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Government Freezes Credit Suisse Bonuses

Switzerland won't block payments to employees 'who did not cause the crisis'

(Newser) - Switzerland's government said Tuesday that it's ordering Credit Suisse to temporarily suspend bonuses for employees after orchestrating a plan for the No. 2 Swiss bank to be taken over by rival UBS. The Swiss Department of Finance says federal law allows the government to set "remuneration-related measures"...

UBS Buys Credit Suisse in Deal Driven by Regulators

Swiss government says merger will protect global financial system

(Newser) - Switzerland's two biggest banks are merging, after regulators intervened to prevent the smaller one's problems from affecting the global banking system. The deal between UBS and Credit Suisse was announced Sunday night by Swiss President Alain Berset. The country's finance minister said that had Credit Suisse filed...

RBS to Pay $612M in Latest Libor Fines

Time to fix banking culture: chairman

(Newser) - Royal Bank of Scotland is the latest bank to owe big following the Libor rate-fixing scandal . The British institution has been fined a total of $612 million to US and British regulators: some $325 million to the US Commodity Futures Trading Commission, $150 million to the Justice Department, and the...

UBS Will Pay $1.5B in Libor Scandal

Investigators' findings 'do not make for pretty reading'

(Newser) - Swiss banking giant UBS will indeed pay a hefty $1.5 billion in fines in the wake of the Libor rate-rigging scandal —a much larger fine than Barclays had to dole out for its role, and the second largest penalty American and British regulators have ever imposed on a...

Libor Scandal to Cost UBS $1.6B: Report

That's 3 times Barclays' penalty

(Newser) - UBS will pay $1.6 billion to settle with US and European officials in the Libor rate-fixing scandal, an insider tells Bloomberg —a penalty more than three times the size of what Barclays ponied up . Meanwhile, US officials are set to charge bankers in the manipulation of Tokyo interbank...

UBS Slapped With $47.5M Rogue Trader Fine

Defective controls led to $2.3B loss, UK regulators say

(Newser) - UBS has been fined $47.5 million for being sloppy enough to let a rogue trader lose $2.3 billion, the New York Times reports. British regulators fined the Swiss banking giant after concluding that the bank's "seriously defective" systems and controls allowed London-based trader Kweku Adoboli's...

UBS Slashing 10K Jobs
 UBS Slashing 10K Jobs 

UBS Slashing 10K Jobs

Swiss bank ditching riskier businesses

(Newser) - Swiss banking giant UBS is slimming down, and sacking nearly a sixth of its staff in the process. The bank has announced plans to lay off 10,000 people worldwide over the next three years as it retreats from investment banking to focus on private banking, the BBC reports. The...

IRS Gives Bank Whistleblower $104 Million

Bradley Birkenfeld tattled on UBS

(Newser) - Bradley Birkenfeld just became the most popular guy in his halfway house. The IRS has given the former UBS banker the staggering sum of $104 million under its whistleblower program, reports Bloomberg . Birkenfeld spelled out how the bank helped rich Americans dodge taxes by stashing their money in Swiss accounts,...

UBS to Sue Nasdaq Over Facebook IPO

Bank slams 'gross mishandling' of debut after losing $356M

(Newser) - More fallout from the Facebook IPO: UBS is planning to sue Nasdaq over a market debut that resulted in $356 million in losses for the Swiss bank. "As a market maker in one of the largest IPOs in US history, we received significant orders from clients," UBS said....

3 Banks in Center of Libor Scandal
3 Banks in Center
of Libor Scandal

3 Banks in Center of Libor Scandal

One former trader says Libor has been rigged since at least 1991

(Newser) - Recently released court documents suggest that traders at Barclays, the Royal Bank of Scotland, and UBS were most central to the Libor-rigging scandal , reports Reuters . Those three banks—much of the blame has fallen on just Barclay's up to now—employed more than a dozen traders who tried influencing...

Traders Allegedly Monkeyed With Libor, Too

Arrests may be imminent in vast rigging scandal

(Newser) - Looks like Barclays wasn't the only one gaming the Libor system. Investigators are looking into an alleged conspiracy in which traders around the world worked together to rig Libor to boost their personal profits, the Wall Street Journal reports. Several different groups were allegedly working to rig the rate...

Feds Eye Criminal Charges in Libor Scandal

Justice Department building case that could jail bankers

(Newser) - At long last, an investigation into a major financial scandal appears to be going criminal, as the Justice Department is building a case against several banks involved in the Libor rate-rigging scandal . Sources say Justice could file criminal charges against at least one bank by the end of the year,...

Switzerland's Oldest Bank Indicted Over US Tax Cheats

Wegelin brought down by probe

(Newser) - A Swiss bank older than the US has been indicted by the Justice Department for helping Americans dodge taxes. Wegelin, a 270-year-old private bank, helped some 100 wealthy Americans hide more than $1.2 billion from the IRS, according to the indictment. Clients who decided to co-operate with the investigation...

UBS Chief Resigns After Trader's $2.3B Loss

Oswald Gruebel steps down from Zurich bank

(Newser) - UBS chief executive Oswald Gruebel has resigned over a $2.3 billion rogue trading loss . The bank said Gruebel's decision was an attempt to allow UBS to start afresh following the latest major scandal to hit Switzerland's biggest bank. Bank President Kaspar Villiger said the board tried to...

UBS Jacks Rogue Loss to $2.3B

Resolute CEO Oswald Gruebel says he's not quitting

(Newser) - UBS has revised the $2 billion loss it suffered at the hands of a rogue trader this week, and not in a good way: The actual damage was $2.3 billion, reports the BBC . The grim news comes amid increased scrutiny of the banking giant, after reports that its internal...

Rogue UBS Trader Turned Himself In
Rogue UBS Trader Turned Himself In

Rogue UBS Trader Turned Himself In

And that's the only way the bank found him

(Newser) - So who was the crack financial sleuth who caught rogue UBS trader Kweku Adoboli? Um, that’d be Kweku Adoboli. UBS’ internal systems didn’t blink at Adoboli’s $2 billion screw-up ; it only came to light because he brought it to his bosses’ attention, the BBC reports. The revelation...

Rogue UBS Trader Loses $2B
 Rogue UBS Trader Loses $2B 

Rogue UBS Trader Loses $2B

Swiss bank's shares dive after unauthorized trading revealed

(Newser) - A rogue trader at UBS has lost around $2 billion, the Swiss banking giant says. The unauthorized trades by a trader in its investment banking unit "could lead UBS to report a loss for the third quarter of 2011," but "no client positions were affected," the...

Feds Poised to Sue Banks Over Mortgages

 Feds Sue 
 Big Banks 
 Over Mortgages 

Feds Sue Big Banks Over Mortgages

US accuses them of dodging due diligence as crisis fallout spreads

(Newser) - The Federal Housing Finance Agency—the agency behind Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac—has filed suit against more than a dozen big banks for their role in the mortgage meltdown mess. The feds, seeking billions in compensation, accuse the banks of misrepresenting the quality of mortgage securities, reports the New ...

Banks to Pay SEC for Financial Crisis Fraud

They're near deal to settle allegations on mortgage-bond deals

(Newser) - A number of top Wall Street banks are on the verge of settling fraud allegations with the SEC for the mortgage-bond shenanigans that led to the financial crisis, sources tell the Wall Street Journal . The cases are being handled individually, since each bank faces substantially different charges, with the first...

UBS to Workers: OK, Wear Whatever Skivvies You Want

Swiss bank goes back to basics after getting mocked

(Newser) - UBS is pulling back from its much-maligned and hilariously over-specific dress code —which recommended employees opt for "personality enhancing" makeup and "easily washable" underwear—the Wall Street Journal reports. The bank strips the previous 44-page style guide down to a few key elements, but now mandates that...

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