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Sneaky Artist Hangs His Art Among Dali, Picasso, Loses Job

German artist lost his museum job, is being investigated for property damage

(Newser) - A museum employee fulfilled his wish of seeing his own art hanging among celebrated works from world-famous artists like Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí, though it meant he lost his job—which might not be the end of it. The German man, formerly employed in technical service at Munich's...

Cops: Yard Sign May Have Set Off Instacart Driver

Minnesota police say woman ran over grocery delivery to elderly couple with her car

(Newser) - Updated below to include news that Tara Olivia Plum was cited in the incident.

Owners of Trashed Home: Why Couldn't It Have Been a Raccoon?

Georgia couple's insurance doesn't cover squirrel damage

(Newser) - A Georgia couple returned from vacation late last month to find an intruder had visited nearly every room in the home they'd inhabited for only a week. That intruder—responsible for a running faucet, feces on the furniture, and wood chips across the floor—turned out to be a...

Finally, a Car That Makes Potholes All but Disappear

The tech is available for the first time in midsize non-luxury cars

(Newser) - Potholes aren't just uncomfortable to drive over: The damage caused by them costs America's drivers $3 billion annually, reports the American Automobile Association in a study it released Wednesday. Good thing, then, that Ford's 2017 Fusion V6 Sport sedan should be able to handle them. The American...

Latest Viral Prank: 'Put 'Em in a Coffin'

ThotBoyz Vine video shared online, costs one guy $4K in damage

(Newser) - The latest prank that all the kids are into is a little more destructive than the toilet paper of yesteryear: Called "Put 'em in a coffin" and based on a Vine video from May that's gone viral, it involves throwing yourself back-first onto the tops of cars...

2 Tornadoes Pound Nebraska
 2 Tornadoes Pound Nebraska 

2 Tornadoes Pound Nebraska

One reported injured in Midwestern storms

(Newser) - A pair of tornadoes damaged a handful of Nebraska homes and derailed at least 15 train cars last night, the AP reports. One person was rescued after being injured and trapped inside a house. In addition to the tornadoes in North Platte, another possible tornado hammered homes in northern Nebraska...

Breakdancing Teen in Felony Bust for Scratching Floor

Cops say diamond belt buckle caused $3K in damage

(Newser) - Police in suburban Buffalo made what's probably their first-ever breakdancing felony arrest after a teen ruined a home's hardwood floors while busting moves at a house party. The local sheriff says the intoxicated 18-year-old scratched the floors with his diamond belt buckle and caused some $3,000 in damage, the...

Pranksters Get Guests to Trash Hotels Like Rock Stars

(Newser) - A dastardly online organization has taken prank-calling to nefarious highs and is being investigated by the FBI, Fox News reports. PrankNET and its leader, “Dex,” have used untraceable Internet phone calls to:
  • impersonate a corporate honcho and make KFC employees spray down their entire restaurant with fire suppressants,

Hurricanes Will Send Foreclosure Debris Flying

(Newser) - It’s a perfect, er, storm: Some of America’s most hurricane-prone areas are littered with foreclosed houses likely send debris flying in a storm, the AP reports. Without caretakers to secure them, the houses will also endure greater damage and lose even more value. "A lot of these...

Wildfires Destroy Dozens of SC Homes

2,500 evacuated in North Myrtle Beach area

(Newser) - Fires have forced the evacuation of around 2,500 people in the North Myrtle Beach area of South Carolina, the Sun News of Myrtle Beach reports. At least 40 homes have been destroyed and 100 damaged by fire in Horry County, a tourist hotspot; no injuries have been reported. "...

Evacuees Return to Battered Galveston

Damage varies widely in Texas town hit by Ike

(Newser) - Heaps of furniture and electronics lined Galveston's streets as evacuees returned to the Texan island to salvage their belongings, the Galveston County Daily News reports. Some were spared from Hurricane Ike’s wrath altogether, while others discovered their homes completely flattened. In the city's central housing projects, first-floor residents found...

Bush to Tour Post-Gustav La.
 Bush to Tour Post-Gustav La. 

Bush to Tour Post-Gustav La.

President will visit tomorrow

(Newser) - President Bush will travel to Louisiana tomorrow to survey the damage caused by Hurricane Gustav. He met today with Dick Cheney, several Cabinet secretaries, and about 20 other advisers to assess the damage the hurricane caused to Gulf Coast oil drilling and refining operations. He said it's too early to...

Gustav Makes Landfall Near New Orleans

FEMA, evacuated city prepare for punishing wind and rain

(Newser) - Hurricane Gustav crashed into the all-but-deserted Louisiana coast this morning, and the eye landed southwest of New Orleans. Gustav brought punishing wind and sheets of rain but veered away from New Orleans, where only a few holdouts remained, the AP reports. Tens of thousands were without power in New Orleans...

German Boars Run Wild
 German Boars
 Run Wild 

German Boars Run Wild

Savage beasts go shopping, try gardening, attend church

(Newser) - Wild boars wreaked havoc in a German town this weekend, attempting to shop for hardware, go to church, and do some gardening, Der Spiegel reports. One of the beasts, acting like "an elephant in a porcelain store," was eventually cornered at the checkout of the home-improvement center, police...

2 Dead on Second Day of Ga. Storms

State of emergency declared as storm watch continues

(Newser) - Waves of thunderstorms clobbered the stunned city of Atlanta today, killing two and wounding at least four others, CNN reports. The storms leveled more than 20 homes and downed power lines, leaving 40,000 people—including 10,000 in Atlanta—without power in northern Georgia. Authorities are warning people to...

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