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Giraffes, Other Animals Die in Blaze at Ohio Wildlife Park

At least 10 animals killed in barn fire

(Newser) - At least 10 animals were killed in a barn fire that erupted at an Ohio wildlife park, officials said. The blaze began about 6:15pm Thursday at the African Safari Wildlife Park in Port Clinton, the AP reports. Three bongos, three giraffes, three red river hogs, and a springbok housed... More »

Spiders' Eating Habits Surprise Researchers

One is spotted feasting on an opossum in the Amazon

(Newser) - Scientists watched on in amazement as a dinner-plate-sized tarantula in the Amazon was seen eating an opossum for the first time. "We were pretty ecstatic and shocked, and we couldn't really believe what we were seeing," says Michael Grundler of the University of Michigan. The finding, recorded... More »

Houston Seeks 'Forever Home' for Tiger Found by Pot Smoker

Big cat was found in 'rinky-dink' cage in abandoned home

(Newser) - All's well that ends well, though the outcome at an abandoned Texas home could've been a lot different. Per KTRK , authorities say someone busted into the Houston abode earlier this month so they could smoke some pot and found something rather unexpected: a large tiger in an unlocked... More »

For $35K, You Can Kill an Exotic Antelope—in Texas

A look inside the Ox Ranch

(Newser) - When the death of Cecil the lion drew outrage, it shone a light on big game hunters in Africa. A photo-heavy piece for the New York Times moves the spotlight to something that may surprise: exotic-game hunters scoring kills in Texas, where an estimated 1.3 million such animals are... More »

Colorado Animal Sanctuary Euthanizes All Animals

A week earlier, their request to move was denied

(Newser) - Amid a "shocking" tragedy, locals say something smells fishy in central Colorado. On April 12, after the owners of the Lion's Gate wild animal sanctuary requested to move to a nearby but more urban location citing safety concerns after recurring flooding on the property, Elbert County commissioners voted... More »

Argentina Gears Up for War Against 100K Beavers

What started out as 10 beavers in the '40s turned into 'totally out of control' scenario

(Newser) - After World War II, Argentina decided to boost the local fur trade by dumping a smattering of beavers into the Tierra del Fuego archipelago. Now, 70 years later, local officials there are describing a "totally out of control" situation, with the free-to-roam rodents accused of decimating a region of... More »

Rare 'Dragon' Babies Hatch in Slovenian Cave

It's a' rare opportunity for science'

(Newser) - After keeping a constant eye on a clutch of eggs from a rare, subterranean salamander, biologists at Postojna Cave in Slovenia have their reward. Two baby olms have hatched—something that has never been seen outside of a lab, the Christian Science Monitor reports. It's a "rare opportunity... More »

Old Woman Gets Rude Wake Up From Bizarre Animal

'When they both got a look at each other, they both freaked out'

(Newser) - A 99-year-old Florida woman probably felt like she'd seen it all. Maybe now she has. The Miami Herald reports the poor woman woke up Tuesday with a strange animal sleeping on her chest. She—understandably—started screaming, and the creature hid in her attic. “I don’t know,... More »

Loose Chimp Shot in Vegas

Residents panic after pair of pet chimps escape

(Newser) - A pair of chimps had an unlucky escape in Las Vegas yesterday. Police responding to calls from panicked residents shot a male chimp dead and tranquilized a female, CNN reports. The chimps, which had escaped from a home, had been banging on cars and damaging vehicles, police say. The male... More »

Ringling Pays $270K Animal Welfare Fine

Circus mistreated elephants and tigers, feds say

(Newser) - The Ringling Brothers circus—without admitting wrongdoing—has paid $270,000 to settle federal accusations that it mistreated elephants, tigers, zebras, and other exotic animals. Federal inspectors found that a sick elephant was forced to perform, elephants' faces were cut by sharp edges in transport trailers, big cats were kept... More »

Conn. Cops Called to Home Dispute Find 4-Foot Gator

Seized exotic pet will be sent to Florida

(Newser) - Police called to a domestic dispute in New Haven ended up taking a woman into custody—along with the family alligator. The 4-foot pet found in the apartment was dealt with by officers from the state department of environmental protection, who plan to send it to a wildlife sanctuary in... More »

Farmer Killed by Hippo 'Son'

Dangerous pet turns on South African

(Newser) - They tried to tell Marius Els that a hippo couldn't be domesticated. Unfortunately for the South African farmer, they were right. The 40-year-old army major was killed by Humphrey, a 6-year-old "pet" hippo he considered one of the family, the Guardian reports. The 2,600-pound animal bit Els,... More »

Ohio Quarantines Animals, Keeps Widow From Reclaiming

Marian Thompson may get them eventually, however

(Newser) - The widow of the Ohio man who freed exotic animals before killing himself hoped to reclaim the surviving animals today—but the state has quarantined them instead, at least for the time being. Six of the creatures remain following dozens of executions: Three leopards, two macaques, and a grizzly bear,... More »

Big Cat Chomped on Ohio Exotic Animal Owner

Cops dealing with fallout from grisly animal case

(Newser) - Terry Thompson died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound but one of the dozens of exotic animals he freed before killing himself would have killed him if he'd waited any longer, police say. Investigators found bite marks on the Ohio man's head that appear to be from a big... More »

Ohio Calls Off Search for Missing Monkey

It was probably eaten, sheriff says

(Newser) - The slaughter of dozens of escaped exotic animals in Ohio was horrific but it was the only way to prevent human deaths, animal expert Jack Hanna says. "I’ve been out all over the world tranquilizing animals," and it's not as easy as many people think, especially... More »

Exotic Animals Escape Ohio Farm, Owner Found Dead

Police have shot 25 of the creatures

(Newser) - Schools in Zanesville, Ohio, won't have class today because of lions, tigers, and bears. Dozens of exotic animals, including big cats, bears, wolves, camels, and giraffes, have escaped from a local animal sanctuary, and 25 have already been shot dead by local police officers, CBS reports. After some of... More »

UK Pizza Joint's New Topping: Zebra

It's legit, says owner, but animal-rights types dislike

(Newser) - A pizza joint in northwest Britain is the country’s first to offer zebra meat as a topping—and not only is it legit, it’s on menu that also includes buffalo, kangaroo, and crocodile. “The main thing I get from customers now is that they don’t believe... More »

House Sealed After Pet Cobra Vanishes

Baby snake becomes most expensive missing pet in history

(Newser) - A German house has been sealed off for two months while authorities wait for a missing cobra to starve. The house was ripped apart last week when an amateur snake handler, 19, reported his pet missing. Authorities found no trace of the cobra, despite installing cameras and trying to trap... More »

Horny Lesbian Koalas Upstage Andy Roddick

Marsupial web sensations sneak into tennis star's TV appearance

(Newser) - The week's hot viral video is an interview with tennis star Andy Roddick in which the background activity becomes so compelling that it quickly turns into a video of the tennis star's left shoulder. Yes, those are koalas, getting busy in a tree. The video was a sensation—Roddick, not... More »

Giant Rat Found in 'Lost Volcano'

Fanged toads, mini 'Ewoks' among species discovered in New Guinea jungle

(Newser) - A new species of giant rat with no fear of humans has been discovered in a volcanic crater deep in the jungles of Papua New Guinea. It's the same kind of rat "you find in city sewers"—except it's 32 inches long, said a scientist traveling with a... More »

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