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Couple Finds $10M in Gold Coins on Dog Walk

The 1800s coins were buried on their property in northern California

(Newser) - That was some dog walk. A couple in California's Sierra Nevada region out for a stroll on their own property unearthed an estimated $10 million in US gold coins from the 1800s, reports the San Francisco Chronicle . It's thought to be the most valuable such hoard ever found...

$250K in Gold Found 100 Feet From Florida Coast

The 48 gold coins are from a 1715 shipwreck

(Newser) - You may want to pack your snorkeling gear the next time you're headed to Florida's eastern coast. The owner of a shipwreck-seeking salvage company has announced that he discovered 48 gold coins worth as much as $250,000 off Wabasso Beach on Saturday. And as CNN reports, he...

Virginia to Consider Minting Its Own Coins

House agrees to spend $17K on a special panel

(Newser) - Virginia is apparently for haters of the Federal Reserve: One state legislator wants the state to mint its own coins in case the US dollar collapses. It may sound pie-in-the-sky, but Virginia's House of Delegates agreed on Monday to set up a $17,000 panel to explore the move....

Woman Scores $7M Fortune From Long-Lost Relative

Cleaning crew finds thousands of gold coins in dead man's garage

(Newser) - For those who dream of some long-lost dead relative leaving you a fortune, it apparently can actually happen. Arlene Magdanz, a San Francisco-area substitute teacher, is now officially a millionaire seven times over thanks to a dead first cousin. The AP reports that a crew cleaning out Walter Samaszko Jr....

Amateur Treasure Hunter Finds Hoard of Roman Coins
 Amateur Treasure Hunter
 Finds Hoard of Roman Coins

Amateur Treasure Hunter Finds Hoard of Roman Coins

And the haul could be worth $160,000

(Newser) - An amateur treasure hunter in Britain recently struck gold—literally—while using a relatively cheap metal detector. He found 40 Roman gold coins dating back to at least 408AD buried in the woods, reports the Daily Mail . He returned to the shop where he bought the detector, coins in hand,...

Ahoy! 1787 Doubloon Fetches $7.4M
 1787 Doubloon Fetches $7.4M 

1787 Doubloon Fetches $7.4M

Coin considered one of first American gold coins minted in dollars

(Newser) - An extremely rare, 224-year-old gold doubloon has been sold to a Wall Street investment firm for $7.4 million, reports AP . Minted by Ephraim Brasher, a neighbor of George Washington, the 1787 Brasher doubloon is believed to be the first American-made gold coin issued in dollars. The coin contains 26....

Beck's Favorite Gold Firm Charged With Fraud

Current and former CEO of Goldline face up to a year in jail

(Newser) - Remember Goldline, the gold dealer that Glenn Beck trusts ? Well, the company and several of its top executives—including both current CEO Scott Carter and former CEO Mark Albarian—have all been charged with fraud, the Santa Monica City Attorney’s office said yesterday. Goldline is accused of, among...

Australia Mints One-Ton Coin
 Australia Mints One-Ton Coin 

Australia Mints One-Ton Coin

Face value is $1M, but it's worth more than 50 times that

(Newser) - Australia's Perth Mint has created the world’s biggest gold coin—more than a ton of 99.99% pure gold, the Sydney Morning Herald reports. The coin’s face value is $1 million Australian dollars—just over $1 million American—but it’s worth more like $57 million American....

Family Fights US Mint Over Rare Coins

1933 double-eagles were supposed to have been destroyed

(Newser) - A Philadelphia family is going head-to-head with the US government in a legal battle over ownership of 10 rare "double-eagle" coins worth $20 each when minted, and now valued in the millions. The coins were first produced by the US Mint in 1933 but never distributed. All but two...

Treasure Worth Billions Found in Hindu Temple

Among the findings: an 18-foot-long necklace

(Newser) - Tucked within six underground vaults at a Hindu temple in southern India sits a treasure estimated to be worth more than $11.2 billion. Among the findings: precious stones, human figurines made of gold, thousands of necklaces (one 18 feet long), and many gold coins—and two of the chambers...

Classy ATM Spits Gold, Not Cash, in Florida

Machine installed in a shopping mall

(Newser) - An ATM at a posh Florida mall cuts out the paper and goes straight for gold. Slide in credit card or cash and get out a pile of gold bars and coins in a tidy black box, the AP reports. The German machine is primarily a novelty item, says its...

Record Stash of Ancient Gold Found In Farmer's Field

Brit with metal detector uncovers 7th-century Anglo-Saxon jackpot

(Newser) - The biggest stash of Anglo-Saxon gold and silver ever found has been unearthed in a farmer's field in Staffordshire, England, by an amateur treasure hunter using a metal detector. The hoard, estimated to date back to the 7th century, includes weapons, helmets, and gold coins. Archaeologists are stunned both by...

Shipwreck Found Off UK May Hold $1B in Treasure

Florida firm finds HMS Victory, lost in 1744

(Newser) - A shipwreck that could contain treasure worth over $1 billion has been found in the English Channel, Reuters reports. Florida’s Odyssey Marine Exploration discovered the wreck of the HMS Victory, an English flagship that was lost in a storm in 1744 with all 900 crew—and a stash of...

As Stocks Sink, New Cash Cows Emerge

Alpacas, coins, comic books; a stampede to alternative investments

(Newser) - With stocks tanking, 401(k)s plummeting, and the market’s usual safe haven—real estate—at the heart of the current crisis, investors are seeking refuge in unusual investments—everything from parking spaces to comic books to alpacas, the Wall Street Journal reports. A growing number of retirees are taking individual...

Sunken Treasure Found off Africa

16th century wreck packed with coins, artifacts

(Newser) - Geologists have discovered a 16th-century Spanish ship with a cache of gold coins and priceless artifacts off the coast of Namibia. The stunning find was made last month by a crew seeking sites for coastal diamond mining operations, the South Africa Times reports. Work has been halted and the site...

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