) - Thousands of flights in the Northeast have already been canceled for today and tomorrow as dire warnings about a coming blizzard pile up, and some 30 million people hunker down, reports NPR . Some 2,000 flights have been canceled for today, with another 1,800 nixed for tomorrow, FlightAware.com...

Chicago Airport Lines Stretch More Than a Mile

1.8K flights delayed across country

(Newser) - If you're reading this while you wait in line at Chicago's Midway Airport, we wish you the best of luck. Lines at security have reportedly reached more than a mile long today, Gawker reports. According to one tweet : "The line for TSA at Midway airport leaves the...

Snow Pounds East Coast Yet Again

DC could see 12 inches; 2K flights canceled

(Newser) - It may be March, but the winter weather isn't over. The East Coast is once again getting pummeled by snow, with Washington, DC, and other mid-Atlantic cities expecting between six and 12 inches, AccuWeather reports. Ice, meanwhile, could reach to Charlotte, NC. Virginia, Tennessee, and Delaware are among states...

Atlanta Losing Power as 'Catastrophic' Storm Begins

Georgia governor: Ice 'our biggest enemy'

(Newser) - The warnings haven't minced words , and the potentially "catastrophic" weather set to hit the South has begun, with Atlanta already feeling the effects: Some 39,000 and counting have lost power there, with that number climbing by the thousands within spans as short as 10 minutes. In terms...

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