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Her Life Was Perfect, but Only on Her Mommy Blog
Her Idyllic Life Existed 
Only on the Mommy Blog
in case you missed it

Her Idyllic Life Existed Only on the Mommy Blog

'Elle' profiles Natalie Lovin, who had to reckon with the collapse of her marriage, world

(Newser) - If you happened to be a casual reader of the Hey Natalie Jean blog several years ago, you might have envied the life of author Natalie Holbrook. She and her husband and baby boy were living what appeared to be an idyllic existence in New York City, with Holbrook a...

Airline Contest: Hole Up in Iceland, Travel, Get Paid

You'll have to win Wow Air's contest, though, and do quite a bit of content creation

(Newser) - If you have a BFF and no big summer plans, an Icelandic airline is making a tempting offer. Per Business Insider , Wow Air will set up one lucky duo in a fully furnished apartment in downtown Reykjavik, which will serve as home base from June 1 to Aug. 15, with...

No More Pro-Anorexia Blogs on Tumblr

Blogging site to enforce new content policy

(Newser) - Tumblr is taking a stand against blogs that promote self-harm. When a new content policy goes into effect, likely next week, pro-anorexia blogs or others that urge readers to self-injure will no longer be allowed on the blogging site, according to a staff post today. The Awl and New York'...

Guy Already Camping Out for iPhone 5
 Guy Already 
 Camping Out 
 for iPhone 5 

Guy Already Camping Out for iPhone 5

Remember, it hasn't actually been announced yet

(Newser) - Rob Shoesmith is currently camped outside London's Covent Garden Apple store in a tent, awaiting the release of the iPhone 5. Not all that weird, except of course that the iPhone 5 hasn't even been announced yet. Why is he doing it? As a "marketing and PR...

Latest Casualties of Facebook, Twitter: Blogs

Young people turn from long posts to short tweets

(Newser) - Just a few years ago, blogging was hot enough to be Merriam-Webster’s word of the year—but as Facebook and Twitter have grown, blogging has declined, the New York Times reports. The trend is particularly notable among the young: between 2006 and 2009, a survey found, blogging’s popularity...

Blogging Is on the Decline: Victim of Facebook?

There's been a steep drop among teens

(Newser) - Millennials engage in the widest variety of online activities, but older users have some niches of their own, a new Pew Internet study says. Millennials, loosely defined as people aged 18 to 33, are more likely to use social networking, online classifieds, instant messaging, music sites, and "virtual worlds"...

HuffPo Blogger Unmasked as Fake Rothschild

'Stefan de Rothschild' is really Brit hoaxer Monty Roberts

(Newser) - Huffington Post editors were thrilled to find blogger Stefan de Rothschild, a wealthy heir whose $2.5 million donation to Haiti made national news. The only problem? None of it was true. Stefan "Monty" Roberts of Britain was unmasked by a group of flinty-eyed Wikipedia editors who noticed his...

Gone With Gourmet: a Taste for Expertise

There is no 'hard-won blood-on-the-floor kind' of editorial experience on the Web

(Newser) - When Gourmet magazine absorbed his Cook’s in 1990, Christopher Kimball discovered the hard way that the publishing business is “a top-down, winner-take-all proposition, an oligarchy of sorts.” But the frazzling encounter also afforded him a meeting with Conde Nast chairman Si Newshouse, who “poured his fortune...

Colleges Use Student Blogs as Free PR

Warts-and-all posts by undergrads can lure savvy prospects

(Newser) - Colleges are loosening the reins on student bloggers in hopes that a dose of candid commentary will lure prospective applicants. At MIT, for instance, bloggers paid by the admissions office go about their work with no fear of censorship. That policy has caused some friction—including a spat between the...

UK Court Serves Injunction Over Twitter

Conservative blogger uses tweet to notify impersonator of injunction

(Newser) - In a micro-blogging first, the UK’s High Court has ruled that a court order may be served via Tweet. The case concerns an anonymous wag who has been impersonating right-wing blogger Donal Blaney on Twitter, sending out tweets under his name with “mildly objectionable” content, the BBC reports....

Meet the New Media, Same as the Old Media
 Meet the New Media, 
 Same as the Old Media 

Meet the New Media, Same as the Old Media

Blogging turns from amateur calling to corporate career

(Newser) - It’s become obligatory for internet philosophers to crow about how blogs have democratized the press and allowed average joes to beat big media, but it’s just not true anymore, writes Benajamin Carlson of the Atlantic. “The free-wheeling fraternal spirit of blogging has become increasingly subject to market...

'Skank Blogger' Remains Defiant
'Skank Blogger'
Remains Defiant

'Skank Blogger' Remains Defiant

(Newser) - The blogger at the center of a lawsuit against Google has defended comments calling a model a skank, reports the New York Daily News. "I feel my right to privacy has been violated," said New Yorker Rosemary Porter, 29, whose identity was revealed under court order after model...

'Hedonometer' Gauges US Mood Via Blogs, Tweets

(Newser) - If you think blogs are useless, think again: Scientists have developed a “hedonometer,” or happiness gauge, that analyzes personal online statements to pinpoint the overall contentment of the US population on a given day, the Discovery Channel reports. The program looks at sentences beginning with “I feel”...

Blogosphere Reinventing Journalism, Not Bleeding It

(Newser) - The blogosphere might not be the future of news sprung fully formed from the corpse of old media, Michael Massing writes in the New York Review of Books, but neither is it “parasite” feeding on newspapers. “The practice of journalism, far from being leeched by the Web, is...

Cheating Wives Blogs: Bragging or Therapy?

(Newser) - Women's "infidelity blogs" have surged in number in recent years and they're attracting a large and loyal following, the Independent reports. The bloggers say they're not trying to flaunt their affairs, but rather to use anonymity to share details of their secret lives and find support among like-minded people....

This Guy's Getting $60K to Tweet About Wine

Winner will live in California, Tweet about wine

(Newser) - Hardy Wallace recently lost his job—but he’ll soon be making $10,000 a month promoting Murphy-Goode winery on the Web, as the winner of the much-touted “Really Goode Job,” the San Francisco Chronicle reports. The Atlantan, who has a wine blog and has taken sommelier education...

Got 250 Twitter Followers? Best Buy May Have Opening

It may be the first time social-networking popularity has been a job requirement

(Newser) - For possibly the first time, an active Twitter following is a job requirement, the Telegraph reports. Best Buy asked that candidates for a senior marketing position at the company’s Minnesota headquarters have at least 250 followers for their Twitter pages. The posting also lists “1 year of active...

Newsier Gawker Looks Beyond Manhattan

Denton: Media site 'may inadvertently commit journalism'

(Newser) - began life as a gossip site for the New York media industry, but these days the site is increasingly looking away from incestuous Manhattan—it's covering everything from reality TV to global politics, and recently the site hired an actual investigative reporter. Nick Denton, the site's founder, tells...

It's a World Wide Web, But Bloggers Keep It Narrow

Linkability is key, blogger writes

(Newser) - While the blogosphere is generally considered a free-for-all medium where any topic or opinion is fair game, it’s actually governed by narrow rules, Jeremy Beer writes on Front Porch Republic. “It is uncommon for someone to write a piece about something that is not immediately pertinent to the...

Key Twitter Myths Debunked
 Key Twitter Myths Debunked 

Key Twitter Myths Debunked

A guide to what Twitter isn't

(Newser) - The whole country may be having a love affair with Twitter, but a great many people are missing the point, argues blog Among the things Twitter isn't:
  1. A replacement for email. "Idiot" Maureen Dowd's New York Times column was "entirely missing the point."
  2. A forum

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