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Math Problem Cracked After 90 Years

Mathematicians solved a 'Ramsey' graph problem that's baffled many for decades

(Newser) - Unless you dabble in advanced math, r(4,t) probably doesn't mean much to you. But to the delight of mathematicians across the globe, researchers cracked this "Ramsey problem," which has baffled great minds for decades. reports that the findings of University of California San Diego...

Name of Snail Species Is a Toast to Jimmy Buffett

Biologist made discovery in Florida Reef

(Newser) - Rüdiger Bieler is not the first person who, while spending a day in the Florida sun, had a margarita come to mind. The biologist also is a Jimmy Buffett fan, and when he spotted an unfamiliar sea snail with the citrusy color of the tangy cocktail while scuba diving...

Scientist Make Unexpected Find Deep Under Antarctic Ice
Scientists Make Unexpected
Find Deep Under Antarctic Ice
in case you missed it

Scientists Make Unexpected Find Deep Under Antarctic Ice

'They’re definitely living in a place where we wouldn’t expect them to be living'

(Newser) - Researchers working in Antarctica have made an unexpected discovery: colonies of stationary animals—likely sponges and related creatures—attached to a boulder deep beneath the ice, NBC reports. Geologists boring through the 3,000-foot-thick ice of the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf to take sediment samples from the ocean floor ran into...

'Headless Chicken Monster' of the Sea Caught on Camera

It's actually a sea cucumber, and it was captured on film in a rarity

(Newser) - A bizarre ocean creature with an even stranger nickname has been caught on camera for the first time. Previously only seen in the Gulf of Mexico, the sea cucumber Enypniasties eximia, affectionately known as the "headless chicken monster," was spotted in the Southern Ocean off of eastern Antarctica...

Lots of Water May Lie Below Moon's Surface
Surprise: Moon May
Have a Lot of Water
new study

Surprise: Moon May Have a Lot of Water

New study suggests interior has large quantities

(Newser) - There may be vast stores of water on the moon, a discovery that could be good news for future lunar explorers. Brown University scientists detected large quantities of water "glass beads" trapped in ancient volcanic deposits across the moon's surface, indicating there's far more water deep below...

Scientists Find Hormone That Reduces Sugar Cravings

This could be good news for people with obesity or diabetes

(Newser) - The days of uncontrollably binging on leftover Christmas goodies may be numbered. The Telegraph reports researchers have figured out a hormone produced in the liver that reduces the desire to eat sugar. Fibroblast growth factor 21—or FGF21—is produced when carbohydrate levels in the body get too high and...

10K-Year-Old Extinct Species Found in Cave

These creatures once roamed alongside woolly mammoths

(Newser) - One of Earth's long-extinct and ancient predators has been found—wholly intact for the first time—in a cave in eastern Russia, the Siberian Times reports. According to the Academy of Sciences of Yakutia, two cave lion cubs were discovered this summer almost totally preserved by permafrost in the...

Hiker Stumbles Onto 90M-Year-Old Turtle

Experts then dig it up for museum display

(Newser) - What looked like a pile of weirdly gray rocks was actually something far more significant: a fossil dating back to the dinosaurs, the Las Cruces Sun-News reports. Jeff Dornbusch, a museum volunteer, noticed the gray mound while hiking in New Mexico's brown desert landscape more than ten years ago,...

Why You Should Nap After Coffee

 Why You 
 Should Nap 
 After Coffee 
in case you missed it

Why You Should Nap After Coffee

'Coffee naps' produce maximum alertness, scientists say

(Newser) - Debating between a cup of joe or a short nap to make it through the day? Perhaps you should try both. Scientists say a "coffee nap"—having a cup of coffee and then a 20-minute nap—will allow for maximum alertness when you wake, Vox reports. Yes, caffeine...

Tree Rings Solve Mystery of Old World Trade Center Ship

Study shows it got built in Philadelphia about 1773

(Newser) - A mystery ship unearthed during construction of the new World Trade Center site isn't so much of a mystery anymore. A new study based on analysis of tree rings in its wood reveals that the ship likely got built in 1773 in Philadelphia—and with the same white oak...

Some of Earth's Oldest Water Found
 Some of Earth's 
 Oldest Water Found 

Some of Earth's Oldest Water Found

In bedrock in Timmins, Ontario

(Newser) - "Old" might not top the list of the adjectives you'd use to describe water, but that could very well change after reading this story: Scientists say they've found water whose age clocks in at no less than 1.5 billion years, making it the oldest cache to...

Sandy Topples Old Oak, Unearths Skeleton

The bones are likely centuries old, experts say

(Newser) - When Hurricane Sandy blew through New Haven, Conn., she stirred up one of the gorier stories of the storm: A homeless woman was looking in the roots of a tree upended by Sandy and came across a human skull, reports the New Haven Independent . Police and a "death investigator"...

Dig Thinks It's Found Richard III Under Car Park

Archeologists find skeleton with curved spine, arrow through back

(Newser) - Archeologists in England think they may have indeed found the remains of the "tyrant king" Richard III in a dig under a car park in Leicester, reports the Daily Mail . They announced today that a number of factors that make them think it's the real deal, most notably...

Yaarrrr: Shipwreck Might Yield Pirate's Booty

Divers may have found storied sunken ship off Tongan coast

(Newser) - Shiver me timbers! Divers off the coast of Tonga have found what they suspect is an old pirate's ship with a history straight out of Treasure Island, AFP reports . The Port-au-Prince was built by the French, captured by British privateers (read: pirates) in 1805, and then met its end...

Fossil of 5-Foot-Tall Penguin Found in Peru

Creature, dubbed 'Water King,' lacked tuxedo coloring

(Newser) - It sounds both adorable and fearsome: A red penguin that stands nearly five feet tall. Researchers in Peru have unearthed the fossil of just such a creature, a giant penguin that waddled its way around the world some 36 million years ago. The creature may have lacked the modern bird...

World's Largest Cave Found
 World's Largest Cave Found 

World's Largest Cave Found

(Newser) - A British expedition team has discovered what they believe to be the world’s largest cave deep within the Vietnamese jungle, the Telegraph reports. At 650 feet high and nearly 500 feet wide, Hang Son Doong—or Mountain River Cave—is twice the size of current record holder Deer Cave...

US Scavengers Spot Legendary Warship

Tons of gold coins could be on board sunken British warship

(Newser) - A US company has found a prized, 18th century British warship that may be worth millions, the BBC reports. Florida-based Odyssey Marine Exploration says it has spotted the HMS Victory, a man-o-war that sank in the English Channel in 1744 and has been sought by scavengers ever since. "Very...

New Mozart Score Surfaces in France

Melodic sketch was part of a collection given to a Nantes library in early 1800s

(Newser) - A single-page musical score located in a French library has been confirmed as a Mozart original, the Telegraph reports. “Mozart's handwriting is clearly identifiable,” an expert said. “There's no doubt that this is an original piece handwritten by Mozart.” The notation is for a melody only,...

Palin Vetted Just Before Being Chosen

But McCain camp stresses she was still thoroughly checked out

(Newser) - Sarah Palin did not meet with John McCain’s top veep-vetter until the day before the Republican nominee announced his pick, the Washington Post reports. Despite the apparent haste, McCain’s camp assured the public that the Alaska governor’s past had been thoroughly examined. But it wasn’t until...

Archaeologists Unearth Ancient Gold Wreath

Greek find was removed from original resting place

(Newser) - An ancient gold wreath buried with human bones in a copper vase has been discovered in the old stomping grounds of Alexander the Great in northern Greece, AP reports. It's rare to find such wreaths, which were generally buried with royalty. Diggers found it in the ruins of Aigai, the...

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