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BPA Alternative Might Be Even Worse

 BPA Alternative 
 Might Be Even Worse 
study says

BPA Alternative Might Be Even Worse

Study suggests it affects brain development

(Newser) - A new study is lending more support to the idea that BPA-free products aren't necessarily safe products. Bisphenol S, or BPS, an alternative to BPA, appears to cause problems in the brain growth of animal embryos, researchers say. After studying zebra fish, whose brain development is seen as similar...

Why Drinking From a Can Could Be Dangerous

BPA lining may raise blood pressure

(Newser) - Might want to make your next six-pack glass bottles. Cans and plastic bottles are lined with a controversial chemical called BPA, and while the CDC still says the chemical's health effects are unclear, research on chronic exposure has linked it to high blood pressure and heart rate issues. To...

New BPA Culprit: Cash Register Receipts
 New BPA Culprit: 
 Cash Register 

New BPA Culprit: Cash Register Receipts

Using hand sanitizer before going shopping might make things worse: scientists

(Newser) - Thought you'd cut your risk of BPA exposure by ditching plastic water bottles? You might have to add "stop asking for receipts at the store" to the list. Scientists tested the skin, blood, and urine of people before and after they handled receipts and other thermal papers that...

'BPA-Free' Doesn't Mean Your Water Bottle's Safe

Studies point to trouble with replacement chemical

(Newser) - After health concerns prompted a ban on the chemical BPA from our baby bottles, companies have touted the redesigned baby bottles and water bottles as BPA-free. Unfortunately, that label doesn't mean we're in the clear, according to recent studies noted at Scientific American . Bottle makers "put '...

New BPA Danger: Miscarriage Link

 New BPA Danger: 
 Miscarriage Link 
study says

New BPA Danger: Miscarriage Link

Women with highest levels were more likely to miscarry: study

(Newser) - The latest reason to stay far, far away from BPA: A new study links exposure to the chemical to an increased risk of miscarriage during pregnancy. Women were tested during early pregnancy, and those with the highest levels of bisphenol A in their blood had an 80% higher chance of...

New Culprit in Teen Diabetes? Food Packaging
New Culprit in Teen
Diabetes? Food Packaging

New Culprit in Teen Diabetes? Food Packaging

But findings on BPA and DEHP not conclusive

(Newser) - It might not just be the foods teens are eating that lead to obesity and type 2 diabetes, but the wrappers and cans they come in, two studies published recently in Pediatrics suggest. In one, researchers found that higher levels of DEHP, a phthalate found in processed foods, their packaging,...

Rich and Poor Have Different Toxins in Bodies
 Rich and Poor 
 Have Different 
 Toxins in Bodies 
in case you missed it

Rich and Poor Have Different Toxins in Bodies

It's sushi and sunscreen vs. cigarettes

(Newser) - It might be the weirdest indicator of wealth, or lack thereof, yet: Generally speaking, rich people and poor people have different toxins in their bodies, according to a new study spotted by Quartz . For example, rich people tend to have greater levels of things such as mercury and arsenic, probably...

BPA Messes With Pregnant Women's Hormones
 BPA Messes With Pregnant 
 Women's Hormones 
study says

BPA Messes With Pregnant Women's Hormones

Study finds thyroid hormone effect in newborn boys as well

(Newser) - A new study has uncovered yet another potential health pitfall of Bisphenol A, finding that the controversial chemical can alter thyroid growth hormones in pregnant women and newborn boys, the San Francisco Chronicle reports. They say more study is necessary to determine what effect that might have, but the finding...

FDA Bans BPA in Baby Bottles
 FDA Bans BPA in Baby Bottles 

FDA Bans BPA in Baby Bottles

...Because manufacturers had already stopped using it

(Newser) - Baby bottles and sippy cups can no longer contain the controversial chemical bisphenol-A, or BPA , the federal government announced today. The US chemical industry's chief association, the American Chemistry Council, had asked the Food and Drug Administration to phase out rules allowing BPA in those products in October, after...

Chemical Regulators Aren't Protecting Us
Chemical Regulators
Aren't Protecting Us
Nicholas Kristof

Chemical Regulators Aren't Protecting Us

Nicholas Kristof says lobbying is keeping harmful chemicals legal

(Newser) - Male frogs born with female organs. Male fish laying eggs. Male alligators with tiny penises. These are just some of the bizarre effects we've seen in nature thanks to hormone-mimicking chemicals, Nicholas Kristof laments in the New York Times. Despite this, the same class of chemicals is nearly unavoidable...

FDA to Rule on BPA Ban by March

Agency agrees to deadline as part of lawsuit settlement

(Newser) - The FDA will finally make a firm decision about whether to ban BPA by March 31, thanks to a lawsuit settlement. The Natural Resources Defense Council called on the agency to ban the controversial chemical in 2008, but the FDA didn't take action within the time required by law;...

Canned Soup Pumps You Full of BPA
 Canned Soup Pumps 
 You Full of BPA 
study says

Canned Soup Pumps You Full of BPA

Though there's no telling whether that's harmful

(Newser) - Hungry for a warm delicious bowl of BPA? Then grab yourself some canned soup, because it’s loaded with the stuff, according to a new study from the Harvard School of Public Health. Participants were given either canned vegetable soup, or a similar soup that hadn’t been canned, then...

Resin-Lined Metal Water Bottles Can Leach BPA, Too

Switching from plastic may not help depending on liner

(Newser) - A new study from toxicologist Scott Belcher of the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine indicates that switching to metal water bottles from polycarbonate-plastic may not eliminate the risk of BPA leaching, reports Science News . It's the resin liner in the metal bottles that can be the culprit. Fortunately,...

How to Dodge BPA in Daily Life

Fresh food diet best way to avoiding risky chemical

(Newser) - The estrogen-mimicking compound BPA, linked to health problems including breast cancer and infertility , is found in plastics, canned food, and even store receipts. It's nearly impossible to avoid it completely, but researchers say eating more fresh food helps and Fast Company has some tips for further cutting down exposure. Try...

Most Plastics Release Hormone-Like Chemicals
BPA-Free Plastics Leach Hormone-Like Chemicals

BPA-Free Plastics Leach Hormone-Like Chemicals

More than 70% of tested plastics released chemicals: study

(Newser) - More bad health news on the plastics front. Even BPA-free plastic products can leach a chemical that acts like the sex hormone estrogen, according to new research. The researchers bought hundreds of plastic products from stores like Wal-Mart and Whole Foods, focusing on products that come in contact with food,...

Maine Gov. Paul LePage: Don't Sweat BPA Dangers, 'Worst Case Is Some Women May Have Little Beards'
Maine Gov:
Don't Sweat
BPA Dangers

Maine Gov: Don't Sweat BPA Dangers

'Worst case is some women may have little beards," says LePage

(Newser) - If you're worried about the dangers of BPA , you shouldn't be, according to Maine’s governor. The worst thing that could result from exposure to the chemical is that some women could grow "little beards," Paul LePage said last week. LePage made the comment to support his argument...

Don't Touch That Receipt! It May Be Toxic
Don't Touch That Receipt!
It May Be Toxic

Don't Touch That Receipt! It May Be Toxic

40% of receipts tested were slathered with bisphenol A

(Newser) - Sheesh: The same toxic chemical—bisphenol A—that's shown up in baby bottles and canned goods is apparently also all over the receipts you get from stores and restaurants, and in much greater amounts. BPA was found in the coating used on cash register receipts in 40% of businesses tested,...

Canned Food Dangerously High in BPAs
Canned Food Dangerously High in BPAs

Canned Food Dangerously High in BPAs

Test: Can linings taint soup, veggies, soda with risky chemical

(Newser) - Beware those innocent-looking green beans and that mom-approved chicken noodle soup! Turns out not only plastic but canned goods—because of the coating used to protect food from corrosion and bacteria—contain disturbing levels of bisphenol A, a known carcinogen. A National Workgroup for Safe Markets test of 50 cans...

Plastics Chemical Linked to Male Sex Problems

Widely used BPA comes under more fire

(Newser) - A study of workers exposed to high levels of bisphenol A—a chemical widely used in plastic bottles and packaging—have a much higher incidence of sexual dysfunction than their counterparts. The study of Chinese workers found those exposed to BPA were 4 times more likely to report erectile dysfunction...

Controversial Chemical Leaches From Bottles to Water

BPA levels jump 69% in H2O drinkers

(Newser) - One aspect of the bisphenol A controversy can be put to rest: drinking from clear plastic bottles does increase the amount of the chemical in the body. The extent of BPA's effects on healthy adults is still not well known, but the FDA says existing exposure levels aren't high enough...

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