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The Oil Started Spilling in 2004. The Feds Finally Studied It

And now Taylor Energy is paying $43M

(Newser) - Update: Taylor Energy will pay $43 million in civil penalties and damages over the longest-running oil spill in US history. The Department of Justice on Wednesday announced the settlement with the Louisiana-based company, which ceased production in 2008, the New York Times reports. Oil and gas has been seeping into...

Feds: Company Behind California Oil Spill Was Negligent in 6 Ways

Amplify Energy failed to respond to leak alarms, prosecutors say

(Newser) - A Houston-based oil company and two subsidiaries were indicted Wednesday for a crude spill that fouled southern California waters and beaches in October, an event prosecutors say was caused in part by failing to properly act when alarms repeatedly alerted workers to a pipeline rupture. Amplify Energy Corp. and its...

Huntington Beach Reopens After Oil Spill
Surf's Up Again
After Oil Spill

Surf's Up Again After Oil Spill

Hazmat crews work alongside California beachgoers after reopening

(Newser) - Surfers and swimmers returned to the waves Monday at a popular Southern California beach that was shut for more than a week after an undersea pipeline leaked crude oil into the ocean. The reopening of Huntington Beach—dubbed "Surf City USA"—came far sooner than many expected after...

Possible Cause of California Oil Spill: Ship's Anchor

Divers are investigating the 'distinct possibility'

(Newser) - Update: Officials are investigating whether a ship's anchor might have struck an oil pipeline, causing 126,000 gallons of oil to spill into the ocean off the coast of Orange County, Calif., over the weekend, the AP reports. Divers were examining the pipeline to make a determination, and more...

Oil Spill Reaches California Beaches

Dead fish, birds already have washed up along shoreline

(Newser) - A major oil spill has reached the sands of Southern California, killing birds and fish and forcing the closure of beaches. A cleanup operation of the slick that the Coast Guard said covers about 13 square miles. The spill was reported Saturday, and by Sunday, oil had washed ashore, bringing...

Divers ID Source of 'Miles-Long' Oil Slick in Gulf

No one knows yet, though, who the broken pipeline belongs to

(Newser) - Divers at the site of an ongoing oil spill that appeared in the Gulf of Mexico after Hurricane Ida have identified the apparent source as a 1-foot-diameter pipeline displaced from a trench on the ocean floor and broken open. Talos Energy, the Houston-based company currently paying for the cleanup, said...

Massive Alaska Quake May Have Caused Sunken Ship's Leak

Fuel is spilling from 1989 shipwreck

(Newser) - A ship that sank off Kodiak Island decades ago has started to leak diesel fuel, and a state official suspects ground shaking from last month’s massive magnitude 8.2 earthquake might be the reason. The vessel sank in 1989 in Womens Bay, "and it’s been resting there...

After Oil Spill, Sea Turtles Are Fed Mayo as a Cure-All

It cleans their digestive tracts, say rescuers in Israel

(Newser) - When it comes to saving sea turtles, Israeli rescuers have discovered that mayonnaise is a miracle, per the AP . Employees at Israel's National Sea Turtle Rescue Center are treating endangered green sea turtles affected by a devastating oil spill that has coated Israel's coast with thick black tar....

Leaking Oil Ship Splits Apart
Leaking Oil Ship Splits Apart

Leaking Oil Ship Splits Apart

And remaining fuel is spilling off the coast of Mauritius

(Newser) - The grounded Japanese ship that leaked tons of oil near protected areas off the Indian Ocean island nation of Mauritius has split apart, officials said Saturday, with remaining fuel spreading into the turquoise waters, the AP reports. Photos posted on social media by the official cleanup effort with support of...

Nation Fights Oil Spill With Human Hair

Emergency volunteers in Mauritius are using whatever works to contain the spill

(Newser) - Facing a nightmare oil spill , people in Mauritius are cutting off their hair. Salons nationwide are offering free haircuts—and some abroad are sending in fresh locks—to help soak up roughly 2,500 tons of oil spilled by a Japanese tanker in late July, Gizmodo reports. Emergency volunteers are...

'The Ship Is Showing Really Big, Big Cracks'

Mauritius is scrambling to prevent environmental disaster

(Newser) - A Japanese ship carrying thousands of tons of oil ran aground in one of the worst possible places: a coral reef in a formerly pristine sanctuary for rare wildlife in Mauritius. More than 1,000 tons of oil have already leaked from the MV Wakashio, soiling beaches and lagoons, and...

Barriers Aren't Stopping the Oil. Now, Arctic Ocean Is in Peril

Booms put in place to contain spill in northern Siberia last month haven't been working well

(Newser) - Fuel is flowing toward the Arctic Ocean in Russia's far north following a major diesel spill last month. Some 150,000 barrels of diesel—nearly half as much fuel as leaked in the Exxon Valdez tanker spill in Alaska in 1989—were released near the mining city of Norilsk...

Russia Declares State of Emergency After Oil Spill

Massive spill turned Siberian river red

(Newser) - A massive oil spill in Siberia is being called "Russia's Exxon Valdez"—and Vladimir Putin is furious with a company that allegedly failed to report it. The Russian leader declared a state of emergency in the region Wednesday and slammed executives at Norilsk Nickel, the BBC reports....

Gulf Oil Spill Was Bigger, Badder Than We Thought
Gulf Oil Spill Was
Bigger, Badder
Than We Thought

Gulf Oil Spill Was Bigger, Badder Than We Thought

Satellite imagery couldn't detect toxic oil beneath ocean surface: researchers

(Newser) - The Deepwater Horizon spill was worse than thought, thanks to "invisible and toxic oil," say researchers. Ahead of the 10th anniversary of the Gulf of Mexico disaster, a study out of the University of Miami suggests the spread of the spill was 30% larger than satellite data indicated,...

'Illegal and Dangerous': Oil Spill in the Galapagos

Crane falls on vessel, causing boat to tip, oil to seep into water off of San Cristobal Island

(Newser) - CNN notes that environmentalists are likely to be fuming after an accident in the Galapagos Islands over the weekend that dumped 600 gallons of oil into the water. The spill happened early Sunday as a crane was lowering a container onto a cargo vessel on San Cristobal Island, lost...

Keystone's 2nd Big Spill in 2 Years: 'What's Going On?'

Nearly 400K gallons of crude oil leaked onto half-acre in North Dakota on Tuesday

(Newser) - "Two cracks on a fair­ly new pipe­line—geez, what’s going on?" That's a legitimate question to ask about the Keystone XL pipeline, a safety expert tells the Star Tribune , considering that an apparent rupture in the controversial pipeline Tuesday in North Dakota is the second...

'Massive' Chevron Oil Spill in California

Cleanup of the newly revealed spill began Friday

(Newser) - Officials began to clean up a massive oil spill Friday that dumped nearly 800,000 gallons of oil and water into a California canyon, making it larger—if less devastating—than the state's last two major oil spills. The newly revealed spill has been flowing off and on since...

Coast Guard to Oil Firm: Clean Up Your 14-Year-Old Mess
Coast Guard Says No More to
14-Year-Old Oil Leak in Gulf
in case you missed it

Coast Guard Says No More to 14-Year-Old Oil Leak in Gulf

Taylor Energy has to start cleaning up mess that started in 2004 or risk fine of up to $40K per day

(Newser) - A massive cleanup effort has been ordered on a quietly devastating oil spill that's been contaminating the Gulf of Mexico for 14 years. The Washington Post reports the US Coast Guard has mandated Taylor Energy "institute a … system to capture, contain, or remove oil" from the affected...

This Is the Biggest Oil Spill You've Never Heard Of
This Quiet Oil Spill May
Become Biggest Ever in US
in case you missed it

This Quiet Oil Spill May Become Biggest Ever in US

A 14-year-old continuous leak in Gulf could overtake Deepwater Horizon

(Newser) - You've heard of the Deepwater Horizon and the Exxon Valdez oil spills. But how about a 2004 spill involving Taylor Energy? As it turns out, the latter has been quietly leaking oil off the coast of Louisiana so steadily for 14 years—with no end in sight—that it...

Trump Upends Policy on Protecting Lakes, Oceans

The president rolls back approach that followed Deepwater Horizon spill

(Newser) - President Trump has thrown out a policy devised by his predecessor to protect US oceans and the Great Lakes, replacing it with a new approach that emphasizes use of the waters to promote economic growth, the AP reports. Trump revoked an executive order issued by President Obama in 2010 following...

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