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Report: World's Most Expensive Painting Is on Prince's Yacht

Sources say Saudi prince had da Vinci 'whisked away'

(Newser) - A $450 million Leonardo da Vinci painting could end up in Davy Jones' locker if Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman's superyacht sinks, according to Artnet , which says it has tracked down "the world’s most expensive, missing-in-action painting." Sources tell Artnet that the painting was "... More »

Saddam's Superyacht Gets a New Use

Basrah Breeze will be used as a hotel of sorts, for sailors

(Newser) - Saddam Hussein's swanky superyacht , built for the Iraqi dictator in 1981 but never actually boarded by him, has a new use: It's a sailors' hotel, to be used by the sea pilots who guide shipping in and out of Iraq's port at Basra, many of whom live... More »

Her Ex Tried to Hide a $500M Superyacht. It Didn't Work

Tatiana Akhmedova will get 380-foot luxury Luna in her divorce settlement with Russian oligarch

(Newser) - Persistence and a little detective work has paid off for Tatiana Akhmedova, in the form of a $500 million superyacht to be handed over to her by her soon-to-be ex-husband. Reuters and the South China Morning Post report that UK judge Charles Haddon-Cave has ordered Russian oligarch Farkhad Akhmedov to... More »

Steve Jobs' Superyacht Impounded

Over a bill issued after he was dead

(Newser) - Dead people are always such deadbeats. That includes Steve Jobs, whose Dutch-built "superyacht" has been impounded in Amsterdam, the AFP reports, over two bills issued after he died. The yacht's designer, Philippe Starck, says Jobs' estate is stiffing him; the estate says Starck should only get a percentage... More »

Ex Citigroup CEO Selling Yacht for $69.5M

The Sandy Weill sell-off continues

(Newser) - After selling his Manhattan penthouse to a 22-year-old Russian heiress for $88 million , former Citigroup chief Sandy Weill is trying to offload his yacht as well. The 200-foot super yacht April Fool, which Weill rarely used in the five years since he bought it new, is being offered for a... More »

$150M Über Yacht Boasts Sub, Helicopter

PJ World yacht like a floating mansion

(Newser) - Mansions are cool and all, but wouldn’t they be better if they floated and came with submarines? That seems to be the idea behind the PJ World yacht, an upcoming 269-foot, $150 million super-yacht designed by Rolls Royce and Palmer Johnson. Its coolest feature: A six-man submarine that can... More »

African Dictator's Son to Build $380M Yacht

Boat worth triple Equatorial Guinea's health, education spending

(Newser) - The son of a West African dictator is having a boat built for himself with a price tag of $380 million—or nearly triple what his country spends on health and education every year, AOL News reports. Teodorin Obiang, Equatorial Guinea’s agriculture minister, makes much more than most in... More »

Once-Richest Aussie Dumps His Playthings

With fortune halved by downturn, James Packer selling $50M yacht, postpones pool

(Newser) - The recession is forcing one of Australia's richest men to cut back on the playboy life, the Sunday Telegraph reports. James Packer, son of media mogul Kerry Packer, is selling his $50 million yacht, halting the construction of a $3 million pool complex at his family home, and pushing back... More »

When It Comes to Yachts, Size Does Matter

Wealthy owners compete for 'bragging rights' with superyachts

(Newser) - Billionaires have a new way to one-up wealthy neighbors: Buy a bigger yacht. Such jumbo boats confer "bragging rights,” one expert says. "No question, that’s a very strong part of the motivation.” And competition is riding a new crest: Four times as many superyachts, all... More »

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