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Dear College Grads, Here&#39;s Why I Won&#39;t Hire You
Dear College Grads,
Here's Why I Won't Hire You

Dear College Grads, Here's Why I Won't Hire You

Boss suggests a crash course in computer progamming, no matter the major

(Newser) - A new batch of college graduates hits the job market in a month, and one potential boss has a particularly depressing message for them. Even though his "cool, rapidly growing company in the digital field" needs employees, Kirk McDonald of PubMatic says today's grads aren't up to...

Less Than Half of Grads Have Jobs Requiring a Degree

41% are overqualified for their jobs, 11% unemployed

(Newser) - The latest man-are- young - people - screwed statistic: More than half of those who graduated from college in 2011 and 2012 haven't been able to put their education to work in the job market, according to a study released this week. Researchers found that 41% were working jobs...

48% Chance You&#39;re Overqualified for Your Job
48% Chance You're
Overqualified for Your Job
study says

48% Chance You're Overqualified for Your Job

Assuming you have your bachelor's degree, says new study

(Newser) - Next month's college loan payment might be even more of a bitter pill to swallow: A new study out today finds that almost half of all working Americans with college degrees are overqualified for their jobs. In 2010, 5% of all janitors, 15% of cab drivers, and 25% of...

Sorry, College Graduates, Your 20s Do Matter
Sorry, College Graduates,
Your 20s Do Matter

Sorry, College Graduates, Your 20s Do Matter

That stretch is life's 'developmental sweet spot,' says psychologist

(Newser) - Too many college graduates these days are embracing the message that it's fine to fritter away their 20s and figure things out by the ripe old age of 30, writes clinical psychologist Meg Jay in the Los Angeles Times . Which is too bad because "our 20s are life'...

What Commencement Speakers Should Really Say
What Commencement Speakers Should Really Say

What Commencement Speakers Should Really Say

Alexandra Petri weighs in on sometimes hard-to-hear truths

(Newser) - Wish you could ditch the inspirational commencement speech for something a bit more realistic? So does Alexandra Petri. But she wasn’t satisfied with Charles Wheelan’s recent list in the Wall Street Journal , “10 Things Your Commencement Speaker Won’t Tell You,” because she kinda remembered hearing...

More Than Half of College Grads Underemployed

For many, degree leads to low-paying jobs, or none at all

(Newser) - The college class of 2012 is in for a rude welcome to the world of work. A weak labor market already has left half of young college graduates either jobless or underemployed in positions that don't fully use their skills and knowledge, according to an analysis of government data...

Big Hiring Back at Colleges
 Big Hiring Back 
 at Colleges 

Big Hiring Back at Colleges

Interviews, wages all up more than expected, say experts

(Newser) - In another sign that the recovery is picking up speed, university graduate hiring is way up this spring, surging 10.2% from last year, reports Reuters . The National Association of Colleges and Employers had expected grad hiring to rise, but previously predicted 9.5%. Around the country, universities' career services...

14-Year-Old Ready to Graduate UCLA

Moshe Kai Cavalin: All it takes is hard work

(Newser) - Moshe Kai Cavalin is about to graduate from UCLA … at the age of 14. But it's not his first experience with higher education. At the age of 8, he enrolled at East Los Angeles Community College, earning the first of two degrees the following year with a 4....

Architecture Majors Can't Find Jobs

Liberal arts grads aren't faring much better

(Newser) - Students majoring in the liberal arts or architecture may want to rethink their degree choices in light of the job market. Recent college grads armed with those academic credentials experienced higher rates of unemployment, a new study out of Georgetown's Center on Education and the Workforce shows. From the...

Top Colleges Steer Grads Away from Wall Street

Students, staff encourage grads to expand horizons

(Newser) - For many seniors at elite US universities, Wall Street provides a straightforward path to a job—particularly since big banks often dominate campus recruiting. But recently, fellow students and staff alike have urged graduating classes to consider a wider array of options, the Los Angeles Times reports. A nationwide campaign...

Meet &#39;Generation Limbo&#39;
 Meet 'Generation Limbo' 

Meet 'Generation Limbo'

Increasingly, 20somethings wait for their 'real' career

(Newser) - Stephanie Kelly graduated in 2009 with a degree in advertising; instead she works as a part-time secretary and writes freelance for an online “Secret Santa Organizer.” Amy Klein has a degree in English lit from Harvard, but the 2007 grad has been touring the country in a minivan...

It Is Way Too Easy to Graduate College

 It Is Way Too Easy 
 to Graduate College 

It Is Way Too Easy to Graduate College

Schools worry more about luxe sports fields and pharmaceutical patents

(Newser) - It's a hot question these days: Is college worth it? But writing for the Los Angeles Times, Richard Arum and Josipa Roksa don't beat the same old "expensive! bad job market!" angle into the ground. Instead they wonder if it's worth it because it's...

Hardly Starving, Most Arts Grads Are Working

And 41% are even professional artists

(Newser) - Good news: The poetry and theater majors of the world are not leading lives as starving artists, at least not according to a new survey of arts graduates. USA Today reports on the national survey of some 13,581 alumni of 154 arts programs who studied everything from dance to...

Most Useless College Degree Is ...

Journalism tops the list, and advertising isn't far behind

(Newser) - Parents of high school seniors take note: The Daily Beast has compiled a list of the 20 most useless college degrees, based on salaries, number of jobs available, and general trend of crappiness. The losers:
  1. Journalism: Median starting salary is $35,800; percentage change in number of jobs from 2008

Hordes of Chinese Grads Battle for Scant Jobs

Long hours, tight quarters for members of 'ant tribe'

(Newser) - The number of Chinese college graduates has soared in the past decade—but there aren’t enough white-collar jobs to sustain the highly-educated young population, reports the New York Times . Traveling en masse to big cities, working six-day weeks, and living packed into cramped quarters, young graduates have earned themselves...

US Sinks Like a Stone in College Grad Rankings
 US Sinks Like a Stone 
 in College Grad Rankings 
From No. 1 to No. 12

US Sinks Like a Stone in College Grad Rankings

Now in first place: Canada

(Newser) - So along with chronic social networking and oversharing, America's newest generation of young adults has another distinction: Possibly the first to be less-educated than their parents. The US has plummeted from first to 12th place among nations with the highest percentage of 25- to 34-year-olds with a postsecondary degree. Blame...

Welcome to the Real World; It Stinks
 Welcome to the 
 Real World; 
 It Stinks 
joe queenan

Welcome to the Real World; It Stinks

Class of 2010 has dim prospects and unrealistic expectations

(Newser) - A meeting with a childhood friend of his twentysomething son—an Ivy League grad making $250 a week as an intern with a street fair—got Joe Queenan thinking. His inescapable conclusion: the millennials are screwed. "With the obvious exception of youngsters born during the Great Depression," Queenan...

Congrats on Graduating&mdash; Now Life Really Starts to Suck
Congrats on Graduating—
Now Life Starts to Suck

Congrats on Graduating— Now Life Starts to Suck

Today's the day your student loans start collecting interest!

(Newser) - If you're a graduating college senior who didn't get to hear the president warn you about iPads, never fear: Teddy Wayne has some words of wisdom for you. But first, congratulations: "Your reward is here: compulsory, harder work for the next 40 years!" And don't worry, 18th-century French...

US Business School Grads Seek Work Abroad

Overseas opportunities lure MBAs away from Wall Street

(Newser) - Exports of American business school graduates are soaring as the recession turns grads away from the traditional path to Wall Street. Taking a post abroad generally means a lower salary, but grads from some of the country's top business schools say the career boost from working in thriving foreign economies...

Forget Fetching Coffee: Interns Work From Home

'Virtual internships' take among small business

(Newser) - Companies have long used internships to avoid paying young people, but increasingly they don't want to see their interns at all. "Virtual internships," where recent grads do research and sales or work with social media from home, has expanded from an unheard-of practice to "something almost every...

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