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Crime Trend: Secret Pocket Undies

'Stashitwear' shocks New York police

(Newser) - Need a place to stash your wallet, keys, cell phone...or perhaps some illegal drugs? Try " Stashitwear ," the underwear with secret pockets for all your valuables. The handy idea is perhaps a bit too handy for drug dealers, who apparently use Stashitwear and similar products to hide drugs...

Victoria's Secret Slights Saints, Enrages Fans

Champions excluded from NFL undies collection

(Newser) - Victoria's Secret has enraged Louisiana's female football fans—reputedly some of the most intense around—by excluding the New Orleans Saints from its Pink NFL lineup, Advertising Age reports. Not only are the defending Super Bowl champs missing, but the line does include the Boston Red Sox, which was not...

Granny Panties Are Back
 Granny Panties Are Back 
fashion, gulp, trends?

Granny Panties Are Back

Sales of large underwear on the rise

(Newser) - In retrospect, it makes a lot of sense: Big butts are trendy , so why not big panties? Yes, the thong is out , and granny panties are in, reports the Daily Mail . We can thank Mad Men and its waist-cinching styles for this new trend toward high-waisted undies—especially the slimming...

Sales of 'Big Butt' Panties Soar
 Sales of 'Big Butt' Panties Soar 
padding goes pop

Sales of 'Big Butt' Panties Soar

Looks like this trend isn't going anywhere

(Newser) - Perhaps you scoffed when you first read about Booty Pop padded panties , but the line has gone from being hawked on late-night infomercials to Bath & Beyond and Target.com—and nearly 1 million sales are expected this year. It was started by two college friends who read about the...

Colbert Nukes His Underwear to Protest the 'End of Men'

Because he can't burn them in his studio

(Newser) - OK, we're not gonna pretend this one actually has much news value, but there's something to be said for watching Stephen Colbert shimmy and shake his way out of his boxers and toss them in the microwave. Colbert nuked the drawers as a symbolic "protest" over the "End...

Gaga Strips, Flips at Mets Game
 Gaga Strips, Flips at Mets Game 
celeb meltdowns

Gaga Strips, Flips at Mets Game

She rails against photographers by taking off clothes

(Newser) - Lady Gaga, upset at being seated too close to photographers at yesterday’s Mets game, did what any rational person would do: She stripped to her undies. Gaga—who was seated in the front row yet and was, for some reason, surprised to find photographers nearby shooting the game—cursed...

Naked Britney Sexually Harassed Me: Bodyguard

You can't make this stuff up...or maybe you can

(Newser) - Britney Spears’ redemption must not be quite complete, because the singer apparently still enjoys running “round the house naked and yelling at staff,” as one source puts it. A former bodyguard claims Brit sexually harassed him, saying she came onto him multiple times…while nude…and that he,...

Japan Cultivates 'Rice Farm' Bra

Grow your own

(Newser) - Japan is drawing abreast of cutting-edge green design with a bizarre "rice farm" bra that doubles as a field of dreams. The bra cups (presumably bigger than A's) double as recyclable plastic pots that can be filled with soil and rice seedlings. The wearer waters the crop with a...

Why Don’t More Designers Make Plus-size Bras? -- The Cut
 Where Are the Plus-Size Bras? 

Where Are the Plus-Size Bras?

Sizes above 38DD are hard to make, but we could soon see 52N

(Newser) - With American women’s breasts getting bigger and bigger , one has to wonder where the plus-size bra section at your local Target is. You’ll be hard pressed to find bras larger than 38DD (though the national average is 36DD) at most retailers, which is “totally crazy,” one...

Forget Push-Up Bras: These Panties Plump Up Your Butt

What's with the newfound love of cushy derrieres?

(Newser) - First the “ butt bra ,” now padded panties: Obviously big booties are the latest trend. Amy Keyishian discovered Booty Pop panties, which are basically “fake butt cheeks,” she writes on Café Mom , “so you can get the Beyoncé effect without all the tasty food.” Yours...

Thong-Addled College Kid in Hot Water
Thong-Addled College Kid in Hot Water

Thong-Addled College Kid in Hot Water

Cops find 79 pairs of undies in Michigan State dorm room

(Newser) - A Michigan State University student got quite the dressing-down last week when police arrested him for stealing thong underwear out of the laundry room—and then found 79 more pairs of presumably pilfered undies in his possession. The suspect, 19, says he did it as a prank, not because of...

Meet the Biniki: The Bra for Your Butt

This 'bumkini' can help you achieve J Lo-like perkiness

(Newser) - Wishing you had a butt like JLo’s? Look no further: The Biniki (or “bumkini,” as the Daily Mail nicknames it) can give you a boost. Developed by a psychologist who was depressed with her butt’s sagginess after she lost weight, the Biniki utilizes a belt around...

Bra Size Is On the Rise
 Bra Size Is On the Rise 
the new median? 36DD

Bra Size Is On the Rise

And as a result, plus-size bra business is booming

(Newser) - Over the past 10 years, America’s median bra size has gone from 36C to 36DD—and the full-figured bra business is booming. Sales increased by 7.4% between 2008 and 2009, and those in the plus-size bra market have one person in particular to thank for the increased awareness:...

Stuff I've Found in My Cleavage
 Stuff I've Found in My Cleavage 

popcorn, earrings, a spider

Stuff I've Found in My Cleavage

Don't call a locksmith about your missing keys until you check your bra

(Newser) - The basics for an evening out—money, keys, lipstick, an ID—fit nicely in a small handbag. You might be tempted to tuck them into your bra, but think again. "I stored lipstick in mine once, and it dislodged while I was dancing and leaked all over me like...

Divers Search SoCal Lake for Missing Teen

Mom: Cops find underwear belonging to Chelsea King, 17

(Newser) - Divers are searching a lake north of San Diego after the underwear of missing teen Chelsea King was found there. King, 17, hasn’t been seen since she went out for a run Thursday. A police source tells KTLA-TV that DNA on the underwear—a detail confirmed by King’s...

Megan Fox: I Don't Look Classy in Undies

In new interview, Fox also reveals desire to be a mom

(Newser) - Some women can pose in their skivvies and look “really classy”—but Megan Fox is not one of those women—according to the Armani undies model herself. “As soon as I’m in underwear, I’m a Vargas girl,” she says, referring to pinup girls in...

Sorry, Boys: The Thong Is Dead
 Sorry, Boys: 
 The Thong Is Dead 
the bottom line

Sorry, Boys: The Thong Is Dead

Yes, that most uncomfortable undergarment is finally out

(Newser) - The G-string has finally, truly peaked—and the end of the intrusive undergarment's reign merited a spread declaring the death of the thong in that bible of women’s magazines, Cosmopolitan. “The glory days of that skimpy, silky triangle of fabric—coveted by exhibitionists, praised by poets (well, Sisqo...

New Bras Moisturize, Smooth Cleavage
 New Bras Moisturize, 
 Smooth Cleavage 

New Bras Moisturize, Smooth Cleavage

Your underwear can now expand, contract with body temp, too

(Newser) - Who says bras are just for support? New undergarments set to be unveiled at an upcoming Paris trade fair are designed to do everything from “ironing out” cleavage wrinkles to moisturizing your skin. One Slovenian model has expandable cups that adjust according to body temperature. “Ironing out your...

Inside Tonight's Victoria's Secret Show
 Secret Show 

Inside Tonight's Victoria's Secret Show

Show features Liu Wen, the first-ever Asian Angel

(Newser) - The Victoria's Secret fashion show airs tonight, and the New York Daily News is here to tell you that—believe it or not—getting into those $3 million bras and humongous angel wings isn't as easy as it looks. "People don't realize that there are about 20 layers of...

A Bra That's a Putting Mat
 A Bra That's a Putting Mat 

A Bra That's a Putting Mat

A perfect gift for the naked golf enthusiast

(Newser) - Lingerie maker Triumph has really outdone itself this time in the “wacky Japanese novelty bra” category. Its “Nice Cup in Bra,” a corset made to highlight the increasing popularity of golf among Japanese women, has pockets for balls and tees and rolls out into a 5-foot-long practice...

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