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Worker: My Playgirl Spread Cost Me My Job

But company denies he was forced out after posing nude

(Newser) - A company that helps businesses handle personnel issues denies it forced one if its employees out of his job after it was discovered he had posed nude in Playgirl magazine. Daniel Sawka filed a federal civil rights lawsuit in May 2013 against ADP Inc. alleging sexual harassment. The company responded...

Guess Who's Allegedly Stripping for Playgirl?

The wrong Salahi, one might argue

(Newser) - For those yearning from the depths of their aching souls to see Tareq Salahi naked—and we're quite sure there are none of you—brace yourselves. The White House gatecrasher's latest desperate attention-seeking ploy is to crash the cover of Playgirl, reports TMZ, which has the terrible, terrible,...

15 Stars Who Said 'No' to Nudie Mags

Even the apparently fame-seeking have declined

(Newser) - Not all celebrities want to take it all off, especially for flesh mags like Playboy and Playgirl. Celebuzz lists 15 who've turned down an offer to strip down:
  • JWoww: Just because one is a reality show star from Jersey Shore doesn't necessarily mean one wants to pose for Playboy ... even

9 Celebs Who Turned Down Playgirl

...thank God

(Newser) - Jon Gosselin seems desperate enough to turn to Playgirl for cash…but no. The former reality star, who recently made headlines for being “hung like a 9-year-old boy,” turned the skin mag down. Apparently, $20,000 (plus an additional $10,000 for each inch over four!) isn’...

Finally, Levi's Playgirl Cover Is Out

Johnston bares all, or almost all, on magazine cover

(Newser) - If this doesn't take away your Monday blues, nothing will: Levi Johnston's long-awaited Playgirl cover has been unveiled. The issue will be the first of Playgirl's print re-launch, and hits stands Feb. 22, People reports.

Playgirl Pores Over Supposed Tiger Nude Photos

Magazine trying to verify sexted shots

(Newser) - Pictures of Tiger Woods—or, at least, photos of the body part that got him in trouble—may be coming to Playgirl soon. A magazine rep confirmed to Life & Style that editors are trying to authenticate pictures supposedly of the golfer. The pics in question are cell phone shots...

Experts Slam Levi's Hairy Pits

Critics weigh in on Johnston's modeling debut

(Newser) - Levi Johnston's Playgirl photos have been out since Saturday, giving experts in the nude male form time to review the 19-year-old's debut. Us collects their responses:
  • "The only problem—his hairy armpits!" says a Chippendales dancer. "He should also focus on his diet to help him get

Levi, You're the Buffoon of My Dreams

Meghan Daum on why 'Sex on Skates' is an important media figure

(Newser) - Levi Johnston may be an “opportunistic buffoon” and a “grammatically challenged, Playgirl-posing, pistachio-shilling media pawn,” but he’s also a guilty pleasure. He’s hot, he’s cute, and his "unverifiable claims" about Sarah Palin are fascinating, writes Meghan Daum of the Los Angeles Times . Listening...

Levi Johnston Gets Steamy for Playgirl

Sarah Palin's almost-son-in-law poses in the shower

(Newser) - So you might not get to see a full-frontal shot of Levi Johnston in Playgirl, but at least you can get up close and personal with his armpit hair in this teaser image. The nudie mag released the shower shot yesterday, the New York Daily News reports. View it in...

Sorry Playgirls, Levi Dodges Full-Frontal

Hunky Alaskan's full assets left to imagination in Playgirl

(Newser) - Gawker has tracked down the truth about Levi Johnston's Playgirl photos and there's less of the hunky Alaskan on display than promised. Though Levi's manager Tank Jones promised full-frontal nudity, Johnston tucked the object of everyone's curiosity mostly out of sight. "We're thrilled with the photos we got,...

Johnston Stiffs Page 6, Sparks Beef

 Stiffs Page 6,
 Sparks Beef 
honeymoon over?

Johnston Stiffs Page 6, Sparks Beef

Palin babydaddy insulted by story about penis anxieties

(Newser) - Page Six wasn’t allowed access to Levi Johnston when he was honored at Wednesday’s Fleshbot Awards, the New York Post whines today, adding that Johnston should fire his manager. In a behind-the-scenes look at Johnston’s night, Gawker explains the reason for the beef: Johnston’s team is...

Levi Gets Naked for Shoot
 Levi Gets Naked for Shoot 
full moon over alaska

Levi Gets Naked for Shoot

He poses in the buff with a hockey stick

(Newser) - It's the Levi Johnston update the world's been waiting on: He does indeed get naked for Playgirl. Writes Brian Moylan at Gawker: "We have confirmation from the set of Levi's Playgirl shoot that he has just posed naked with a hockey stick." The source relays that "his...

Levi, Jon Pal Around in NYC
 Levi, Jon Pal Around in NYC 

Levi, Jon Pal Around in NYC

Johnston, Gosselin pose for legendary photo in Times Square

(Newser) - After weeks of hype, the wait is over: Levi Johnston is in New York to shoot his Playgirl spread. And who should he run into upon his arrival? America's other favorite ex-beau and fellow media darling Jon Gosselin. Johnston was in Times Square taping an outdoor Insider interview; Gosselin was...

Johnston Nervous About His Johnson in Playgirl

Levi concerned about how it will look—especially in an ice rink

(Newser) - Levi Johnston has stopped bragging about his upcoming Playgirl shoot and started worrying about it. He’s concerned about how his privates will appear in the pictures, sources tell the New York Post , and the fact that he’ll be shooting in an ice rink isn’t helping. Manager Tank...

Levi Going 'Full Johnson' for Playgirl

He'll take it all off in a variety of sports-related settings

(Newser) - As if it's not fantastic enough that Levi Johnston is taking it all off for his upcoming Playgirl shoot, his ever-poetic manager confirmed it with the following statement: "Everything's gonna hang out. We're talking full johnson." The shoot just happens to fall on the same day Sarah Palin...

Palin Lashes 'Mean' Exhibitionist Levi

Trig is an 'angel,' not 'retarded,' she says

(Newser) - Sarah Palin has lashed out against Levi Johnston for his digs against her, calling him "mean-spirited" as well as "desperate" because he's appearing in Playgirl. "We are appalled at the inflammatory statements," Palin said yesterday through her spokeswoman. She said Levi's comments on CBS yesterday that...

Levi: Getting Naked Is What I Do
 Naked Is 
 What I Do 

Levi: Getting Naked Is What I Do

Johnston, manager discuss—yes, again—upcoming Playgirl spread

(Newser) - God help him, Levi Johnston just cannot shut up about getting naked. Manager Tank Jones tells Us Levi's Playgirl shoot will definitely include full-frontal views—yesterday's report gave only a 90% chance! Joy!—and adds that the shoot will be "tasteful" because, of course, "this is art....

In Time for Xmas: Naked Levi!
 In Time for Xmas: Naked Levi! 
No Ho Ho

In Time for Xmas: Naked Levi!

Johnston's Playgirl shoot sure to be the highlight of the holiday season

(Newser) - Your Christmas shopping just got a whole lot easier: Naked Levi for everyone! Bristol Palin’s babydaddy is moving forward with his Playgirl shoot in mid-November “in order to get the pictures out for the holidays,” a magazine rep tells the New York Post, further promising that readers...

Levi Gets Buff for Playgirl
 Levi Gets Buff for Playgirl 

Levi Gets Buff for Playgirl

Annoying babydaddy still squeezing Palin ties for everything they're worth

(Newser) - Good news, ladies (or, at least for the ladies who are able to read this without any eye-rolling): Levi Johnston is taking his upcoming Playgirl appearance quite seriously. The entire “Team Levi” is preparing for the shoot, his lawyer tells Us. “He is in the gym six days...

Levi Will Pose in His Skivvies for Playgirl

(Newser) - Levi Johnston apparently wasn’t joking when he said he’d be open to doing a nude photo shoot, Gawker reports. Well, not nude exactly, but the Alaska babydaddy is going to strip to his undies for Playgirl, now a website-only operation. "They're in final negotiations to get the...

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