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Airline Offers Free Flight If You Have This Last Name

Anyone with the last name Green, Greene can fly gratis on Frontier on Aug. 13

(Newser) - Frontier Airlines is offering a free flight to everyone with two very specific last names as part of its environmentally conscious "Green Week." USA Today notes the qualifying but not completely surprising surnames: Green and Greene. The airline's website explains the simple steps for getting a complimentary... More »

He Climbed a Freeway Sign, Then Put on a Show

Environmental activist arrested for his traffic-stopping stunt in Los Angeles

(Newser) - The Los Angeles Times describes him as an "aspiring rapper," but Alexander Dunn apparently aspired to snarl traffic and get arrested instead on Wednesday. The 29-year-old performer, sans shirt but with boxer shorts, ascended an exit sign around 8am on one of the 110 Freeway's southbound offramps,... More »

Kid Rock Shoots Down Senate Rumors With Lots of Profanity

'F--- no, I'm not running'

(Newser) - He hinted at it for months , even causing some Democrats to worry ... but it turns out Kid Rock is not, in fact, running for Senate. Or, to be more specific, "F--- no, I'm not running for Senate," as the rocker put it himself on Howard Stern's... More »

Inexplicable Stunt: City Pol Dresses Guy Up as Old Lady

'Cranston Senior Home Resident' was really a middle-aged van driver

(Newser) - There are apparently a dearth of elderly women in Cranston, RI, where a city official who wanted to include an elderly woman in a photo op about a snow shoveling program persuaded a middle-aged man to dress up in a wig, earrings, lipstick, and a dress. The man stood next... More »

Guy Booted Off Plane Over 'Broad F----ing City' T-Shirt

Southwest policy forbids vulgar shirts, and he wouldn't change

(Newser) - Daniel Podolsky was innocently on his way home from South By Southwest yesterday, clad in his spiffy new T-shirt promoting Comedy Central's Broad City—only doing so with the show's customary vulgarity, a la "Broad F---ing City." But when he tried to re-board his plane after... More »

Mystery Crop Circle Was PR Stunt

UFO enthusiasts not happy

(Newser) - No aliens involved: A California crop circle that got worldwide attention after its discovery was actually a publicity stunt for chip maker Nvidia. The 310-foot circle in a barley field 100 miles southeast of San Francisco contained the number 192 in Braille, which turns out to have been a reference... More »

Lady Gaga Wears Flying Dress, Flies Into Party

Take that, giant egg

(Newser) - Wondering how Lady Gaga would ever top her meat dress or egg transport system ? Well, she found a way last night, when she arrived at the launch party for her new album via ... flying dress. The dress, which she calls "Volantis," is by TechHaus, part of the... More »

Kanye West Dons Confederate Flag, Calls It 'My Flag'

Explains controversial fashion choice

(Newser) - Kanye West, never one to shy away from controversy, was spotted Saturday wearing a jacket decorated with ... a Confederate flag, People reports. The rapper has also featured the flag on his Yeezus tour T-shirts and merch. He explained himself last week while talking to an LA radio station. "React... More »

Trump to Obama: OK, Deadline Extended

Hurricane Sandy probably has prez a little preoccupied

(Newser) - Donald Trump is nothing if not magnanimous. Considering President Obama is currently dealing with the devastation of a superstorm and probably hasn’t had time to dig around for his college transcripts, Trump is giving him some extra time to earn $5 million for his favorite charity . “Because of... More »

Pizza Hut Tosses Sausage Vs. Pepperoni Stunt

Chain faced media ire over proposed toppings question

(Newser) - Under fire from bloggers and the press for its sausage-or-pepperoni debate contest , Pizza Hut has decided to bag the whole thing. The chain had initially promised free pizza for life to any audience member at tomorrow night's presidential debate who asked the burning question, "Sausage or pepperoni?" Observers... More »

It's a Bird! No, It's Putin's Latest Crazy Gambit

Pooty-poot escorts endangered cranes ... dressed like a bird

(Newser) - Vladimir Putin hasn't proven to be the biggest hit with Russians of late, so what's a hockey star / fake archaeologist / shirtless horseman / whale hunter / virgin lover to do? Most politicians might kiss a baby, but Putin opted for the logical alternative: The Russian president... More »

Kanye Planning to Propose to Kim

Because the West-Kardashian romance is totally valid!

(Newser) - Kim Kardashian and Kanye West sure are taking this publicity stunt—er, romance —seriously: Kanye is already designing an engagement ring for Kim, and he plans on proposing as soon as (wait for the classiness… waaaait for it…) her divorce from husband of 72 days Kris Humphries is... More »

Madonna Ignores Pleas to Honor Colo. Shooting

Brandishes guns onstage day after massacre

(Newser) - Madonna had a couple pretty compelling reasons not to wave fake guns around onstage at her gig in Scotland Saturday: First of all, local authorities had asked her not to, due to the fact that she took to the stage less than 48 hours after the Dark Knight massacre in... More »

Guy Already Camping Out for iPhone 5

Remember, it hasn't actually been announced yet

(Newser) - Rob Shoesmith is currently camped outside London's Covent Garden Apple store in a tent, awaiting the release of the iPhone 5. Not all that weird, except of course that the iPhone 5 hasn't even been announced yet. Why is he doing it? As a "marketing and PR... More »

For $10K, You Can Hunt This Unemployed Man

Mork Encino resorts to strange publicity stunt

(Newser) - Could the recession turn The Most Dangerous Game into reality? Mork Encino hopes so. The 28-year-old unemployed Utah man is offering “hearty gentlemen who fancy themselves sportsmen” the chance to hunt him down and even kill him for $10,000. “I am a new breed of prey with... More »

Spanish Village Goes Blue for Smurfs Movie

Juzcar turned into living Smurf village for movie promotion

(Newser) - What the Smurf? Everything—and we mean everything—has been painted bright blue in Júzcar, a small town in the south of Spain, as part of Sony's marketing campaign for the new Smurfs movie, reports the Huffington Post . It took a dozen painters more than 1,000 gallons... More »

Hip-Hop Group Blocks LA Freeway

Seems like a good place to put on a concert, no?

(Newser) - A hip-hop band certainly got the attention it wanted when it blocked a California freeway yesterday, backing up traffic for miles. Members of the group Imperial Stars parked their truck across three lanes of the 101, then started performing atop it. Three people were arrested, the Orange County Register reports.... More »

Spencer Pratt Has Completely Lost His Flipping ... Er, Beard

He shaves his beard in really embarrassing video

(Newser) - Never a bastion of stability, Spencer Pratt has officially gone off the deep end. His latest publicity stunt: shaving that godawful thing growing on his godawful face. On YouTube , for the world to see, of course. With a big ol’ knife. In a video that also involves him calling himself... More »

10 Stupid Publicity Stunts

Here's looking at you, Speidi

(Newser) - So Heidi Montag’s separation from Spencer Pratt was a publicity stunt…was anyone surprised? Olivia Allin lists nine other similarly lame stunts, on The Frisky :
  1. Jon Gosselin: Turns out he really was lying when he accused ex Hailey Glassman of stealing his TV. How do we know? Because the
... More »

Sarah Silverman: Fox Is a 24-Hour 'Racism Machine'

'It's all coded, all implied'

(Newser) - Racists in today's mainstream media don't go around praising the Klan, they appear on Fox News saying President Obama was born in Africa, according to Sarah Silverman. "The entire Fox News Channel is a 24-hour-a-day racism engine, but it’s all coded, all implied," she writes in her... More »

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