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Little Magic in Burt Wonderstone

Jim Carrey dazzles, Steve Carell perseveres, but script disappoints

(Newser) - Critics aren't exactly amazed or mesmerized by Steve Carell's new Vegas magician spoof The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, with most relegating the movie to two-star territory. Here's a taste of the reaction:
  • "If there were an Oscar for best bad hair, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone would be
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Meet Jim Carrey, Graffiti Artist

Wacky comedian appears to be reinventing himself

(Newser) - Perhaps you've noticed some screwy behavior from Jim Carrey since his break-up with Jenny McCarthy: the odd tweets , the weird Emma Stone video . Turns out that he has another kinda strange new interest: graffiti. He bought an industrial workspace in Manhattan about six months ago and has since been... More »

Carrey Explains Creepy Vid; Kathy Griffin Posts Her Own

It was 'a comedy routine,' he explains

(Newser) - Jim Carrey’s love video to Emma Stone wasn’t creepy, he explained on Twitter yesterday, because it was “a comedy routine.” However, that tweet continues, “the funniest part is that everything i said is tru,” and he continued, "People often ask me if i'... More »

Jim Carrey Posts 'Creepy' Love Video

Is he being serious in his ode to Emma Stone? Difficult to say...

(Newser) - Pretty much everyone seems to agree : A video love note Jim Carrey recorded for the actress Emma Stone, apropos of nothing, is creepy. An apparently serious Carrey tells Stone how beautiful she is and envisions the “chubby little freckle-faced kids,” not to mention the sex, they would... More »

Jim Carrey Goes Old School on SNL

Is that Black Swan or Ace Ventura?

(Newser) - Jim Carrey graced Saturday Night Live last night in a black tutu and bearing more than a little resemblance to the physical comedy that defined his early career, notes TV Guide. "Once you go black ... swan, you never go back ... swan," his character warned Bill Hader in a... More »

25 Actors Who Should Snag an Oscar, but Won't

These unconventional roles are still great performances

(Newser) - It’s easy enough to predict who will snag an Oscar—but more interesting are the unconventional performances that are just as good, but will never be so honored. In New York , Bilge Ebiri and Logan Hill list this year’s 25 best, most likely to be overlooked, performances:
  • Chloe
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Nine Youngest Celeb Grandparents

That guy singing 'F*** You'? A grandpa

(Newser) - Next time you’re singing along to Cee Lo Green’s “F*** You,” think about this: The 36-year-old has been a grandfather since earlier this year. Celebuzz rounds up eight more Hollywood babies having babies … having babies:
  • Jim Carrey: The 48-year-old became a grandfather last February.
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Carrey at His Manic Best (or Worst) in Phillip Morris

True story of gay con-man highly divisive

(Newser) - Some critics are head-over-heels for I Love You Phillip Morris; others feel quite the opposite about the film, in which Jim Carrey plays a gay conman. (It's currently favored by 76% of critics on Rotten Tomatoes, though audiences give it a lesser 55%.)
  • At the New York Times , Stephen
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Carrey, Conan Duet as 'Super-Men'

Then Carrey tweets about it...weirdly, of course

(Newser) - A very special guest joined Conan O’Brien for his Los Angeles comedy shows: Jim Carrey. Dressed as a superhero, he sang a duet of Five for Fighting’s “Superman” with O’Brien that involved lots of theatrics, thrusting…and Carrey on trombone. After the first night’s show,... More »

Jim Carrey: I'm Not Having a Breakdown

The newly 'freed' actor has opinions about everything

(Newser) - Jim Carrey has become quite the prolific tweeter, but despite his somewhat manic ramblings about everything from Elin Nordegren to Sandra Bullock, he would like to assure you that “This is no breakdown! It’s a breakthrough!” The tweet continues, “If you’ll just loosen these straps,... More »

Jim Carrey: Elin Knew

'No wife is blind enough to miss that much infidelity'

(Newser) - From the unimpeachable authority on relationships that is Jim Carrey: Elin Nordegren knew all along that Tiger Woods was a cheating cheater, reports PopEater . The newly single actor, who chose to announce his breakup with Jenny McCarthy via Twitter, also used his account to weigh in on the golfer's cheating... More »

Carrey, McCarthy Call It Quits

Actor announced split, after 5 years, via Twitter

(Newser) - Jim Carrey and Jenny McCarthy are history, the actor announced via Twitter today. “Jenny and I have just ended our 5yr relationship,” he wrote. “I’m grateful 4 the many blessings we’ve shared and I wish her the very best! S’okay!” A rep for... More »

SNL Presidents Return to Push Financial Reform

Will Farrell, Dana Carvey and more return

(Newser) - The SNL presidents—from Will Ferrell’s George W. Bush to Chevy Chase’s Gerald Ford—have teamed up to produce a sketch advocating financial regulatory reform. OK, Phil Hartman wasn’t brought back from the dead to do Reagan, but Jim Carrey provides a worthy fill-in. The video was... More »

Hollywood's 10 Youngest Grandparents

Jim Carrey, at 48, is the latest

(Newser) - Jim Carrey recently became a grandfather at 48, but he’s not the youngest celebrity grandparent by a long shot. The Daily Beast rounds up nine others:
  • Whoopi Goldberg: Here’s how you become a grandmother by 34: Have a daughter at 18 who then has her own daughter at
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Motion-Capture Christmas Carol Hits Wrong Notes

Spirit's there, but critics split on wow-factor of evolving tech

(Newser) - Most critics express a hearty "humbug" for Robert Zemeckis' motion-capture version of A Christmas Carol, starring Jim Carrey. A sampling:
  • "It's a heartwarmer that doesn't have much of a heart itself," Michael O'Sullivan writes in the Washington Post, "populated by figures that are halfway between Wii
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To Fight Hunger, Arquette Thinks Inside the Box

Plus, LiLo starts yet another business, and more

(Newser) - David Arquette will “live” in a box next week to raise money for the hungry, the AP reports. The actor will spend 8 hours each on Tuesday and Wednesday in a Plexiglas box above the Madison Square Garden marquee to raise $250,000 for charity. Elsewhere:
  • In other Arquette
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Penn Puts Career on Pause

Actor will focus on family in wake of near-split with wife

(Newser) - Sean Penn is taking a timeout from acting to focus on his family, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The actor dropped out of The Three Stooges and the crime thriller Cartel, and sources say his sabbatical from Tinseltown could last up to a year. His part in Cartel will be... More »

Oprah Helps McCarthy Spread Vaccine Lies

They may turn parents off of vital vaccines: Allen

(Newser) - “Chastising a celebrity is an exercise in futility,” Arthur Allen acknowledges in Slate, but he tries anyway, blasting Oprah Winfrey for giving vaccine skeptic Jenny McCarthy platforms from which to spread “dangerous misinformation that could bring some once-controlled diseases back.” McCarthy believes her son got autism... More »

Case on Vaccines Far From Closed: Carrey

Scant, biased evidence not enough to rule out dangers

(Newser) - The media act as though questions about vaccines’ potential harm to children have all been answered, but that’s based on “a huge leap of logic,” Jim Carrey writes for the Huffington Post. The court convened to rule on the vaccine cases said vaccines hadn’t caused autism... More »

It's Friday the 13th: What Do Celebs Fear?

Some fears normal; others just weird

(Newser) - Friday the 13th is a good time to delve into the scary world of celebrity fears—and they run the gamut from the average (Johnny Depp is afraid of clowns) to the bizarre (Roseanne fears letting anyone touch her toes). More from the list, compiled by New York Post columnist... More »

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