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Mary Jo Kopechne's Family: She Was No 'Wide-Eyed Idealist'

Film 'Chappaquiddick' revisits her 1969 death in Ted Kennedy's car

(Newser) - Chappaquiddick is back in the headlines again, thanks to the release on Friday of a movie based on the infamous 1969 death of Mary Jo Kopechne. The 28-year-old died after she left a party on Chappaquiddick Island with Ted Kennedy, whose Oldsmobile went off an island bridge and plunged into...

McConnell Used Century-Old 'Arcane Rule' to Silence Warren

Rule 19 was put into place in 1902 after two Democratic senators got into fistfight

(Newser) - The Senate GOP shut down Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday night as she attempted to quote from old letters penned by the late Sen. Ted Kennedy and the late Coretta Scott King to protest the nomination of Jeff Sessions for attorney general, prompting the #LetLizSpeak and #SilencingElizabethWarren hashtags and leading Warren...

Ted Kennedy Jr. Won't Run for Senate
 Affleck Also 
 Not Running 
 for Senate 


Affleck Also Not Running for Senate

Joins Ted Kennedy Jr. in declining to run for Kerry's seat

(Newser) - Ben Affleck is done being coy about his political ambitions, and is joining the growing list of people who won't be running for John Kerry's Senate seat, reports Politico . "I love Massachusetts and our political process, but I am not running for office," Affleck wrote on...

Kennedy Clan Warring Over Ted's Estate

Sons battling Vicki Kennedy over institute honoring late senator

(Newser) - All is not calm in Camelot. A major battle is building between Ted Kennedy's widow and his children over the establishment of a $71 million institution in the late senator's honor. The tension centers on the construction and management of the Edward Kennedy Institute for the US Senate,...

Ted Kennedy's Ghost: Please, Overturn ObamaCare
Ted Kennedy's Ghost:
Please, Overturn ObamaCare

Ted Kennedy's Ghost: Please, Overturn ObamaCare

Jonathan Rauch has a conversation with the dead senator about judicial activism

(Newser) - Liberals should really hope the Supreme Court overturns the Affordable Care Act, Ted Kennedy tells Jonathan Rauch for the New York Daily News. "I'm surprised," Rauch writes, "and not just because I'm talking to a dead senator." Wouldn't liberals hate to lose President...

MSNBC Bleeps Out Ann Coulter

Commentator goes a little too far for censors on Morning Joe

(Newser) - Anne Coulter’s lips moved quite a bit on Morning Joe today—but you couldn’t hear most of what she was saying. MSNBC censored her discussion of the GOP race, and she appeared confused by the move, Mediaite reports. “What did I say?” she asked on-air after the...

Ted Kennedy's Oldest Child, Kara, Dead at 51

Former Sen. Charles Percy also dead

(Newser) - Two notable obituaries from the wires today:
  • Kara Kennedy, 51, the oldest child of the late Ted Kennedy, died at a Washington health club, reports AP . She had battled lung cancer since 2002. "She's with dad," said brother Patrick. "Her heart gave out." She has

FBI: In '61, Ted Kennedy Rented Out 'Entire Brothel'

Classified memo describes decadent partying in Chile

(Newser) - While John F Kennedy sat in the most powerful office on Earth, little brother Ted was off renting out an entire Chilean brothel during a 1961 tour of Latin America, reports the Boston Globe . A previously redacted FBI memo, which Judicial Watch says it obtained despite a battle from the...

Carter's Big Health Care Villain: Ted Kennedy

Former president blasts his former political rival in interview, book

(Newser) - For a man with the Nobel Peace Prize on his mantel, Jimmy Carter sure can hold a grudge. In an interview with 60 Minutes airing Sunday, he goes after Ted Kennedy—who challenged the incumbent president for the Democratic nomination in 1980—on two fronts, reports the Boston Globe :
  • Health

Dems Pushing Kennedy's Widow to Run for His Seat

And it's causing family tension, say sources

(Newser) - Several prominent Democrats believe Vicki Kennedy is the party's best shot for reclaiming the seat currently held by Scott Brown in 2012, and have been quietly promoting her as their candidate of choice—though according to close sources, she still has no plans to run. However, the Washington Post notes...

From the Appalachian Coalfields to 9 Senate Terms
From the Appalachian Coalfields to
9 Senate Terms

From the Appalachian Coalfields to 9 Senate Terms

The 'astonishing arc' of Robert Byrd's life

(Newser) - Robert Byrd, who died today at age 92, rose from a hardscrabble childhood in the coalfields of West Virginia to become the longest-serving member of Congress in history. Those who knew the conservative Democrat remember him as a self-taught man of iron will (he remains the only congressman to have...

FBI Reveals Mountain of Ted Kennedy Death Threats

Thousands of letters promised his demise

(Newser) - After the death of his brothers, Ted Kennedy lived in constant fear that he’d be assassinated as well—and with good reason. The FBI has just released 2,352 pages from its files on Kennedy, and they’re dominated by death threats, both from anonymous enemies and groups like...

Salazar OKs Offshore Windmill Farm

'Cape Wind' is a go, source says

(Newser) - Ken Salazar is about to give his blessing to the “Cape Wind” project—a controversial, long-delayed offshore windmill farm off Nantucket Sound in Massachusetts—sources tell the Boston Globe . Salazar wouldn't confirm that, but he's got a press conference scheduled with Deval Patrick at noon, and “I don't...

Kennedys to Vet Ted's FBI File

And the first installment is a whopping 3K pages

(Newser) - The Kennedy clan will have the chance to pore through what the Boston Globe calls Ted Kennedy's "exhaustive and secret" FBI file before it's released to the public. But never fear, gossipers: While the family has the right to block anything that would violate the privacy of living Kennedys,...

Ted Kennedy's Son Leaves Note on Dad's Grave

'The unfinished business is done'

(Newser) - Ted Kennedy famously considered health care reform the "unfinished business" of America. Yesterday, son Patrick visited his Arlington gravesite and left a simple note: "Dad, the unfinished business is done," reports the Washington Post . A steady stream of visitors has been at the tombstone since the weekend....

Rep. Delahunt Is Latest Dem to Bow Out

Mass. veteran is 17th to decide against re-election bid

(Newser) - Joining 16 of his fellow House Democrats, Massachusetts Rep. William Delahunt says he will not seek re-election this fall. “It’s got nothing to do with politics,” Delahunt, 68, tells the Boston Globe . “It’s time.” And while Delahunt had to be talked into seeking re-election...

Patrick Kennedy: Dad's Death Changed Everything

Rhode Island Rep. resigned after 'soul searching'

(Newser) - Patrick Kennedy decided not to run for reelection in part because of his experience watching his father die of brain cancer. “It’s pretty simple,” he said in an interview with Rhode Island Monthly . “I went through something that caused me a great deal of soul searching...

Patrick Kennedy Won't Run for Re-Election in RI
Patrick Kennedy Won't
Run for Re-Election in RI

Patrick Kennedy Won't Run for Re-Election in RI

Ted Kennedy's 42-year-old son won't seek ninth House term

(Newser) - Rep. Patrick Kennedy, the 42-year-old son of the late Sen. Edward Kennedy, has decided not to seek re-election for his seat representing Rhode Island in Congress. Kennedy's term ends early next year but he says in a television message viewed by the AP that his life is "taking a...

Patrick Kennedy Slams Scott Brown

Ted Kennedy's son calls successor's candidacy a 'joke'

(Newser) - Scott Brown sped up his swearing-in because despite having touted his independence during his Senate campaign, "he's in the tank for the Republicans," says Patrick Kennedy, predecessor Ted Kennedy's son. Patrick Kennedy, a Rhode Island congressman, says Brown suddenly demanded to be seated a week earlier than previously...

Sorry GOP, Seating Brown Will Have to Wait

Kennedy was sworn in fast, but under different circumstances

(Newser) - Republicans have been crowing that Scott Brown should be seated right away, just like Ted Kennedy was back in 1962, but there are some big differences between then and now. Senators are not supposed to be sworn in until they’re officially certified, TalkingPointsMemo explains. The Senate waived that rule...

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